File Title
1 From sleeping cell to assassin--how immune cells work
2 Atopic dermatitis: How allergens get on our nerves
3 Icaros: Flight simulator home trainer
4 Young infants with fever may be more likely to develop infections
5 CTE risk, severity increases with years playing American football
6 Large genome-wide association study illuminates genetic risk factors for gout
7 Back sleeping in late pregnancy linked to lower birth weight
8 Financial incentives have short-term effect on BP control
9 What are the risks of pain relief alternatives to opioids?
10 How to make your own healthful sauerkraut
11 Can being an immigrant be hazardous to your health?
12 Cause of paralyzing illness in kids remains elusive
13 Navigating 'Neuralville': Virtual town helps map brain functions
14 Team discovers surprise contributor to multiple sclerosis
15 Data suggest viral etiology for pediatric acute flaccid myelitis
16 Researchers discover critical process for how breast cancer spreads in bones
17 You've got questions about Medicare's 2020 fall enrollment period. We've got answers.
18 New study is 'chilling commentary' on future of antibiotics
19 Black and ethnic minority people face inequality in diabetes treatment
20 New test for thyroid cancer could prevent unnecessary surgery
21 Treatment for 'low T' could someday come from a single skin cell, research shows
22 Study: Mice that vaped nicotine for a year had big increase in tumor growth
23 Coordinated care model leads to decreases in unscheduled, preventable hospitalizations
24 Traffic experts, parents don't always see eye to eye on safe cycling routes for children
25 Community responders more likely to seek help during overdose when naloxone does not work
26 More behavioral health care linked to small drop in gun-related suicides, study finds
27 Four studies report on key issues in preventing gun violence
28 Research on US child firearm injuries lags far behind studies of other causes of death
29 US firearm death rate rose sharply in recent years across most states and demographic groups
30 Mississippi defends 15-week abortion ban in appeals court
31 UNAIDS HIV targets will be missed among gay men in Africa, study suggests
32 Regular exercise is good for your heart, no matter how old you are: study
33 The effectiveness of electrical stimulation in producing spinal fusion
34 Violence linked to social isolation, hypervigilance and chronic health problems
35 Meningioma molecular profile reliably predicts tumor recurrence
36 Study shows Housing First program significantly reduces homelessness over long term
37 Weight stigma affects gay men on dating apps
38 Initiating breastfeeding in vulnerable infants
39 Published studies may exaggerate the effect of burnout on quality of patient care
40 Daring to dream: Nobel winner's nervous night
41 India on the frontline of the fight against tuberculosis
42 Venezuelans turn to alternative medicine amid shortages
43 Dog ownership associated with longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors
44 Research team discovers new mechanism in the liver that helps prevent invasive fungal infections
45 Germ transplant helps women with tough-to-treat vaginal infections
46 Microscopic bots treat blood clots and more
47 What patients expect influences pain management
48 New study challenges our understanding of premature aging
49 Research identifies a new drug candidate to starve and suffocate breast cancer cell stem growth
50 Raw milk: the benefits are unclear but the dangers are real
51 How CT scans continue to play a fundamental role in cancer treatment
52 New research reveals how we make sense of compound words
53 Patient-aligned care reduces unwanted medications, tests for older adults
54 Important steps to prevent dementia
55 Revealing sexual orientation at work improves well-being
56 Stem cell transplant reverses disabling MS-like disease
57 Data breach fixes could impact patient care: study
58 Strong family ties during teen years can help ward off depression in later life
59 How birth control pill prescriptions by a pharmacist could broaden access and keep costs down
60 Scientists discover way to stop ulcers caused by aspirin
61 Tetris gameplay reveals complex cognitive skills
62 Epigenomic 'map' helps predict nerve cells' ability to regenerate after injury
63 Six minutes of walking can increase motivation to perform physical activity
64 Maternal obesity speeds up offspring aging, increases likelihood of diabetes and heart disease
65 Hardship could harm children's language skills
66 California program is a good step toward coordinating care for high-needs patients, study finds
67 Clues from DNA could predict growth of prostate cancer
68 Study confirms serious health problems, high trauma rates among unsheltered people in U.S.
69 Research shows that weight stigma toward pregnant women is widespread and damaging
70 Marker in tear samples could detect diabetes complication
71 To fight effects of sleep deprivation, reach for healthy snacks
72 An oral anticoagulant delays the appearance of Alzheimer's disease in mice
73 How pregnancy can be made more difficult by maternity care's notions of 'normal'
74 Researchers use AI and de-identified health records to identify the safest hip implants
75 Food labels too complicated for most shoppers to understand--new research
76 Striking a balance: a mechanism to control autoimmunity
77 Still at war with the tobacco epidemic, Indonesia must control e-cigarettes too
78 Spurred by mass shootings, more Americans view mentally ill as violent
79 Mortality down for autoantibody-associated vasculitides patients
80 The science of Breaking Bad: Would you know if meth was cooked inside your house?
81 Experimental growth factor shows promise for treating knee osteoarthritis
82 Tau-mediated RNA splicing errors linked to Alzheimer's disease
83 Mapping normal breast development to better understand cancer
84 Severe allergic reactions identified with peripherally inserted central catheters
85 New addiction treatments hold promise for stemming the opioid crisis, scientists say
86 Bill aims to limit nicotine in E-cigarette products
87 A cool-season comfort food without lots of calories
88 Is online fitness training right for you?
89 Melanoma variability at the single-cell level predicts treatment responses
90 Need to balance guides development of limb-body coordination
91 Four Loko continues to wreak havoc among young drinkers
92 How to keep cool in a blackout during a heatwave
93 Study reveals uptick in suicide and fatal drug overdoses among blacks, Hispanics, women
94 How can ultrasonic brain stimulation cure brain diseases?
95 Psychedelic drug to be tested for treatment-resistant depression in Houston
96 Doctors turn to thumbs for diagnosis and treatment by text
97 Cost of waste in U.S. health system estimated
98 Hydroxychloroquine blood levels predict retinopathy risk in lupus
99 Primary care appointment time impacts prescribing of opioids
100 What's your sense of purpose? The answer may affect your health
101 Pressuring kids to diet can backfire, damaging long-term health
102 Prenatal stress could affect baby's brain, say researchers
103 STD rates continue to rise in the U.S.
104 One in three young adults receive medication for opioid use disorder after overdose
105 Lymphoma stage at diagnosis may predict when and where new cancer forms
106 3 sexually transmitted diseases hit new highs again in US
107 Who is telling the truth about their health?
108 Research maps key signaling pathways linking calcium entry and exit in activated T cells
109 Skin cancer prevention program may have reduced melanoma in Australians
110 Large study reveals PTSD has strong genetic component like other psychiatric disorders
111 Rice bran may help curb malnutrition, diarrhea for infants
112 Pharmacists provide patient value in team-based care
113 Research shows drug can extend survival rates for heart failure patients
114 Research supports expanding insurance coverage of non-invasive prenatal testing