File Title
1 Four billion particles of microplastics discovered in major body of water
2 Innovative treatment to prevent common brain infection could save NHS 7 million pounds per year
3 The 'pathobiome'--a new understanding of disease
4 Finding (microbial) pillars of the bioenergy community
5 What multilingual nuns can tell us about dementia
6 Exercising at home has a positive effect on Parkinson's patients
7 Repeated periods of poverty accelerate the aging process
8 Machine learning improves the diagnosis of patients with head and neck cancers
9 Patients diagnosed with cancer after skipping appointment more likely to die within a year
10 New insights into how astrocytes help the brain process information
11 New cardiac fibrosis study identifies key proteins that translate into heart disease
12 Academics call for structured drug monitoring in care homes
13 Popular mobile games can be used to detect signs of cognitive decline
14 Mysterious Jurassic crocodile identified 250 years after fossil find
15 Routine sparring in boxing can affect brain performance
16 Researchers develop chemical reaction method for more efficient drug production
17 Chinese scientists update soybean genome to a golden reference
18 Terahertz waves reveal hidden processes in ultrafast artificial photosynthesis
19 Study led by NUS scientists show that drinking tea improves brain health
20 Researchers grow citrus disease bacteria in the lab
21 Few people with peanut allergy tolerate peanut after stopping oral immunotherapy
22 Humans more unique than expected when it comes to digesting fatty meals
23 How marketers can shape customer sentiment during events
24 Strategies to connect with barricaded buyers
25 How relapse happens: Opiates reduce the brain's ability to form, maintain synapses
26 Bone marrow may be the missing piece of the fertility puzzle
27 The rare molecule weighing in on the birth of planets
28 Two studies show promise, safety of proton therapy in the brain in children with cancer
29 Study offers verdict for China's efforts on coal emissions
30 Knotty problem of cell reprogramming solved, USC scientists report
31 Cells that make bone marrow also travel to the womb to help pregnancy
32 Scientists discover new breakthrough in cancer hair loss treatment
33 Nemours study finds genetic analysis can aid treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis
34 Cause of congenital nystagmus found
35 Heart attack patients take longer to call emergency when symptoms are gradual
36 Discovery concerning the nervous system overturns a previous theory
37 Finding (microbial) pillars of the bioenergy community
38 JILA's novel atomic clock design offers 'tweezer' control
39 Ultra-thin optical elements directly measure polarization
40 Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer harboring certain BRAF mutations may respond to anti-EGFR
41 Emerging practice of precision medicine could one day improve care for many heart failure patients
42 Advanced MRI brain scan may help predict stroke-related dementia
43 Stem cell researchers reactivate 'back-up genes' in the lab
44 Special issue, 'mountain life,' celebrates Alexander von Humboldt's lasting legacy
45 Specialized training benefits young STEM researchers
46 Gem-like nanoparticles of precious metals shine as catalysts
47 Hepatitis C-infected kidneys function as well as uninfected organs after transplant
48 Controversial insecticides shown to threaten survival of wild birds
49 Diet impacts the sensitivity of gut microbiome to antibiotics, mouse study finds
50 Kidney transplants from donors with HCV safe and functional 1 year post-transplantation
51 Environment: Pollutants found in skin and blubber of English Channel dolphins
52 Spin devices get a paint job
53 Bone, not adrenaline, drives fight or flight response
54 Device generates light from the cold night sky
55 Why is Earth so biologically diverse? Mountains hold the answer
56 Bones secrete a stress hormone
57 Simple model captures almost 100 years of measles dynamics in London
58 FASEB Journal: Anesthetic drug sevoflurane improves sepsis outcomes, animal study reveals
59 Negative posts on Facebook business pages outweigh positive posts 2 to 1
60 New vibration sensor detects buried objects from moving vehicle
61 How microtubules branch in new directions, a first look in animals
62 How IL-6 allows the immune response to develop for a key cell, the T follicular helper
63 Gene editing tool gets sharpened by WFIRM team
64 Nonphysician providers rarely interpret diagnostic imaging--except radiography, fluoroscopy
65 Gemini observatory captures multicolor image of first-ever interstellar comet
66 Groovy! These grooved patterns better mitigate shock waves
67 Predicting risk of heart failure for diabetes patients with help from machine learning
68 Developing therapeutic strategies for pregnant women with lupus
69 Researchers identify focus points to reduce opioid overdose deaths
70 Sticks and stones may break your bones, but this reaction edits skeletons
71 How new loops in DNA packaging help us make diverse antibodies
72 Study finds certain drugs used to treat eye diseases excreted into human breast milk
73 Predictable esports: Amateurs and professionals sit differently in a chair
74 Land restoration in Latin America shows big potential for climate change mitigation
75 Tiny bubbles in our body could fight cancer better than chemo
76 Speeding up the drug discovery process to help patients
77 The enigma of bronze age tin
78 Trapped by a flexible schedule
79 Communities that Care prevention system helps to protect youth
80 Patient survey highlights challenges for the 1 in 4 living with rheumatic disease
81 Women also competed for status superiority in mid-Republican Rome
82 Researchers have identified areas of the retina that change in mild Alzheimer's disease
83 Environmental pollution in China begins decreasing
84 Physical activity may attenuate menopause-associated atherogenic changes
85 Children of refugees with PTSD are at higher risk of developing psychiatric disorders
86 Parasitology: Mother cells as organelle donors
87 Researchers find waterhemp has evolved resistance to 4 herbicide sites of action
88 Disabled people marginalised by paperwork and programmes which aim to help them
89 Low sea-ice cover in the Arctic
90 Extinction of Icelandic walrus coincides with Norse settlement
91 Scientists create a nanomaterial that is both twisted and untwisted at the same time
92 Male Trinidad guppies find food thanks to females
93 Blink and you'll miss it
94 VISTA unveils a new image of the Large Magellanic Cloud
95 Microbes make chemicals for scent marking in a cat
96 Cancer cells prefer a 'comfort cruise,' follow predictable paths of least resistance
97 Slower growth in working memory linked to teen driving crashes
98 Team discovers polymorph selection during crystal growth can be thermodynamically driven
99 Paramagnetic spins take electrons for a ride, produce electricity from heat
100 MIT engineers develop 'blackest black' material to date
101 Brain-inspired computing could tackle big problems in a small way
102 New way to target cancer's diversity and evolution
103 B cells linked to immunotherapy for melanoma
104 Same but different: unique cancer traits key to targeted therapies
105 Ancient Australia was home to strange marsupial giants, some weighing over 1,000 kg
106 Multidrug resistance: Not as recent as we thought
107 Inspired by natural signals in living cells, researchers design artificial gas detector
108 'Soft tactile logic' tech distributes decision-making throughout stretchable material
109 Addressing serious illness with a serious question to clinicians
110 High social support associated with less violence among male teens in urban neighborhoods
111 New health monitors are flexible, transparent and graphene enabled
112 More severe OSA leads to higher blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension
113 Over one-fifth of injured US adult cyclists were not wearing a helmet--new study