File Title
1 Like an instruction manual, the genome groups genes together for convenience
2 Scientists prove low cost arthritis drug can effectively treat blood cancer sufferers
3 Nanoparticles used to transport anti-cancer agent to cells
4 New species of giant salamander is world's biggest amphibian
5 Study: We need more realistic experiments on the impact of climate change on ecosystems
6 Eco-friendly method for the synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles
7 The stellar nurseries of distant galaxies
8 Immune response depends on mathematics of narrow escapes
9 Vitamin E found to prevent muscle damage after heart attack
10 Most American adults do not know that HPV causes oral, anal, and penile cancers
11 Light and sound in silicon chips: The slower the better
12 Flavoring ingredient exceeds safety levels in e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
13 Genetically engineered plasmid can be used to fight antimicrobial resistance
14 Study shows the importance of when adolescents sleep to obesity and cardiometabolic health
15 Physicians report high refusal rates for the HPV vaccine and need for improvement
16 Optimized placement of defibrillators may improve cardiac arrest outcomes
17 ACC issues principles for overcoming compensation, opportunity inequity
18 New route to carbon-neutral fuels from carbon dioxide discovered by Stanford-DTU team
19 Genetic mutation appears to protect some people from deadly MRSA
20 Violent video games blamed more often for school shootings by white perpetrators
21 New algorithm can distinguish cyberbullies from normal Twitter users with 90% accuracy
22 Big data, bench science suggests drug may slow Parkinson's progression in people
23 New microscopes unravel the mysteries of brain organization
24 New research identifies a climate signature in rivers globally
25 Economists find mixed values of 'thoughts and prayers'
26 Commonly used drug for Alzheimer's disease doubles risk of hospitalization
27 Off-label medication orders on the rise for children, Rutgers study finds
28 Are existing laws enough to cope with accelerating environmental change?
29 Daily aspirin may benefit many patients without existing cardiovascular disease [plus additional topics]
30 Subgroup of colorectal cancer patients ID'd: Do poorly, could benefit from immunotherapy
31 3 in 5 parents say their teen has been in a car with a distracted teen driver
32 'How We Respond' spotlights how US communities are addressing climate change impacts
33 New hunt for dark matter
34 Emissions from cannabis growing facilities may impact indoor and regional air quality
35 Study: Bigger cities boost 'social crimes'
36 Fruit flies' microbiomes shape their evolution
37 Microbiome may be involved in mechanisms related to muscle strength in older adults
38 Study supports taking blood cultures before beginning treatment for sepsis
39 Special journal issue brings focus to importance of studying landscape pattern
40 Rare 10 million-year-old fossil unearths new view of human evolution
41 Stevens researchers to develop handheld device to diagnose skin cancer
42 UM study abroad students fuel understanding of gaps in conservation data
43 New piece of Alzheimer's puzzle found
44 North Atlantic haddock use magnetic compass to guide them
45 Programmable swarmbots make flexible biological tools
46 UTSW researchers identify new pathway that controls fat formation
47 The market in your head
48 Electric pill bottles and text messaging not enough to affect blood pressure control
49 Study changes guidelines for sepsis management
50 Married CEOs are more committed to social issues than non-married peers
51 Genomic migration analysis shows antibiotic resistance moving from humans to animals
52 UCI team uses machine learning to help tell which wildfires will burn out of control
53 Deeper understanding of early life experiences can help combat chronic obesity and frequent bingeing
54 Hyperbolic paraboloid origami harnesses bistability to enable new applications
55 Acoustic energy harnessed to soften shear-thickening fluids
56 Study gives clues to the origin of Huntington's disease, and a new way to find drugs
57 Suicide risk factors vary by ethnic group
58 Peatlands trap CO2, even during droughts
59 HTA in the European network: Osteoporosis screening without proof of benefit
60 Gene editing enables researchers to correct mutation in muscle stem cells in DMD model
61 New study measures how much of corals' nutrition comes from hunting
62 The effects of variation in T6SS and bacteria on competition in host environment
63 Tortillas tell the story of folate deficiency in Mexico: study
64 One way childhood trauma leads to poorer health for women
65 Alzheimer's memory loss reversed by new head device using electromagnetic waves
66 Feeling depressed? Mahjong might be the answer
67 A safer way for police to test drug evidence
68 A Matter of concentration
69 Research suggests how environmental toxin produced by algae may lead to ALS
70 CU researchers identify potential target for cardiac fibrosis treatment
71 Scientists create fully electronic 2-dimensional spin transistors
72 Elusive compounds of greenhouse gas isolated by Warwick chemists
73 Shark pups lose gains in stressed environments
74 Novel approach to ultrasound raises possibility of new medical applications
75 Did microbes assist life in colonizing land?
76 Fungicides as an underestimated hazard for freshwater organisms
77 Research reveals the crucial role of recycling in the evolution of life in our universe
78 Global warming makes it harder for birds to mate, study finds
79 Bat influenza viruses possess an unexpected genetic plasticity
80 Northern France was already inhabited more than 650,000 years ago
81 Not the hairstyle, but the content: Hair indicates whether wild animals were 'stressed'
82 HKUST researchers unlock cancer-causing mechanism of E. coli toxin with synthetic biology approach
83 Scientists' design discovery doubles conductivity of indium oxide transparent coatings
84 Pros and cons of genetic scissors
85 Researchers see need for action on forest fire risk
86 Targeted radiotherapy technique could cut treatment time from two months to two weeks
87 From primordial black holes new clues to dark matter
88 Novel anti-cancer nanomedicine for efficient chemotherapy
89 Novel mechanism of electron scattering in graphene-like 2D materials
90 Statistical inference to mimic the operating manner of highly-experienced crystallographer
91 A large study indicates how cities can promote walking for travel
92 New method for detecting quantum states of electrons
93 Diamonds are forever: New foundation for nanostructures
94 Ethanol fuels large-scale expansion of Brazil's farming land
95 Hello, world! A new approach for physics in de sitter space
96 Scientists discover one of world's oldest bird species in Waipara, New Zealand
97 Familial hypercholesterolemia patients at high risk for cardiovascular events
98 AI-guided robotics enable automation of complex synthetic biological molecules
99 Stroke patients relearning how to walk with peculiar shoe
100 Scientists in New York City discover a valuable method to track rats
101 Emphasizing social play in kindergarten improves academics, reduces teacher burnout
102 Nutrition programs alone are not enough to support healthy brain development
103 Elephant seal 'supermoms' produce most of the population, study finds
104 Quarter of teachers in England report 60-hour working week
105 Studying drivers behind cardiac arrhythmias
106 Study stresses the importance of staying physically active and the negative effects of even short-term inactivity
107 Miniaturizing medical imaging, sensing technology
108 UK study shows increasing proportion of younger adults with type 2 diabetes, with younger cases having a worse metabolic profile
109 Deprivation associated with increased risk of death following hospital admission with type 2 diabetes
110 Synthetic cells capture and reveal hidden messages of the immune system