File Title
1 Linagliptin noninferior for CV risk in early type 2 diabetes
2 These diets helped women with diabetes cut heart attack, stroke risk
3 Sudan cholera cases surge to 124
4 Religious hospitals often fail to supply adequate family planning training
5 Researchers relate neuropsychological tests with real-life activity in multiple sclerosis
6 Clinically silent relapsing malaria may still pose a threat
7 IGF1 gene is essential to adult tendon growth, animal study shows
8 The brain may actively forget during dream sleep
9 Scientists identify a possible new treatment for diabetic retinopathy
10 Team successfully integrates spirituality and religion with mental health treatment
11 Descendants of early Europeans and Africans in US carry Native American genetic legacy
12 Certain genetic variants predispose patients with diabetes to kidney disease
13 Living kidney donors face higher risk of hypertension
14 Antidepressants may reduce anxiety more than depressive symptoms
15 For the first time walking patterns identify specific types of dementia
16 Tumor resistance is promoted by anti-cancer protein
17 Both natural variation in ACE concentrations and lowering BP with ACE inhibitors associated with lower risk of T2D
18 New study reveals a strong link between vitamin D deficiency and increased mortality, especially diabetes-related deaths
19 Ketoacidosis and high-blood sugar comas in patients with type 1 diabetes linked to increased risk of suicide attempt
20 Alzheimer's drug also treats parasitic Chagas disease
21 Scientists identify a personality feature that could predict how often you exercise
22 Pathway found for treatment-resistant lung cancer
23 Smoking abstinence has little impact on the motivation for food
24 New study questions value of fluoride varnish
25 Probiotic supplements may enhance weight loss in obese children
26 Study suggests flavored e-cigarettes may worsen asthma
27 Saving lives faster: Team develops world-first laser incubator for blood
28 Dengue virus becoming resistant to vaccines and therapeutics due to mutations in specific protein
29 Neurons promote growth of brain tumor cells
30 A single dose of yellow fever vaccine does not offer lasting protection to all children
31 Children spend less time reading and engaging in physical activity as they grow older
32 Survival for pediatric patients with Hodgkin lymphoma differs by race
33 How can more walking be encouraged in cities?
34 Exploring better fatty liver remedies
35 Your brain has 'landmarks' that drive neural traffic and help you make hard decisions
36 How sleep makes the brain forget things: New research on mice
37 Why is the brain disturbed by harsh sounds?
38 Flirty comments from romantic partner may offer confidence boost for women
39 Researchers develop a promising new 'Trojan horse' treatment for multiple sclerosis
40 Here's proof that bowel cancer screening reduces deaths
41 Migraine sufferers needlessly enduring agonizing pain
42 No benefit in growth mindset theory, study says
43 Philippines confirms 2nd polio case after declaring outbreak
44 DR Congo Ebola survivors play crucial role helping victims of virus
45 UN agency says 124 suspected cholera cases in Sudan
46 New sensors could lead to earlier lymphoma diagnosis
47 Ancient viruses could help kill cancers
48 CDC: Valley fever cases increased from 2014 to 2017
49 Take a fresh look at fitness classes
50 Fewer lymph node operations for breast cancer patients with new prediction models
51 Alcohol advice for pregnant women: A lost opportunity to communicate new guidelines
52 CAR T cell therapy: On the cusp of 'an immunotherapy revolution'?
53 Declaring vaccine hesitancy one of the ten biggest health threats in 2019 is unhelpful
54 Breath-holding technique could improve outcomes for radiotherapy patients
55 Alzheimer's study: Electrostimulation to evoke vivid memories
56 Marriage could be good for your health--unless you're bisexual
57 Stephenson Cancer Center testing drug for prostate cancer patients on active surveillance
58 Undocumented immigrants' transplant survival rates on par with US citizens'
59 Open Medicare data helps uncover potential hidden costs of health care
60 Pembrolizumab in metastatic NSCLC: Now added benefit for subpopulations
61 Racial/ethnic disparities seen in PrEP awareness, discussions
62 Marijuana use common among adults with medical conditions
63 Scientists identify new family of drugs which could combat prostate cancer
64 Rethinking how cholesterol is integrated into cells
65 CDC: Asthma visit rates decreased from 2001 to 2016
66 Vaping-linked lung illness claims eighth life
67 Sick Americans turning to medical pot for help
68 Adopted baby's unexpected heart problem brought unexpected joy
69 Malawi study confirms lasting impact of life-saving technology
70 Long-acting injectable multi-drug implant shows promise for HIV prevention and treatment
71 World's first gene therapy for glycogen storage disease produces remarkable results
72 SCAI stages of cardiogenic shock stratify mortality risk
73 New vaccine prevents herpes in mice, guinea pigs
74 Leukemia drug shows promise for treating a childhood brain cancer
75 Diagnostic radiologists with lifetime ABR certificates less likely to participate in MOC
76 Walmart to stop selling electronic cigarettes at its stores
77 Tackling cardiovascular deaths requires urgent action in children
78 Tanzania not sharing information on suspected Ebola: WHO
79 Face transplant recipient's donor face now failing
80 Tennessee abortion clinics hope to defeat waiting period
81 Judge hears arguments in challenge to Georgia abortion law
82 DRC approves use of second experimental Ebola vaccine
83 How a South Indian script is changing the way science views parasite
84 Scientists identify hormone potentially linked to hypersexual disorder
85 US pediatric heart transplant waitlist policy change falls short of intended benefits
86 Opioid use disorder in pregnancy: Five things to know
87 Fat mass index, not BMI, associated with cardiovascular events in people with diabetes
88 New national guideline sets out best practices for delivering injectable opioid agonist treatment
89 Do the costs of cancer drugs receive enough attention?
90 French drugmaker, watchdog on trial over weight loss pill deaths
91 Researchers perform thousands of mutations to understand amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
92 Study of the nervous system could have implications for regenerative medicine and cancer
93 Through the haze: Smoke-free laws failing to protect bar staff, patrons
94 8 precautions anyone can take to avoid a nasty fall
95 Toxoplasma 'cat poo' parasite infects billions: Why is it so hard to study?
96 Computer-based research could pave way for anti-flu drugs of the future
97 Free pads to tackle 'period-shame' school skipping in Bangladesh
98 Children's lies are deceptively complex
99 Tiger snake bite deaths show problems with antivenom dosing
100 In a chatty world, losing your speech can be alienating
101 AI to bring sharper focus to eye testing
102 New research: Having sex in older age could make you happier and healthier
103 Hormone diets are all the rage, but do they actually work?
104 Green tea could hold the key to reducing antibiotic resistance
105 Heart damage from cancer drugs linked to faulty genes
106 Pediatricians can play role in cutting sugary drink intake
107 Colorectal cancer mortality disparities vary across U.S. cities
108 'He may need a ventilator': One teen's fight against vaping-linked lung illness
109 Anesthesia, surgery linked to subtle decline in memory and thinking in older adults, study finds
110 Affordable Care Act slashed the uninsured rate among people with diabetes
111 The long-term effects of disasters on seniors with diabetes: evidence from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
112 'Metabolic inhibitor' compound extends survival in mice with MYC-expressing pediatric brain tumors
113 11 percent of cancers detected via emergency visit
114 Can aspirin help tackle some cancers?
115 German court rules hangovers are 'illness'