File Title
1 Life's building blocks may have formed in interstellar clouds
2 Researchers mix RNA and DNA to study how life's process began billions of years ago
3 Canadian astronomers determine Earth's fingerprint
4 Study shows some exoplanets may have greater variety of life than exists on Earth
5 Does ET exist ponders UVA astronomer
6 Fluorescent glow may reveal hidden life in the cosmos
7 NASA plans for Webb to zero in on TRAPPIST-1 atmospheres within a year of launch
8 Hordes of Earth's toughest creatures may now be living on Moon
9 Potentially habitable planet found in new solar system
10 Microbiologists uncover mechanisms of magnetic bacteria
11 ELSI scientists discover new chemistry that may help explain the origins of cellular life
12 Super salty, subzero Arctic water provides peek at possible life on other planets
13 Astronomers expand cosmic "cheat sheet" in hunt for life
14 Planet Seeding and Panspermia
15 Alien worlds are less hospitable to complex life than scientists thought
16 Exomoons may be home to extra-terrestrial life
17 Bacteria's protein quality control agent offers insight into origins of life
18 Features that could be used to detect life-friendly climates on other worlds
19 Detecting bacteria in space
20 NASA Team Teaches Algorithms to Identify Life
21 Planetary Habitability? It's What's Inside that Counts
22 Slime mold memorizes foreign substances by absorbing them
23 Necrophagy: A means of survival in the Dead Sea
24 Life Could Be Evolving Right Now on Nearest Exoplanets
25 Building blocks of DNA and RNA could have appeared together before life began on Earth
26 Surviving a Hostile Planet
27 In Hunt for Life, Astronomers Identify Most Promising Stars
28 Musk's SpaceX unveils new Starship for private trips in space, then moon
29 SpaceX installs wings on Starship ahead of official update Saturday by Musk
30 Illinois researchers develop new framework for nanoantenna light absorption
31 How light steers electrons in metals
32 Unique electrical properties in quantum materials can be controlled using light
33 Developing technologies that run on light
34 Coupled exploration of light and matter
35 Russian engineers ready to 'light up' a lamp revolution
36 Discovered: A new property of light
37 Sailing among the stars: how photons could revolutionize space flight
38 A new study reveals 'hidden' phases of matter through the power of light
39 Nature inspires a novel new form of computing, using light
40 Precise temperature measurements with invisible light
41 Quantum sensor for photons
42 Light from exotic particle states
43 UCF researchers develop way to control speed of light, send it backward
44 Controlling thermal conductivity of polymers with light
45 Quantum dots can spit out clone-like photons
46 Firefly-inspired surfaces improve efficiency of LED lightbulbs
47 Team uses quantum of light to create new quantum simulator
48 Researchers discover anti-laser masquerading as perfect absorber
49 Shaping light lets 2D microscopes capture 4D data
50 Plasmonic pioneers fire away in fight over light
51 Classic double-slit experiment in a new light
52 Physicists find new ways to manipulate light, paving way for quantum tech
53 Programming light on a chip
54 Strong interactions produce a dance between light and sound
55 Scientists design new material to harness power of light
56 Discovery of single material that produces white light could boost efficiency of LED bulbs
57 SLS Rocket Pathfinders Prepare Teams for One-of-a-Kind Hardware Prior to Moon Mission
58 Ariane 6's core engine completes qualification tests
59 Japan's Kounotori Spaceship Attached to Station
60 Ball Aerospace delivers earth science instrument for Landsat 9
61 A new satellite to understand how Earth is losing its cool
62 Giant exoplanet around tiny star challenges understanding of how planets form
63 A planet that should not exist
64 Research redefines lower limit for planet size habitability
65 Many gas giant exoplanets waiting to be discovered
66 A new way to turn heat into energy
67 Solving the longstanding mystery of how friction leads to static electricity
68 Geologists found links between deep sea methane emissions and ice ages
69 High above Greenland glaciers, NASA looks into melting ocean ice
70 BAE awarded $50.3 million for nuclear missile work for U.S., Britain
71 Northrop Grumman selects subcontractors for new ICBM missile system
72 Navy test launches sub-based Trident II D5 missiles
73 Boeing withdraws from Pentagon nuclear missile program over bidding process
74 Air Force releases request for proposals for new ICBM system
75 Revealed: This is How Russia May Soon Use Its Retired 'Satan' ICBM
76 NATO agrees response to new Russia missile
77 Air Force tests Minuteman III missile in launch at Vandenberg
78 Boeing awarded $127.6 million contract for nuclear bomb life extension
79 European research for more punctual and efficient airport operations
80 Poland approved by State Dept. for $6.5 billion buy of F-35As
81 2019 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum tied for second lowest on record
82 'Largest polar expedition in history' to probe Arctic climate
83 Arctic sea ice coverage drops below 1.5M square miles for second time since 1979
84 In Greenland village, shorter winters cast doubts over dog sledding
85 Landsat Illustrates Five Decades of Change to Greenland Glaciers
86 Five things to know about Greenland
87 Greenland isn't for sale but it is increasingly valuable
88 Arctic could be iceless in September if temps increase 2 degrees
89 Over a century of Arctic sea ice volume reconstructed with help from historic ships' logs
90 A robot with a firm yet gentle grasp
91 Russia terminates robot Fedor after space odyssey
92 Poor man's qubit can solve quantum problems without going quantum
93 Stevens team closes in on 'holy grail' of room temperature quantum computing chips
94 Silicon carbide more efficient as a semiconductor
95 New insulation technique paves the way for more powerful and smaller chips
96 Swedish researchers unveil world's smallest accelerometer
97 Newfound superconductor material could be the 'silicon of quantum computers'
98 New perovskite material shows early promise as an alternative to silicon
99 Quantum light sources pave the way for optical circuits
100 Researchers produce electricity by flowing water over extremely thin layers of metal
101 Extraordinarily thick organic light-emitting diodes solve nagging issues
102 Speediest quantum operation 200 times faster than before
103 EU fines chipmaker Qualcomm 242 million euros for 'predatory' pricing
104 On the way to printable organic light emitting diodes
105 Atomic 'patchwork' using heteroepitaxy for next generation semiconductor devices
106 Mysterious Majorana quasiparticle is now closer to being controlled for quantum computing
107 Hong Kong's extradition law jolts business community
108 Texas A and M researcher makes breakthrough discovery in stretchable electronics materials
109 Generating high-quality single photons for quantum computing
110 Mobile chip titan Qualcomm faces setback with US antitrust ruling