File Title
1 Making the most of your baby's first 3 years
2 'Not just touchy-feely psychobabble': Even infants need mental health care
3 Doctors are not using tools to help youths quit smoking
4 Discontinuing insulin for older adults with type 2 diabetes
5 Study shows MRI can help remove DOUBT when diagnosing minor strokes
6 Empowering cancer patients to shift their mindsets could improve care, researchers argue
7 Method discovered to reactivate tumour fighting genes 'silenced' by cancer
8 Study reveals critical role of brain circuits in improving learning and memory
9 Perturbed genes regulating white blood cells linked to autism genetics and severity
10 Gene regulators work together for oversized impact on schizophrenia risk
11 For young athletes, sport specialization means increased risk of injury
12 Baby brain scans made available online to advance research
13 Better samples, better science: new study explores integrity of research specimens
14 Scientists hone in on DNA differences behind immune diseases
15 'Push-pull' dynamic in brain network is key to stopping seizures
16 Engineering the meniscus
17 More aggressive Tx needed for familial hypercholesterolemia
18 Exercise may slow brain deterioration in Alzheimer disease
19 Youngest in classroom diagnosed more often with ADHD, other problems
20 All that screen time won't hurt your kid's grades--maybe
21 No clear link between local food and cancer risk in glassworks areas
22 Higher mortality seen for male breast cancer patients
23 Yo-yoing blood pressure could be bad for those with Alzheimer's
24 Older adults with COPD more likely to use synthetic cannabinoids, study finds
25 Compressing the arm to protect the brain part of NIH study to find better stroke treatment
26 How the brain repurposes unused regions
27 Study identifies cardiovascular toxicities associated with ibrutinib
28 Saw but forgot--drivers' memory lapses puts motorcyclists at risk
29 Children exposed to secondhand smoke at higher risk for atrial fibrillation
30 Hypertension during pregnancy can increase later risk of heart disease
31 Study casts doubt on effectiveness of named GP scheme
32 Scientists enlist tiny biomagnets for faster drug discovery
33 2018 Health of Houston Survey sheds light on residents
34 Task force provides insights and direction on cell-based therapies
35 Onions and garlic may be recipe for reducing breast cancer risk: study
36 Study reveals how fungal biofilm structure impacts lung disease
37 Nonverbal signals can create bias against larger groups
38 Moral distress and moral strength among clinicians in health care systems
39 Mummy study: Heart disease was bigger issue for human ancestors than initially thought
40 Today's obesity epidemic may have been caused by childhood sugar intake decades ago
41 Context may explain why dads are happier and less stressed than moms
42 Pregnant women with obesity may not require additional calories for healthy pregnancies
43 Chromosomal changes implicated in disease linked to social and economic disadvantage
44 Boosting daily nut consumption linked to less weight gain and lower obesity risk
45 Industry has unduly influenced TV advertising regs on restricting unhealthy kids' foods
46 Depression and binge-drinking more common among military partners
47 Gum disease linked with higher risk of hypertension
48 Hormone therapy linked to decrease level of diabetes biomarkers
49 More discussion needed about vulvovaginal health at well woman visits
50 Racial/ethnic mortality disparities widen among many age groups
51 Deep brain stimulation for refractory severe tinnitus
52 Self-silencing may lead to increased risk of stroke
53 Child abuse associated with physiologically detected hot flashes
54 Simple lifestyle modifications key to preventing large percentage of breast cancer cases
55 Menopausal night sweats linked with cognitive dysfunction
56 Why do estradiol levels vary among women using hormone therapy?
57 Lifestyle coaching proves effective in decreasing body fat and waist size
58 Microbes are a key marker of vaginal health during menopause
59 Hot flashes shown to be linked to increased risk of later cardiovascular disease events
60 Vitamin D and fish oil show promise in prevention of cancer death and heart attacks
61 High-intensity surveillance colonoscopy reduces CRC risk, is cost-effective for patients with colorectal adenomas
62 China planning controls on e-cigarettes amid health concern
63 Pakistani officials say outbreak of dengue fever kills 20
64 Utah launches $2 million suicide prevention campaign
65 Some high-cholesterol genes differ between countries
66 Veterans with mental health conditions have higher risk of heart disease, stroke
67 Cheaper drug just as effective protecting heart in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
68 Machine learning could offer faster, more precise results for cardiac MRI scans
69 Synchronized or independent neurons: This is how the brain encodes information
70 Achilles' heel identified in several neurodegenerative diseases
71 Need for residential parenting services grows with birth interventions, finds largest-ever study
72 Engineered killer T cells could provide long-lasting immunity against cancer
73 Discovery of novel cancer signaling mechanism and design of new anticancer compound
74 Even mother's mild depressive symptoms affect the child's emotional well-being
75 Research shows heterogeneity in melanoma tumors prevents effective immune responses
76 Researchers find a new promising therapeutic target for glioblastoma
77 Study shows the biological clock influences immune response efficiency
78 Music therapy aims to develop emotion regulation in preschoolers
79 Study first to report benefits and safety of FODMAP diet in children
80 Math models of flu transmission rates show dramatic savings with universal vaccine
81 More efficient drug delivery within the brain by utilizing LAT1
82 Mechanism for the formation of new blood vessels discovered
83 Combining cardio, resistance training best for breast cancer patients, study suggests
84 Animal-assisted therapy aids in spinal cord injury recovery
85 Chronic insomnia can be cured in cancer survivors with a basic sleep education class
86 Survey suggests elderly patients with diabetes may favor more aggressive blood sugar control
87 An increasing number of countries are banning e-cigarettes--here's why
88 Multi-center study: Improving doctor-patient communication at the end of life
89 Crying over plant-based milk: neither science nor history favours a dairy monopoly
90 Second opinions from comprehensive cancer centers changed treatment plans for African-American patients
91 Disparities in toxic heavy metal exposures correlated with increased risk of breast cancer among minority populations
92 Poor and minority patients are more likely to have cancer detected via emergency room visit
93 Study finds potential therapeutic target for prostate cancers with PTEN mutation
94 New algorithm expands neurologists' ability to assess for clot-removing procedure
95 Culturally tailored intervention enabled low-income Asian-American women to conduct HPV self-sampling test
96 Mice, like humans, fidget when deep in thought
97 'Report card' on diet trends: Low-quality carbs account for 42 percent of a day's calories
98 Cellular senescence is associated with age-related blood clots
99 Here's why, and how a new drug might change how doctors treat peanut allergies
100 Everyday foods for better blood pressure
101 Guideline updates: Prevention, management of hepatitis C in adults with chronic kidney disease
102 A good reason to stop squabbling at home
103 Connecticut sees first death this year from mosquito-borne EEE
104 Many female veterans troubled by history of sexual assault
105 West Nile virus in the New World: Reflections on 20 years in pursuit of an elusive foe
106 Tobacco giants still marketing cigarettes despite plain packaging legislation
107 Survey reveals low levels of awareness in men about prostate health and function
108 Outer hair cells regulate ear's sensitivity to sound
109 Tool kit provides real world guidelines for counseling for weight loss in primary care
110 Large-scale enhanced recovery program improves outcomes for bariatric surgery patients