File Title
1 South Africa imposes water restrictions as 'Day zero' looms
2 Mountain streams emit surprisingly large amounts of CO2
3 Building blocks of all life gain new understanding
4 Ancient microbes are living inside Europe's deepest meteorite crater
5 The blob is real: Paris zoo showcases self-healing organism with 720 sexes
6 Huge Volcano on Jupiter's Moon Io Erupts on Regular Schedule
7 New procedure for obtaining a cheap ultra-hard material that is resistant to radioactivity
8 Drexel researchers develop coal ash aggregate that helps concrete cure
9 Magnets sustainably separate mixtures of rare earth metals
10 Turning plastic waste back into high-quality plastic with advanced steam cracking
11 Chains of atoms move at lightning speed inside metals
12 How do the strongest magnets in the universe form?
13 A filament fit for space--silk is proven to thrive in outer space temperatures
14 Canada, US seek to reduce dependency on China for rare earth minerals
15 Invention of shape-changing textiles powered only by body heat
16 Rethinking the science of plastic recycling
17 Researchers find black offenders more likely to be arrested than white offenders when committing violent crime together
18 The rise, fall and rise again of businesses serving more than just their shareholders
19 The Divided States of America: How social media reveals social fragmentation
20 Would you stand up to an oppressive regime or would you conform? Here's the science
21 New CEOs can raise their social game to keep their jobs, says study
22 Social inequality in Bronze Age households
23 Study identifies religious bias against refugees
24 Scientists 'must be allowed to cry' about destruction of nature
25 New research says changes in driver shifts and pick-up choices for food delivery services can boost profits
26 Museum explores spooky science behind 'Frankenstein,' 'The Mummy'
27 Crowdsourcing consumer loans can bolster business growth and reduce crime
28 Ethiopia PM Abiy wins Nobel Peace Prize for mending ties with Eritrea
29 Insights from research on how to break cycle of violence against women
30 A traumatic past can make you a better social worker, but it might block you studying it in the first place
31 Plugging the brain drain
32 How remote working can increase stress and reduce well-being
33 Human intelligence: have we reached the limit of knowledge?
34 Cigarettes weave a complex path through past century, historian finds
35 Research reveals millennials hindered from disconnecting by fear of missing out
36 A psychotherapist explains why some adults react badly to young climate strikers
37 Cold temperatures linked to high status
38 Vivid gladiator fresco discovered at Pompeii
39 Private property, not productivity, precipitated Neolithic agricultural revolution
40 Nobel awards season comes to an end with economics prize
41 When it comes to teaching science, culture and language matter
42 Trio win Nobel Economics Prize for work on poverty
43 Esther Duflo: French specialist in combatting poverty
44 Four-day working week movement gathers momentum
45 Survey identifies a growing need to hire data analysts for government jobs
46 Ethnic identity and voting are timely focus of new book
47 Men are harder competitors: study
48 Young children have intuitions of great teachers
49 Blind people have increased opportunities, but employers' perceptions are still a barrier
50 High self-harm rates among detained asylum seekers prompts calls for action
51 The digital revolution could unlock a green transformation of the global economy
52 US green economy worth $1.3 trillion per year, but new policies needed to maintain growth
53 Cooperative creativity experiment reveals most efficient team structures
54 Egypt says archaeologists uncovered 20 ancient coffins
55 Research on President Trump's greetings provides insight into politicians constructing their public personas
56 Increase in online hate speech leads to more crimes against minorities
57 The seven types of sugar daddy relationships
58 Being attractive helps, but it isn't everything
59 Integration of refugees: Germans in east and west show similar willingness to help
60 Lost in combat? Artifacts from the Bronze Age
61 Consumer confidence in package delivery services vital for online retailers
62 Are some urban settings riskier for traffic injury or death? We know less than you think
63 Discovered: Unknown yellow colors from antiquity
64 Research highlights importance of religious vote amid changing social landscape
65 Pro-science vs. anti-science debates
66 Read to kids in Spanish; it'll help their English
67 Latest search for Amelia Earhart plane comes up empty: NYT
68 Plotting air raids on Britain: Map shows devastating impact of WWII Luftwaffe strikes
69 Study finds relationship between racial discipline disparities and academic achievement gaps in US
70 Border walls don't make us safer or stronger, says political scientist
71 Developing engineering identity may be key to student success
72 Both conservatives and liberals can agree on action on climate change
73 How US road safety plans may reduce road trauma
74 Secretive targets for CEO bonus pay signal poor performance
75 Creating a trusted environment for the democratic use of technology
76 Study finds brands are resilient against 'fake news' on social media
77 Why the guillotine may be less cruel than execution by slow poisoning
78 Bolivian forager-farmers with amazing heart health are split over what makes a good life
79 Family members' emotional attachment limits family firm growth
80 Making reservations on the economic hype: Pro sports have little effect on tourism dollars
81 Scientists find early humans moved through Mediterranean earlier than believed
82 New study shows huge dinosaurs evolved different cooling systems to combat heat stroke
83 How partisan hate leads people to believe falsehoods
84 Consumers trust influencers less when there is a variety of choices for a product
85 Information theory as a forensics tool for investigating climate mysteries
86 Society's tendency to denigrate kids these days is a 'memory tic,' says cognitive scientist
87 Cities can learn from how Los Angeles is starting to address homelessness
88 Why white married women are more likely to vote for conservative parties
89 The 2016 election did not increase political polarization
90 Parental gender attitudes associated with Japanese girls' reduced university participation
91 Bosses who think only about the bottom line may invite unethical behavior
92 We must go beyond singular responses in the fight against child poverty
93 Is healthcare the new 'manufacturing' when it comes to good jobs?
94 Study: Racism shortens lives and hurts health of blacks by promoting genes that lead to inflammation and illness
95 Bosses face more discrimination if they are women--from employees of any gender
96 Queuing for eternity: Fossils show lining up is primal urge
97 Ending poverty will take greater focus on people living with it, researcher finds
98 Paleontologists discover complete Saurornitholestes langstoni specimen
99 Assigning workers to new networks boosts sustainability
100 What's behind surge in unaccompanied minors crossing southern U.S. border?
101 Oddness of Australian creatures goes way back
102 Mathematicians report way to facilitate problem solving in queueing theory
103 Adoption and fostering: Matching religion and ethnicity makes for happier families
104 Can the design of a building improve the creative output of its occupants?
105 Kayakers find partially fossilized bear skull in Kansas
106 Negative news coverage empowers collective action in minorities
107 Egypt unveils trove of ancient coffins excavated in Luxor
108 Researchers find 2nd warship from WWII Battle of Midway
109 Archaeologists uncover 2,000-year-old street in Jerusalem built by Pontius Pilate
110 More than half of LGBT+ graduates think inclusivity programs in the workplace are important
111 Technology's double-bind for working women
112 Cities with more black residents rely more on traffic tickets and fines for revenue