File Title
1 Research reveals how migration affects DNA patterns in the UK
2 Bans on rebuilding in disaster-prone areas ignore homeowners preferences--raising costs works better
3 Your political views can predict how you pronounce certain words
4 Consumers: Online restaurant reviews are not all equal
5 Computer science classes break down cultural barriers, study shows
6 US takes step to require DNA samples from asylum-seekers
7 Thieves steal Amazon fertility statues as synod nears end
8 Crisis could claim third of big global banks: McKinsey
9 Study shows class bias in hiring based on few seconds of speech
10 N Ireland laws on abortion, same-sex marriage, set to change
11 Women 'less likely to progress at work' than their male counterparts following childbirth
12 Monkey fossils found in Serbia offer clues about life in a warmer world millions of years ago
13 Flint flake tool partially covered by birch tar adds to evidence of Neanderthal complex thinking
14 Expensive childcare is making it harder for women to return to work
15 Too hungry to go to class: South Africa's university students need better support
16 What Aboriginal survivors of child sexual abuse told researchers they need
17 Lessons learned from PROMISE (Promoting Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income)
18 Snap! How the camera took over the world
19 Farmer wages must be improved to prevent millions in India from malnutrition
20 Rethinking the role of technology in the classroom
21 Study assesses college leadership training programs
22 360 degree virtual dive in Iceland shipwreck
23 Learning on the playground: How school recess enhances child development
24 The fall of Rome was Europe's lucky break
25 Embracing sustainable practices would help some winery tasting rooms stand out
26 Declining job quality, not job loss, set to mark next decade of warehouse work
27 Inadequate humanitarian funding increases refugees' risk of chronic poverty
28 Mathematicians prove a theorem that would help calculate the movement of water in porous rock
29 Drag culture may be mainstream, but its forms are constantly evolving
30 In fight against global poverty, researchers map fast-growing informal settlements in Africa
31 By age 6, kids tend to see white men as more 'brilliant' than white women
32 Archaeologists unearth a churchyard grave in Jamestown, facing west
33 Byzantine church to mystery martyr unearthed near Jerusalem
34 The earliest well-preserved tetrapod may never have left the water
35 Heuneburg early Celts across classes may have drunk Mediterranean wine in local ceramics
36 Researchers accurately estimate the sex of skeletons based on elbow features
37 New study suggests the original location of the Bayeux Tapestry is finally solved
38 New intervention may help ease young children's biases against gender-nonconforming peers
39 New technique reveals lost splendours of Herculaneum art
40 Original Olympic Games outline to be auctioned in New York
41 Mapping nonlinear research impact pathways
42 Stepping up the science of street protests
43 Report: Empower men to resist violence
44 Migrant strawberry pickers in Greece face deadly conditions
45 Don't blame the teacher: Student results are (mostly) out of their hands
46 Strong winter dust storms may have caused the collapse of the Akkadian Empire
47 Investment in child care yields countless social and economic returns
48 How daylight saving time can mess with financial markets
49 The future of the US workforce will rely on AI, but don't count human workers out just yet
50 US ambassador returns to Italy a statue stolen in 1968
51 Women CEOs judged more harshly than men for corporate ethical failures
52 Schools have critical role to play in supporting adolescents fleeing armed conflict
53 Entrepreneurs: Get the trademark to succeed, research says
54 Fossil trove shows life's fast recovery after big extinction (Update)
55 Political affiliation may help drive and shape a person's morals
56 Study shows shoppers reject offers made under time pressure
57 Happy workers are 13% more productive
58 Why public dissatisfaction boiled into all-out protest in Chile, Brazil, and Hong Kong
59 Study probes gender pay gaps in US federal science agencies
60 Predicting research results can mean better science and better advice
61 When the big yellow bus goes green
62 Virtual spaces mirror income inequality
63 South Africa still has a long way to go on the right to food
64 New study on early human fire acquisition squelches debate
65 Jurassic dinosaurs trotted between Africa and Europe
66 What use do teenagers make of YouTube?
67 New study finds taxi drivers improve earnings through trip selection
68 Cryptocurrencies could eliminate banking's easiest moneymaker
69 Researchers: Abolish marriage consummation as requirement for citizenship
70 Prisons are not the answer to preventing crime
71 The hidden traffic impacts of private schooling
72 Cyberbullying: Help children build empathy and resilience as their identity develops
73 How to rig an election: Twitter's problem with political saboteurs
74 Paid leave may widen the 'mommy gap' but increase time with children
75 New venture team success requires collective ownership--with boundaries, study says
76 The homeland of modern humans
77 Public blame accidents on drivers more than their automated cars when both make mistakes
78 Digital evidence falls short, can hurt victims of intimate partner violence
79 Exerting self-control does not mean sacrificing pleasure
80 Humanity's birthplace: why everyone alive today can call northern Botswana home
81 Kids, not gender, the biggest influence on work/care policy attitudes
82 What can polling tell us about impeachment? An identity politics expert has the answer.
83 Adverse effects of humanitarian food aid disputed in new study
84 Availability of health data for refugees and migrants in Europe
85 Here's how your foreign accent can unfairly destroy your credibility
86 Abandoned shopping carts: the trillion dollar challenge
87 Mathematician proposes method to simplify the mathematical model of substance transfer through a cell wall
88 Text-based nudges to high school seniors boost financial aid filing, college enrollment
89 Should preschool writing be more communication and less ABCs?
90 Research proposes a virtual speed bump for lightning-fast markets
91 APNewsBreak: State investigating MIT lab radiation complaint
92 Does crime increase when the moon is full?
93 First experimental study for traceological interpretation at Olduvai sites
94 New study advocates a positive approach to school safety
95 CSI: current research into the impact of bias on crime scene forensics is limited--but psychologists can help
96 Removing human bias from predictive modeling
97 Sydney lockout laws review highlights vital role of transparent data analysis
98 Don't just solve for x: letting kids explore real-world scenarios will keep them in maths class
99 Catholic women reveal all about their sex lives in new book
100 New report shows complex nature of prostitution and sex work in England and Wales
101 The language of rugby inspires world-first study
102 Isotope analysis finds source lead poisoning among slaves on Barbados
103 Research team documents new discovery of dinosaur relative
104 The financial benefits of being bilingual
105 Dartmouth to replace damaged $1.4 million microscope
106 The danger of great gift expectations
107 Breaking the code in Appalachia: Researchers aim to improve identification of gifted students
108 Firm's strategic orientation shapes how it resolves workplace disputes
109 Research debunks myth of Super Bowl sex trafficking, improves media narrative
110 Alongside Otzi the Iceman: a bounty of ancient mosses and liverworts