File Title
1 Victoria's threatened species lose out to logging
2 Bald eagles have found themselves a new home: Suburbia
3 West African camera survey details human pressures on mammals in protected areas
4 Capturing extreme close-ups of cellular gene expression
5 Why the lettuce mitochondrial genome is like a chopped salad
6 Modern humans: One species, many origins
7 Cats, like children and dogs, develop attachments to their caregivers, study shows
8 Discovery of sorghum gene that controls bird feeding could help protect crops
9 New CRISPR class expands genetic engineering toolbox
10 For World Rhino Day, UMass Amherst and Australia's Perth Zoo team create 3-D rhino model
11 Diving birds follow each other when fishing
12 Scientists track frog-killing fungus to help curb its spread
13 Antibody testing reveals dogs can suffer from same autoimmune encephalitis as humans
14 Researcher urges use of microbes for space colonization
15 New report deepens understanding of wind-wildlife interactions
16 Scientists and key figures develop vision for managing UK land and seas after Brexit
17 Jellyfish thrive in the man-made disruption of the oceans
18 Bats starving to death in Australia drought
19 Seoul confirms 4th swine fever case, asks Pyongyang for cooperation
20 Virus may jump species through 'rock-and-roll' motion with receptors
21 Male common marmosets smell female fertility
22 Uncovering the hidden intelligence of collectives
23 Better 'housekeeping' in wood-decomposing fungi
24 When disease threatens animals, predators might provide the remedy
25 Scientists decode DNA of coral and all its microscopic supporters
26 The shared evolution of the Tasmanian tiger and the wolf
27 The problem with promoting 'responsible dog ownership'
28 Crystal growth kinetics and its link to evolution: New findings about biomineralization in molluscan shells
29 Discovery of an endangered species in a well-known cave raises questions
30 Study: Geography, not genetics, influences American pika's response to climate change
31 Crappy news for the dung beetle and those who depend on them
32 Tapeworms need to keep their head to regenerate
33 For baboons, a mother's history of hardship can have lasting effects on her kids too
34 What wolves' teeth reveal about their lives
35 Improved mapping of Swedish genes from 1,000 individuals
36 Jackdaws learn from each other about 'dangerous' humans
37 Private boats in the Mediterranean have extremely high potential to spread alien species
38 Bird droppings defy expectations
39 Bats use private and social information as they hunt
40 Tropical fish swim into Europe's waters as common species head north
41 California farm region faces furry new threat: swamp rodents
42 Germany's climate-stressed trees face 'catastrophe' as bugs attack
43 New discoveries map out CRISPR-Cas defense systems in bacteria
44 Specific immune response of beetles adapts to bacteria
45 First known cases of sudden oak death detected in Del Norte County
46 Fish experience pain with 'striking similarity' to mammals
47 Researchers use immune system to attack glioblastoma
48 Monkeys like alcohol at low concentrations, but probably not due to the calories
49 New method provides better understanding of gene 'enhancers' work
50 Cryopreservation of sperm found to slow offspring growth in fish
51 Scientists find ways to improve cassava, a 'crop of inequality' featured at Goalkeepers
52 Investigation of viral communities of sponges allows new insights into the mechanisms of symbiosis
53 Leaving more deadwood in forests enhances biodiversity, according to study
54 Rare and endangered symbolic scar tree preserved
55 Earthworm population triples with use of cover crops
56 Two ginger species reported new to Myanmar
57 Whole genome sequencing benefits for surveillance of bacteria behind gastroenteritis
58 Dugongs: Looking to the gentle sea creature's past may guard its future
59 Sneaky lions in Zambia are moving across areas thought uninhabitable for them
60 Fish micronutrients 'slipping through the hands' of malnourished people
61 New research reveals soil microbes play a key role in plant disease resistance
62 US appeals court to decide fight over jaguar habitat
63 A mouse or an elephant: what species fights infection more effectively?
64 ISSF releases new non-entangling and biodegradable FADs guide
65 Volunteers conserve vulnerable sea turtles in remote Panama
66 Cause of antibiotic resistance identified
67 Bacteria make pearl chains
68 Less genes for a life in water
69 The dark giraffe, the new dark horse
70 Signaling factor seeking gene
71 Tourism or permanent settling: Study shows different consequences for coastal fauna
72 Unique footage of trypanosome creates new opportunities to fight sleeping sickness
73 How do piranhas replace their sharp teeth?
74 Insects might soon be trained to protect crops
75 Scientists first to analyze proteins in squid skeletal structure
76 Almond and peach tree genomes shed light on their differences
77 California, 16 states sue Trump administration over rollback of Endangered Species Act
78 Crypt-keeper wasp found to parasitize multiple species of gall wasp
79 How time affects the fate of stem cells
80 Study: Large-scale genomics will improve the yield, climate resilience and quality of wheat
81 Farmed oysters able to protect themselves from acidification
82 Basking sharks exhibit different diving behaviour depending on the season, a new study shows
83 Orangutans can play the kazoo--here's what this tells us about the evolution of speech
84 How fungus-farming ants could help solve our antibiotic resistance problem
85 Otherworldly worms with three sexes discovered in Mono Lake
86 New function in a protein of plants essential to developing drought-tolerant crops
87 Study champions inland fisheries as rural nutrition hero
88 Viruses as modulators of interactions in marine ecosystems
89 How a protein connecting calcium and plant hormone regulates plant growth
90 Mosquitoes more likely to lay eggs in closely spaced habitats
91 Natural selection alters genes that control roundworms' sense of smell
92 Scientists connected fragments of pine savanna and new species keep showing up
93 How neuronal recognition of songbird calls unfolds over time
94 New California lab seeks cure to deadly citrus disease
95 Why viruses like Herpes and Zika will need to be reclassified, and its biotech impact
96 A 2-kilometer freshwater journey to food security: Zambian farmers benefit from tree preservation
97 Report: 58% of Europe's native trees face extinction threat
98 The showy everlasting daisy is endangered, but a primary school is helping out
99 Study shows mouse gut biome involved in setting gut circadian rhythm
100 Study suggests gut bacteria helped shape mammalian evolution
101 Value of Ireland's insect pollinators greatly underestimated
102 Borneo pygmy elephant found dead in Malaysia
103 More than 100 dolphins die on island beach off West Africa
104 Older male sparrows seem to father more chicks by getting more sperm to the egg
105 Santa Barbara Zoo's elderly elephant Little Mac euthanized
106 Study gets to root of rice's resilience to floods
107 For this ocean dweller, ability to respond to warming waters is about location
108 Landscape patterns matter
109 Are humans preventing flies from eavesdropping?
110 Three more elephants killed in Sri Lanka, bringing toll to seven