File Title
1 Meal type and size are the key factors affecting carb-counting in type 1 diabetes
2 Analysis of studies into alcohol consumption in people with type 2 diabetes suggests
3 Overgrowth of baby in the womb may begin weeks before women are tested for maternal diabetes
4 Texan girl, 10, dies of rare brain-eating amoeba
5 As illnesses spread, fake vape gear sells on LA streets
6 Eating cheese may offset blood vessel damage from salt
7 Acute chikungunya infection studied at the molecular level in Brazilian patients
8 Compounds extracted from Brazilian savannah plant combat fungus that causes candidiasis
9 E-cig use jumps 46.2 percent among young adults in one year
10 Major biological processes involved in the development of myeloma uncovered
11 Cause of rare, fatal disorder in young children pinpointed
12 Purdue Pharma begins Chapter 11 bankruptcy journey
13 AI can predict the chances of surviving oral cancer
14 Play equipment that gets kids moving
15 The more you have, the more you want?
16 Dishonest behavior damages ability to read other people's emotions
17 Genes, the social environment, and adolescent smoking
18 Once-common hysterectomy technique linked to worse uterine cancer outcomes
19 Expert discusses surprising findings linking PTSD treatment with lower diabetes risk
20 Radiation therapy effective against deadly heart rhythm
21 Stroke patients relearning how to walk with peculiar shoe
22 Personalised VR technology could improve and maintain positive mental health and well-being
23 How pregnancy changes women's metabolism and immune systems
24 Cancer cells turn to cannibalism to survive chemotherapy, study suggests
25 Using technology to support caregivers of older people with dementia
26 The rise of 'eco-anxiety': Climate change affects our mental health, too
27 Best medications to reduce drooling for those with developmental disability
28 Identifying new important players in insulin homeostasis
29 No link between mobile phones and brain cancer in the over-60s
30 Mathematical model finds the cancer mutations that matter
31 In high-risk neuroblastoma, two stem cell transplants may be better than one
32 Few online firearm listings in the U.S. require or conduct background checks
33 Alzheimer's breakthrough: Two short strings of amino acids could pave the way to new treatments
34 Discovering why chemotherapy only works for some cancer patients
35 Autism findings: Some better at interpreting facial expressions than previously thought
36 High number of cases of severe mental disorders detected in prisons
37 Eye scan sheds new light on Alzheimer's disease
38 Deeper understanding of early life experiences can help combat chronic obesity and binge-eating
39 Breast cancer screening found effective in men at high risk for the disease
40 Children 'aging out' of foster care able to cope with childhood emotional abuse with higher self-esteem
41 Scientists discover novel viruses carried by the Scottish midge
42 Brain may not need body movements to learn virtual spaces
43 Hysterectomy and mesh support may have similar outcomes in repairing vaginal prolapse
44 Mutant live attenuated Ebola virus immunizes non-human primates
45 Imaging reveals new results from landmark stem cell trial for stroke
46 A surprising new source of omega-3s
47 Are you just a worrywart or is it something more?
48 Reduced-dose IMRT with cisplatin meets predetermined benchmarks for PFS and swallowing-related QOL
49 Cosmetic changes are equivalent after WBI vs. PBI for women with early stage breast cancer
50 Novel anti-cancer nanomedicine for efficient chemotherapy
51 Quinn on Nutrition: What is A2 milk?
52 How animal research is helping fight antibiotic resistance
53 Daytime naps could help you avoid heart attacks, strokes, study says
54 Familial hypercholesterolemia patients at high risk for cardiovascular events
55 Having migraines raises the risk of dementia, study finds
56 Why is it so hard to stop people dying from snakebite?
57 Coming out about mental health on social media
58 Alzheimer's memory loss reversed by new head device using electromagnetic waves
59 Tortillas tell the story of folate deficiency in Mexico: study
60 Research suggests how environmental toxin produced by algae may lead to ALS
61 Researchers identify potential target for cardiac fibrosis treatment
62 Gene editing enables researchers to correct mutation in muscle stem cells in DMD model
63 Exercise could slow withering effects of Alzheimer's
64 Suicide risk factors vary by ethnic group
65 Feeling depressed? Mahjong might be the answer
66 Study finds air pollution reaches placenta during pregnancy
67 Headache from epidural for labor may up subdural hematoma risk
68 Initiating empirical therapy for sepsis reduces blood culture sensitivity
69 Electric pill bottles and text messaging not enough to affect blood pressure control
70 Researchers identify new pathway that controls fat formation
71 Combo antithrombotic therapy increases bleeding risk
72 Vitamin D is good for the bones, but what about the heart?
73 Nutrition programs alone are not enough to support healthy brain development
74 Targeted radiotherapy technique could cut treatment time from two months to two weeks
75 Study questions routine sleep studies to evaluate snoring in children
76 Fast MRIs offer alternative to CT scans for pediatric head injuries: study
77 Radiation may lower potential for side effects of CAR T therapy in non-hodgkin's lymphoma
78 Electronic nose can sniff out which lung cancer patients will respond to immunotherapy
79 Microbiome may be involved in mechanisms related to muscle strength in older adults
80 Stabilizing neuronal branching for healthy brain circuitry
81 Brain imaging shows how nonverbal children with autism have slower response to sounds
82 Study stresses the importance of staying physically active and the negative effects of even short-term inactivity
83 Surgery may benefit women with two types of urinary incontinence
84 Young drinkers more 'selfie-conscious,' research suggests
85 Study: People with autism show atypical brain activity when coordinating visual and motor information
86 Medical residents report widespread sexual harassment
87 Lack of toothbrushing for seniors in nursing homes is a serious health risk
88 Healthy drinks, healthy kids: First-ever consensus on recommendations for young children
89 New polymer heart valve implanted in first patient
90 Lab examines migraine-like phenotypes in nematode
91 Research on mental health following environmental disasters soaring
92 Why exercise is so important as you age
93 Two groups of neurons identified in causing Leigh syndrome
94 How other countries get parents to vaccinate their kids (and what Australia can learn)
95 India's government approves ban on e-cigarettes
96 Universal health coverage alone won't radically improve global health
97 How to know if your child has hay fever and how you should treat it
98 One good turn deserves another: Children recognize reciprocity as a norm by age 5
99 Stepwise approach effective for primary care dementia screening
100 Vaping-linked lung illness claims seventh victim
101 Psoriasis drug target offers potential for osteosarcoma
102 Bacteria injections help the immune system fight cancer
103 Three faces of teen popularity: being feared, being loved, and being feared and loved
104 Researchers suggest cultural outreach prevents social exclusion
105 More operations are scheduled if doctor is well rested
106 Compound may play role in halting panceatic cancer
107 Autoantibodies in pregnancy: A cause of behavioral disorders in the child?
108 Heart cells respond to heart attack and increase the chance of survival
109 Fathers may protect their LGB kids from health effects of discrimination
110 3-D virtual reality models help yield better surgical outcomes
111 Extinct human species gave modern humans an immunity boost
112 Early maternal anemia tied to intellectual disability, ADHD and autism