File Title
1 How 'knowing less' can boost language development in children
2 Hope for patients with rare Sjogren's syndrome
3 Rabies' horrifying symptoms inspired folktales of humans turned into werewolves, vampires and other monsters
4 A good night's sleep, a long-sought dream for sleep apnea patients, may be in closer reach
5 The scariest part of Halloween may be costume contact lenses, an eye doctor says
6 The psychology of thrills and chills
7 Skin graft: a new molecular target for activating stem cells
8 Scientists identify critical window for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
9 New model of irregular heartbeat could boost drug efficacy
10 Tick-borne encephalitis virus detected in ticks in the UK for the first time
11 Toxic algal blooms may be key to slowing neurodegenerative disease
12 Distinct brain region alterations in youth with psychosis spectrum disorders
13 Hormonal contraceptives affect the efficacy of exposure therapy
14 Study identifies potential new target for treatment of gout
15 Cycling is safer with more cyclists on the road, but injuries are on the rise, study finds
16 Immune cells in skin kill MRSA bacteria before they enter the body
17 Seeking better treatment for ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease
18 Banned trans fats linked to higher dementia risk
19 Syringe exchange programs prevented thousands of new HIV cases in Philadelphia, Baltimore
20 Significantly fewer pregnant women take antidepressants
21 Therapy for neuroendocrine tumors may be improved by patient-specific dosimetry
22 Can't stop putting your hand in the candy dish? Scientists may have found why
23 Survey reveals the hidden costs of care cascades
24 When money is scarce, biased behavior happens faster
25 Whether a fashion model or not, some body image concerns are universal
26 Telehealth effectively diagnoses/manages fetal congenital heart disease in rural patients
27 Breast cancer: AI predicts which pre-malignant breast lesions will progress to advanced cancer
28 Increased depression, suicidal thoughts and stress are reported in patients with chronically itchy skin
29 Wearable activity trackers a reliable tool for predicting death risk in older adults
30 Parkinson's disease: Stimulation of brain, feet may help people overcome freezing episodes
31 New method identifies aggressive breast cancer
32 Research shows that early retirement can accelerate cognitive decline
33 Could mathematics help to better treat cancer?
34 Prevalence of pain higher in children with autism
35 A lighter, healthier version of baked crab dip
36 Drawing on a love of art, she's gone from patient to healer
37 Medicaid expansion has positive effect on diabetes management
38 Testing HIV testers
39 Can medical pot ease mental ills? Study says probably not
40 Are you accessing all your medical records online?
41 Living in a noisy area increases the risk of suffering a more serious stroke
42 Teens with autism can master daily living skills when parents teach, reach for iPads
43 Report outlines social determinants' role in cancer and public health
44 Alzheimer's subtypes could affect future treatments, researchers find
45 For seniors, financial woes can be forerunner to Alzheimer's
46 ASMBS endorses new policy statement from American Academy of Pediatrics
47 Study identifies role of specific gene in hardening of blood vessel walls
48 Progressing toward successful gene-based approaches to inherited neurometabolic diseases
49 Race and poverty not risk factors for total knee replacement revision or failure
50 Researchers develop noninvasive method to detect early-stage liver disease
51 Living through Katrina associated with higher death rate among breast cancer patients
52 Scientists warn of new health threat caused by global warming
53 Intraoral endoscopic thyroidectomy leaves no scar
54 Think you're allergic to penicillin? You are probably wrong
55 Scientists find possible treatment for muscle contractures in childhood paralysis
56 Medical scribes have a positive impact on surgeons and residents
57 Adults 85 years and older generally fare well after colon cancer operations
58 Opioid prescribing and use drop significantly after state imposes regulations
59 ACS NSQIP surgical risk calculator predicts outcomes for geriatric surgical patients
60 AI outperforms clinicians' judgment in triaging postoperative patients for intensive care
61 Do open relationships really work?
62 Implantable cancer traps could provide earlier diagnosis, help monitor treatment
63 In Connecticut, drug overdoses doubled in six years
64 Switching to 'green' inhalers could reduce carbon emissions and cut costs
65 Study finds 'cluster of disadvantage' behind BAME psychosis rates
66 Opioid-related gifts from pharma companies linked to physician prescribing by specialty
67 Prenatal air pollution exposure linked to infants' decreased heart rate response to stress
68 Drug overdoses driving down US life expectancy: health officials
69 Cleveland Clinic's first purely laparoscopic living donor surgery for liver transplant
70 Name that tune: Brain takes just 100 to 300 milliseconds to recognize familiar music
71 New technique may reveal the health of human hair follicles
72 How neighborhood characteristics affect SNAP participation and food access
73 Cycles of reward: New insight into ADHD treatment
74 Shaping a contemporary research strategy for HIV
75 As the 9-to-5 work day disappears, our lives are growing more out of sync
76 Female doctors are good for your health, but they experience a gender pay gap, discrimination, burnout and depression
77 Teens who have a loving relationship with their mother are less likely to enter abusive relationships
78 Atom bomb tests used to age the immune system
79 Study finds caregiving can affect quality of life for up to a year after loss
80 Study shows PTSD link to binge eating
81 The amazing influence of gut microbes in our immune system
82 Researchers discover new genetic brain disease
83 High screen use among children can lower emotion understanding
84 Pediatric cancers: Why some forms of leukemia only affect children
85 Having a baby at a birth centre is as safe as hospital but results in less intervention
86 Women, young and old people are most risk adverse, research finds
87 Bilingual babies' brains are 'prepped' to respond to sign language
88 Study could aid degenerative disease therapies
89 Initial testing of go/no-go 'boosting intervention' trials shows promise in helping people lose weight
90 Immune 'control switch' could prevent brain injury in premature babies
91 Key gene in familial Alzheimer's disease regulates neuronal development
92 What attracts people to endurance running?
93 Decades neglecting ancient disease typhoid fever has triggered a health emergency around the world
94 Immunotherapy for peanut allergy provides protection but not a cure
95 Opioid crisis has cost Canada nearly $5 billion in lost productivity, student finds
96 UN: More than 7 million malaria cases in Burundi outbreak
97 CDC: Most patients with vaping-related lung injury report THC use
98 FDA labeling restriction quickly reflected in oncology practice
99 Facebook launches preventive health tool
100 Machine learning leads to novel way to track tremor severity in Parkinson's patients
101 Traffic exhaust at residential address increases the risk of stroke
102 Of all professions, construction workers most likely to use opioids and cocaine
103 Research on antibiotic use desperately needed as resistance crisis looms
104 Bariatric surgery may not lead to lower health care costs
105 Coordinated brain activation supports spatial learning and decision-making
106 Study suggests acetaminophen in pregnancy linked to higher risk of ADHD, autism
107 Washington state law on behavioral care balances parental rights, teens' autonomy
108 California legislates more sleep for better health
109 How are psychiatric disorders linked to infections during pregnancy?
110 New research suggests proton radiation can benefit pts with challenging liver tumors
111 Evidence backs women's choice on where to have their babies
112 Rising number of workers are short on sleep, especially in health care, study shows
113 New gene therapy for epilepsy provides on-demand release of endogenous substance