File Title
1 Researchers use drones to weigh whales
2 Genomic fluke close-up
3 Limited seed availability, dry climate hamper post-wildfire forest recovery
4 Pig farmers pessimistic as China tries to talk down swine fever
5 South Korea confirms 2 more swine fever cases
6 Rare, endangered orchids slip across porous southern Chinese border
7 Ancient genomes provide insight into the genetic history of the second plague pandemic
8 Preventing future forest diebacks
9 Catching up with DIVERSIFY: Fizzing with ideas for aquaculture
10 First skeletal remains of Phoebodus found in Morocco
11 Researchers find some of the genes responsible for differences in behavior between dog breeds
12 Caught in the act: Proteins responsible for metastasis
13 Safeguarding the world's largest tuna fishery
14 Gibbons hold on in last remaining Vietnam stronghold
15 Chimpanzees are being killed by poachers--researchers like us are on the frontline protecting them
16 Why are there no animals with three legs?
17 Technology provides insight into the hunting behavior of white sharks
18 Researchers identify mechanism controlling DNA repair
19 Microscopic evidence sheds light on the disappearance of the world's largest mammals
20 Scientists recreate in flies the mutations that let monarch butterfly eat toxic milkweed with impunity
21 Stanford-made exhibit plunges people in the world of microbes
22 Understanding the genomic signature of coevolution
23 Seagrass meadows harbor wildlife for centuries, highlighting need for conservation
24 Soaring eagle films crumbling Alpine glaciers as Earth warms
25 A tool to understand how ecosystems are responding to a changing climate
26 Bacteria-infected Brazilian mosquitoes pack a punch in dengue fight
27 Killer Japanese fungus found in Australia
28 Thai marine biologist pleads for dugong conservation plan
29 First video of viruses assembling released
30 Realization of new image-based structure analysis method for 3-D structural analysis of biology
31 Confronting colony collapse
32 ACT's new animal sentience law recognises an animal's psychological pain and pleasure
33 How did the extinction of saber-toothed cats impact other mammals?
34 New fluorescence method reveals signatures of individual microbes
35 Study: Mosquitoes carried across the Sahel by wind, possibly spreading malaria
36 The solution to hidden hunger in many developing countries lies just offshore
37 East Timor says swine fever outbreak kills hundreds of hogs
38 Golden Ratio observed in human skulls
39 Study finds large potential range for invasive spotted lanternfly
40 New England power line corridors harbor rare bees and other wild things
41 Northern fur seals multiply on steaming Alaska volcano
42 Complete genome of devastating soybean pathogen assembled
43 Breakthrough in sex-chromosome regulation
44 Cause of rare but deadly neurological disease identified
45 Bumble bee workers sleep less while caring for young
46 New method to purify cell types to high purity
47 Scientists discover a new mechanism for the transfer of maternal genetic material
48 Engineered viruses could fight drug resistance
49 How the Texas puma saved the Florida panther
50 Researchers find northern forests have lost crucial cold, snowy conditions
51 Living a long chimpanzee life
52 Protein associated with many diseases fully visualized for first time
53 Ant-plant partnerships may play unexpected role in ant evolution
54 Scientists discover interaction between good and bad fungi that drives forest biodiversity
55 How the influenza virus achieves efficient viral RNA replication
56 Implanted memories teach birds a song
57 Imprinting on mothers may drive new species formation in poison dart frogs
58 Plants alert neighbors to threats using common 'language'
59 Daddy daycare: Why some songbirds care for the wrong kids
60 World wildlife trade affects one in five species, says report
61 Climate change pushes Italy beekeepers to the brink
62 Black year for European beekeepers
63 'Incredibly rare' monkey born at Australian zoo
64 In northwest Spain, conservation efforts pay off as bears thrive
65 Large-scale mapping of protein networks behind tumor growth in the lungs
66 Scientists uncover genetic similarities among species that use sound to navigate
67 Artificial gut aims to expose the elusive microbiome
68 A catalog of DNA replication proteins
69 Climate change comes at a cost for iconic paua
70 New king cricket species discovery in Costa Rica
71 New NMR approach for studying droplet-shaped cell content
72 Triggering morel fruiting
73 New research into Tasmanian Aboriginal history will help care for the land
74 Scientists find way to quantify how well cutting-edge microscopy technique works
75 Do nature documentaries make a difference?
76 MSU economist's research on colony collapse disorder published in national journal
77 Researchers unlock potential to use CRISPR to alter the microbiome
78 Anesthetizing fish may affect research outcomes
79 Yellow cedar rejected for threatened species listing
80 Fruit bats 'vitally important' to Guam's forests
81 Proximity to paths and roads is a burden for white-tailed sea eagles
82 This microbe is spreading antibiotic resistance to other bacteria
83 Should my cat be vegan? Why alternative diet trends can be dangerous for your pet
84 A symbiotic boost for greenhouse tomato plants
85 A timekeeper for siesta
86 Unlocking the genetic secrets of the malaria parasite
87 Governments must provide fundamental rights to certain animals: scientist
88 ClpX-ClpP protein complex could be starting point for new antibiotics
89 Genome-edited bull passes on hornless trait to calves
90 Gene-edited livestock carry huge promise but major pitfalls
91 For gene-edited livestock, regulation is in its infancy
92 Park service looks to solve mystery deaths of Isle Royale wolves
93 Early breeding season for some Arctic seabirds due global warming
94 Dog owners often inaccurately measure out kibble, study finds
95 Nodulation connected to higher resistance against powdery mildew in legumes
96 Florida python program nabs 900th snake, including new record
97 Was early stick insect evolution triggered by birds and mammals?
98 How plants react to fungi
99 Novel compound interrupts malaria parasite's lifecycle
100 The cholera bacterium can steal up to 150 genes in one go
101 Big data reveals extraordinary unity underlying life's diversity
102 Voltage gated calcium channels 'read' electric patterns in embryos to create cartilage and bone
103 Madrid to clip wings of noisy parakeets
104 How to dismantle a nuclear bomb: Team successfully tests new method for verification of weapons reduction
105 New 3-D-printed lattice designs defy conventional wisdom on metamaterials
106 Theorists suggest 'Higgs Troika' may have been responsible for disappearance of antimatter
107 A ten-qubit solid-state spin register with remarkable quantum memory
108 Realizing a giant magnetic field by moire pattern engineering
109 Quantum material goes where none have gone before
110 Researchers synthesize 'impossible' superconductor
111 Studying a cell's crawling motion in a fluid
112 Rotation on an eight-shaped path