File Title
1 Should I stay or should I go?
2 Conserving rare species for the maintenance of Mediterranean forests
3 Little heaps of silver, all wrapped up
4 Deworming programmes for soil-transmitted helminths--a Cochrane review update
5 From years to days: Artificial Intelligence speeds up photodynamics simulations
6 How can we feed the world without overwhelming the planet?
7 It's all a blur...why stripes hide moving prey
8 Geologists found links between deep sea methane emissions and ice ages
9 AI neural network detects heart failure from single heartbeat
10 Calcium channel blockers may be effective in treating memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
11 Type 2 diabetes is not just about insulin
12 Since cooling demand is primarily driven by the sun, could it also be powered by the sun?
13 Research on the good life
14 Brain: How to optimize decision making?
15 Advanced breeding paves the way for disease-resistant beans
16 Discovering biological mechanisms enabling pianists to achieve skillful fingering
17 Talking receptors may affect relaxin at work
18 Brain changes may help track dementia, even before diagnosis
19 Mako shark tracking off west coast reveals 'impressive' memory and navigation
20 Study of newly homeless ED patients finds multiple contributors to homelessness
21 Soil scientist researches nature versus nurture in microorganisms
22 Climate change: A dirt-y business
23 Infant with deadly leukemia saved by drug for adult liver cancer
24 Trump administration's public charge rule presents threat to health, conclude scholars
25 How long does a whale feed? New data gives insight into blue and fin whale behavior
26 Can a high-tech sniffer help keep us safe?
27 Students make neutrons dance beneath UC Berkeley campus
28 Graphene sets the stage for the next generation of THz astronomy detectors
29 Chameleon inspires 'smart skin' that changes color in the sun
30 Scientists identify gene as master regulator in schizophrenia
31 First water detected on potentially 'habitable' planet
32 Towering balloon-like features discovered near center of the Milky Way
33 Nuclear physics--probing a nuclear clock transition
34 Cancer research--The genetic context is crucial
35 Microplastics stunt growth of worms--study
36 Flexible solar cells a step closer to reality
37 'Flying fish' robot can propel itself out of water and glide through the air
38 A curiosity-driven genetic discovery that should impact cancer treatments
39 A smart artificial hand for amputees merges user and robotic control
40 UK improves cancer survival, but is still behind other high-income countries
41 Focusing on key sustainable development goals would boost progress across all, analysis finds
42 Shoppers more likely to pay for upgrades when extra cost is an 'add-on,' study finds
43 Microbial profile to support growing field of human gut research
44 Breeders release new flaxseed cultivar with higher yield
45 Opioid treatment for teens? Medications can help
46 Lowy Medical Research Institute scientists find cause of debilitating eye disease
47 The Lancet Oncology: Cancer survival in high income countries is improving, but international disparities persist
48 Soils could be affected by climate change, impacting water and food
49 Social media use by adolescents linked to internalizing behaviors
50 Towering balloon-like features discovered near centre of the Milky Way
51 Can a DNA construction kit replace expensive antibody medication?
52 Giant balloon-like structures discovered at center of Milky Way
53 Why young females with obesity are at early risk for cardiovascular disease
54 Global warming may threaten availability of essential brain-building fatty acid
55 FDA phase 1 trial shows hydrogel to repair heart is safe to inject in humans--a first
56 A diabetes drug promotes brain repair--but it only works in females
57 Public support for gene drives in agriculture tied to limits
58 Victims of physical or sexual assault should have better access to medical services
59 Insects as food and feed: research and innovation drive growing field
60 A chameleon-inspired smart skin changes color in the sun
61 'Game-changing' research could solve evolution mysteries
62 Half-a-billion-year-old tiny predator unveils the rise of scorpions and spiders
63 CAR T-cell therapy may be harnessed to treat heart disease
64 Burying beetle larvae know the best time to beg for food
65 Teens with opioid use disorder may benefit from medication treatment
66 Long before other fish, ancient sharks found an alternative way to feed
67 Only a fraction of the costs of excessive drinking are paid for by alcohol taxes
68 Cancer drugs don't always work as intended, researchers warn
69 Giant kangaroos of Ice Age Australia had skulls built for powerful bites
70 Dynamic reorganization of brain circuit with post-stroke rehabilitation
71 Math shows why animals see at night
72 Research discoveries suggest that LH dipeptide improves mental health
73 'Ringing' black hole validates Einstein's general relativity 10 years ahead of schedule
74 Penn engineers' new topological insulator reroutes photonic 'traffic' on the fly
75 Breaking the 'stalemate' in the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children
76 Abnormal gut bugs tied to worse cognitive performance in vets with PTSD and cirrhosis
77 Introducing 'phyjama,' a physiological-sensing pajama
78 UMass Amherst researchers release new findings in groundbreaking gambling study
79 How breast cancer uses exosomes to metastasize to the brain
80 The genetics of cancer
81 Science snapshots: Messenger proteins, new TB drug, artificial photosynthesis
82 'Fire inversions' lock smoke in valleys
83 Elaborate Komodo dragon armor defends against other dragons
84 Markey researchers discover role of nuclear glycogen in non-small cell lung cancers
85 Princeton researchers explore how a carbon-fixing organelle forms via phase separation
86 A robot with a firm yet gentle grasp
87 Innovative model created for NASA to predict vitamin levels in spaceflight food
88 African American bachelor's degrees see growth, behind in physical sciences, engineering
89 Polysubstance use in young adults--are there predictable patterns?
90 Epilepsy surgery: The earlier the better, overview study shows
91 Semiconducting material more affected by defects than previously thought
92 Texas Biomed researchers pinpoint why HIV patients are more likely to develop tuberculosis
93 A promising treatment for an incurable, deadly kidney disease
94 Early detection is key: Screening test could improve lives of cats with heart disease
95 New review highlights benefits of plant-based diet for rheumatoid arthritis
96 'Time-outs' not associated with long-term negative effects in children
97 Charge change: How electric forces vary in colloids
98 Researchers use metamaterials to create two-part optical security features
99 UBC researchers design roadmap for hydrogen supply network
100 Satellite study of Amazon rainforest land cover gives insight into 2019 fires
101 Researchers produce synthetic Hall Effect to achieve one-way radio transmission
102 Conservation of a Central American region is critical for migrating birds
103 New drug target discovered for the lung disease PAH
104 Big game hunting for a more versatile catalyst
105 Hubble reveals latest portrait of Saturn
106 Saturn's rings shine in Hubble's latest portrait
107 Expert feedback improves antibiotic prescribing decisions in paediatrics
108 Why do birds migrate at night?
109 Heterogeneity in the workplace: 'Diversity is very important to us--but not in my team'
110 GymCam tracks exercises that wearable monitors can't
111 Battery icons shape perceptions of time and space and define user identities
112 Distractions distort what's real, study suggests