File Title
1 US finds contaminant in popular heartburn drug
2 Illinois lawsuit filed against top e-cigarette maker
3 Health experts back treatment for kids with peanut allergy
4 Predicting risk of heart failure for diabetes patients with help from machine learning
5 New way to target cancer's diversity and evolution
6 In Ivory Coast, telemedicine revolution proves blessing for heart patients
7 Generation healthy: alcoholic seltzer craze sweeps US
8 Myths and menstruation: Overcoming Pakistan's period taboo
9 Pear Therapeutics CEO explains app for addiction treatment
10 New York moves to enact statewide flavored e-cig ban
11 Scanning the lens of the eye could predict type 2 diabetes and prediabetes
12 Types and rates of co-existing conditions in diabetes are different for men and women
13 Latest studies suggest a possible downturn in rate of new cases of diabetes
14 Obesity linked to a nearly 6-fold increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
15 Childhood behavior linked to taking paracetamol in pregnancy
16 Three in five parents say their teen has been in a car with a distracted teen driver
17 Physicians report high refusal rates for the HPV vaccine and need for improvement
18 Heart-healthy forager-farmers in lowland Bolivia are changing diets and gaining weight
19 Commonly used drug for Alzheimer's disease doubles risk of hospitalization
20 Off-label medication orders on the rise for children, study finds
21 More predictive genetic risk score sought for type 1 diabetes
22 OxyContin maker Purdue files for bankruptcy in bid to settle opioid cases
23 Vapes spiked with illegal drugs show dark side of CBD craze
24 'Once you have it, you need it': Opioid epidemic still rages
25 Gene mutation discovery sheds light on organ failure affecting babies
26 MRI-guided biopsy best for determining future risk of prostate cancer, study shows
27 Research suggests new approach for treating inflammation
28 Gutsy effort to produce comprehensive study of intestinal gases
29 Summit to tackle tricky problems of aging and dementia
30 Astrocytes and epilepsy
31 Relational memory in early psychosis
32 Scientists discover how cancer cells regenerate in the prostate
33 Treatment for chronic neuropathic pain gets to the brain via a novel route, without surgery
34 Flavored tobacco a major factor in the popularity of waterpipe smoking, study finds
35 Two samples of West Nile in Coconino County came from different sources
36 Vaping: As an imaging scientist I fear the deadly impact on people's lungs
37 Toddler becomes the first case of extensively drug-resistant typhoid in Australia
38 Violent video games blamed more often for school shootings by white perpetrators
39 Sudan says cholera outbreak kills 7, dozens infected
40 Teaching kids physical activities they'll go on to enjoy
41 Pioneering microbiome findings shed light on aspiration
42 Computer modeling may improve understanding of glaucoma
43 Is vigorous exercise safe during the third trimester of pregnancy?
44 By exploiting a feature of the immune system, researchers open the door for stem cell transplants to repair the brain
45 Ovarian cancer can be a silent killer
46 Just bad luck? Australian cancer patients nominate 'fate' as third most likely cause
47 Ethiopia must do more to stop recurring chikungunya outbreaks
48 Study provides insight on targeted therapies for colorectal cancer metastasis
49 Apartment and condo dwellers report smelling cannabis more than tobacco smoke, researchers say
50 Alzheimer's disease risk gene APOE4 impairs function of brain immune cells
51 How to prevent Little League elbow from causing big problems
52 Subgroup of colorectal cancer patients ID'd: Do poorly, could benefit from immunotherapy
53 There's a way for modern medicine to cure diseases even when the treatments aren't profitable
54 Mild cognitive impairment linked to lower use of cardiac catheterization in AMI
55 Don't make major decisions on an empty stomach, research suggests
56 Get up-to-the-minute safety alerts sent straight to your inbox
57 First comprehensive structural data on a key flu protein--it's central to infection
58 Brain activity intensity drives need for sleep
59 Most American adults do not know that HPV causes oral, anal, and penile cancers
60 Flavoring ingredient exceeds safety levels in e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco: study
61 How lymphoma cells metastasize to the brain
62 Study shows the importance of when adolescents sleep to obesity and cardiometabolic health
63 In human cells and mice, a cure for the common cold, study reports
64 No new measles cases reported in fading US outbreak
65 Vitamin E found to prevent muscle damage after heart attack
66 Deaths halved among infarct patients attending Heart School
67 Starting HIV treatment in ERs may be key to ending HIV spread worldwide
68 Lack of sleep affects fat metabolism
69 Too much of a good thing: Overactive immune cells trigger inflammation
70 New research sheds light on how happy couples argue
71 More than Lyme: Tick study finds multiple agents of tick-borne diseases
72 Hospital-wide use of high-risk antibiotics associated with more C. difficile infections
73 Anemia may contribute to the spread of dengue fever
74 Scientists project northward expansion of Valley fever by end of 21st century
75 For kids who face trauma, good neighbors or teachers can save their longterm health
76 Potential target for diabetes-associated Alzheimer's disease
77 Social isolation derails brain development in mice
78 New imaging technology could 'revolutionize' cancer surgery
79 Taking blood pressure at home may better predict heart problem in black adults
80 Delaying treatment worsens head, neck cancer outcomes
81 Biopsychosocial frailty measure predicts risk for dementia
82 Continued use low three months after ED opioid prescription for acute pain
83 Where women's health clinics close, cervical cancer outcomes worsen
84 ACC issues principles for overcoming compensation, opportunity inequity
85 Optimized placement of defibrillators may improve cardiac arrest outcomes
86 Renegade genes caught red handed
87 How gut bacteria negatively influences blood sugar levels
88 Genetic mutation appears to protect some people from deadly MRSA
89 Success story or artificial inflation? Hospital performance in CAUTIs
90 Groundbreaking study targets one of Canada's most deadly medical conditions
91 Gene-targeted cancer drugs, slow release overcome resistance
92 Study shows not only do e-cigarette ads influence adolescents, young people don't question them
93 Big data, bench science suggests drug may slow Parkinson's progression in people
94 Meatballs might wreck the anti-cancer perks of tomato sauce
95 Needle-free flu vaccine patch effective in early study
96 At-home blood pressure tests more accurate for African Americans
97 Pre-salvage RT PSA predictive of hormone therapy benefit with salvage RT for recurrent prostate cancer
98 California campaign will warn public of vaping dangers
99 First sexual experience was forced for 1 in 16 U.S. women: study
100 Only a third of women take up all offered cancer screenings, new research finds
101 Scientists prove low cost arthritis drug can effectively treat blood cancer sufferers
102 Racism a factor in asthma control for young African-American children
103 Increased risk of prostate cancer in men with BRCA2 gene fault
104 Defective cilia linked to heart valve birth defects
105 Synthetic cells capture and reveal hidden messages of the immune system
106 Female athletes seek specialty care for concussion later than males
107 No difference in pain response between SBRT and conventional RT for patients with spinal metastases
108 Later puberty and later menopause associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes in women
109 Daily aspirin may benefit many patients without existing cardiovascular disease
110 Short-term study suggests vegan diet can boost gut microbes related to body weight