File Title
1 South Korea confirms first swine fever outbreak
2 Thailand's sex-shy giant panda dies aged 19
3 Bioengineering organ-specific tissues with high cellular density and embedded vascular channels
4 Elephant seal 'supermoms' produce most of the population, study finds
5 Disrupting key protein alters biological rhythms in water flea
6 Novel use of laser technology reveals interactions between roots, soil organisms
7 Genomics provides evidence of glacial refugia in Scandinavia
8 Researchers: Loss of genetic variation means species are less adaptable to climate change
9 Hair indicates whether wild animals were 'stressed'
10 Victorian hog deer genetics revealed
11 Scientists find new class of flavonoid pigments in liverworts
12 Global warming makes it harder for birds to mate, study finds
13 Indonesia's toxic haze affecting Borneo's orangutans--rescuers
14 Sesame yields stable in drought conditions
15 Field adult plant disease resistance can be assessed in young oilseed rape plants
16 Pros and cons of genetic scissors
17 Did microbes assist life in colonizing land?
18 New method reveals how damage occurs in human biological cells due to mechanical fatigue
19 Invasive tadpoles can recognize potential predators in new environments
20 Why the global Red List mislabels the risk to many species
21 Every step a cell takes, every move they make--scientists will be watching
22 Shark pups lose gains in stressed environments
23 The effects of variation in T6SS and bacteria on competition in host environment
24 Bat influenza viruses possess an unexpected genetic plasticity
25 A matter of concentration
26 North Atlantic haddock use magnetic compass to guide them
27 Hundreds of sea turtle nests lost after Hurricane Dorian: 'It could have been worse'
28 Genomic migration analysis shows antibiotic resistance moving from humans to animals
29 UM study abroad students fuel understanding of gaps in conservation data
30 March of the multiple penguin genomes
31 Fruit flies' microbiomes shape their evolution
32 South Korea confirms 2nd case of African swine fever
33 Rare California trout species returns to native habitat
34 Scientists construct energy production unit for a synthetic cell
35 Russian scientists use ultrasound to increase grain harvest
36 New study addresses changes in lobster molt timing, Gulf of Maine temperature shifts
37 Super-corals adapt well to cold but struggle with warming oceans
38 All the pressing questions on fish migration
39 Slow loris study reveals human rhythm of sleep may be evolutionarily conserved
40 Tiny penguin's clean bill of health after epic NZ-Australia swim
41 Study suggests dog breeds with less artificial selection history behave more wolf-like
42 Colorful new gecko species described
43 Sunflowers found to share nutrient-rich soil with others of their kind
44 Spider silk is created by adding spider DNA to microbes
45 Researchers find way to study proteins moving (relatively) slowly
46 Hurricane Dorian was also a catastrophe for the Bahamas' unique birds
47 New cells identified that repair tissue
48 These pink sea urchins have teeth that sharpen themselves
49 Using unconventional materials, like ice and eggshells, as scaffolds to grow tissues
50 Genetically tailored instruction improves songbird learning
51 Ecologists find strong evidence of fishing down the food web in freshwater lake
52 Coastal birds can weather the storm, but not the sea
53 Study shows interactions between bacteria and parasites
54 New tool improves beekeepers' overwintering odds and bottom line
55 Wilderness areas halve extinction risk
56 Planned roads would be 'dagger in the heart' for Borneo's forests and wildlife
57 Study gives the green light to the fruit fly's color preference
58 Grizzlies show remarkable gene control before and during hibernation
59 Reimagining eggshells and other everyday items to grow human tissues and organs
60 Learning how to restore deep-sea coral communities
61 Cable ties probably won't stop magpie attacks
62 Fish DNA in lake sediment can help determine native species, study shows
63 Researchers explore secret lives of world's most trafficked mammal
64 First-ever estimate of commercial fishing gear lost in the world's oceans
65 'This situation brings me to despair': Reef scientists share their climate grief
66 Study reveals the intertwined response of pathogen and host during fungal infections
67 Research team discovers new microbe in wheat stem sawfly
68 The design, construction and characterization of new nanovibrational bioreactors for osteogenesis
69 Quality control in cells
70 Overweight Danes are more likely to have overweight dogs according to new research
71 Genes identified in early land plant descendant also found in modern crops
72 Key similarities discovered between human and archaea chromosomes
73 Thousands of dead fish wash up on drought-stricken Greek lake
74 Feds seek expanded habitat protection as salmon, orcas battle climate change, habitat degradation
75 New research shows that European hedgehogs in Denmark carry a secret
76 A revolutionary technology to study cell nanomechanics
77 How to construct a protein factory
78 Biologists untangle growth and defense in maize, define key antibiotic pathways
79 New study finds US and Canada have lost more than 1 in 4 birds in the past 50 years
80 Antimicrobial resistance is rising drastically: study
81 Division by subtraction: Extinction of large mammal species likely drove survivors apart
82 Grains in the rain: New study opens the door to flood resistant crops
83 Wild animals' immune systems decline with age, sheep study finds
84 Over 1,600 scientists call for conservation funding to solve the biodiversity crisis
85 Wild African buffalo provide key insights into the genetics of TB resistance
86 The next agricultural revolution is here
87 South Korea reports more suspected swine fever cases
88 Researchers show how railroad worms produce red light
89 The Crim Jellies are back: Craspedacusta jellyfish are swarming and looking for mates
90 Why do men have nipples?
91 Computer simulations show human ancestors would have had an easier time giving birth than modern women
92 Vampire bats help unravel the mystery of smell
93 Evolution of learning is key to better artificial intelligence
94 An origin story for the queer community
95 New insight as to how cells maintain their identity
96 Lab develops novel approach to study sound recognition in acoustically orienting animals
97 Runaway bear cub returns to the wild in French Pyrenees
98 Bee biodiversity barometer on Fiji
99 Your dead palm is a woodpecker home--and that's good
100 Study confirms Monterey Bay Aquarium surrogate-reared sea otters helped restore threatened population
101 A new insight into how DNA is held together by hydrophobic effects (Update)
102 How gliding animals fine-tuned the rules of evolution
103 Antarctic marine protection treaty offers lessons for global conservation
104 'Edible forests' can fight land clearing and world hunger at the same time
105 Microvilli in motion: Live cell imaging to visualize early steps of brush border formation
106 Insects, algae still far from being favorite foods in Europe
107 More cases of mysterious disease found in dogs in Norway
108 Possums bounce back from Devils on Maria Island
109 Eat your heart out: Native water rats have worked out how to safely eat cane toads
110 Turning up the heat for weed control
111 Climate change created today's large crocodiles