File Title
1 Global change is triggering an identity switch in grasslands
2 Innovative method provides unique insights into the structure of cells and tissues
3 Allergic diseases increase the risk of adult-onset asthma
4 Resilience protects pregnant women against negative effects of stress
5 Feeding dogs and cats with raw food is not considered a significant source of infections
6 Nanoparticles in lithium-sulphur batteries detected with neutron experiment
7 Fe metabolic engineering method succeeds in producing 1,2,4-butanetriol sustainably from biomass
8 Discovered the potential of antihistamines that cause the death of leukemic stem cells
9 How our brain filters sounds
10 Bad to the bone or just bad behavior?
11 Sugar alters compounds that impact brain health in fruit flies
12 Study locates brain areas for understanding metaphors in healthy and schizophrenic people
13 Typhoid toxin accelerates cell aging to enhance killer infection, study reveals
14 97% of footballers in the Spanish League unaware of banned substances
15 Disturbed childhood can lead to adult insomnia
16 Measuring changes in magnetic order to find ways to transcend conventional electronics
17 A swifter way towards 3D-printed organs
18 Black, Hispanic patients more likely to be brought to safety-net hospital emergency rooms
19 Motion perception of large objects gets worse during infant development
20 More targeted, less toxic: The golden future of cancer treatment
21 9/11 World Trade Center exposure linked to heart disease among NYC firefighters
22 Role of cancer protein ARID1A at intersection of genome stability and tumor suppression
23 Sound deprivation in one ear leads to speech recognition difficulties
24 Suicide rates climbing, especially in rural America
25 GIS and eDNA analysis system successfully used to discover new habitats of rare salamander
26 Gender discrimination holding women back in veterinary practice
27 More time spent standing helps combat effects of sedentary lifestyle
28 Mammography unlikely to benefit older women with chronic illnesses
29 How to make a book last for millennia
30 High blood pressure affects young, healthy medical students
31 Heating pads may lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure when lying down
32 New compound promotes healing of myelin in nervous system disorders
33 One-third of young children admitted to intensive care for sepsis show PTSD symptoms years later
34 Deep magnet stimulation shown to improve symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder
35 The role of GABA neurons in the central circadian clock has been discovered
36 Tobacco cessation after cancer diagnosis: Declaration from the IASLC
37 Native Hawaiians lowered blood pressure with hula dancing
38 Arm cuff blood pressure measurements may fall short for predicting heart disease risk in some people with resistant high blood pressure
39 No added dizzy episodes for adults on more intensive blood pressure-lowering treatment
40 New breakthrough: Photomultiplication type all-polymer photodetectors with single carrier transport
41 Mutations associated with sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy in mNSCLC
42 BioMILD trial demonstrates lung cancer screening using microrna blood test enhance prevention effort
43 Phase 1 study shows novel KRAS inhibitor well tolerated by patients with adenocarcinoma and non-small cell lung cancer
44 Children of anxious mothers twice as likely to have hyperactivity in adolescence
45 Fatty foods necessary for vitamin E absorption, but not right away
46 Scientists find psychiatric drugs affect gut contents
47 Native foods are key to preserving rodent gut bacteria in captivity
48 Nivolumab combined with ipilimumab safe as first-line therapy for lung cancer patients
49 The Lancet: Malaria can and should be eradicated within a generation, declare global health experts
50 Link between gut microbes & muscle growth suggests future approach to tackle muscle loss
51 Are black holes made of dark energy?
52 An oral splint that can reduce Tourette syndrome tics
53 How we make decisions depends on how uncertain we are
54 Stretchy plastic electrolytes could enable new lithium-ion battery design
55 The diet-microbiome connection in inflammatory bowel disease
56 Success of gene therapy for a form of inherited blindness depends on timing
57 Plastics, fuels and chemical feedstocks from CO2? They're working on it
58 Acute periodontal disease bacteria love colon and dirt microbes
59 Ash tree species likely will survive emerald ash borer beetles, but just barely
60 Experience of being a minority puts US teens at higher risk of anxiety, depression
61 Strong student-adult relationships lower suicide attempts in high schools
62 Study supports germline testing for all metastatic breast cancer patients
63 New drug may protect against memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
64 Overcoming resistance in pancreatic cancer
65 Brain cells that suppress drug cravings may be the secret to better addiction medicines
66 Employee contract structures in startups can be determining factors of success
67 Fermilab achieves world-record field strength for accelerator magnet
68 Liquid biopsies reveal genetic alterations linked to cancer drug resistance
69 Ages of the Navajo Sandstone
70 BioMILD trial demonstrates lung cancer screening using MicroRNA blood test enhances prevention
71 Lung cancer screening model favored in Europe detects more cancers than 1 preferred in the US
72 New research from Alkema lab shows how stress can weaken defenses
73 Intergenerational relationships promote aging immigrants' health, lower caregivers' stress
74 Afterglow sheds light on the nature, origin of neutron star collisions
75 Compound offers prospects for preventing acute kidney failure
76 Repetitive impacts key to understanding sports-associated concussions
77 Researchers identify negative impacts of food insecurity on children's health
78 Electrochemistry breakthrough simplifies creation of coveted molecules for drugs, electronics
79 Scientists isolate protective proteins that influence outcomes for type 2 diabetes
80 Researchers develop custom data collection system to improve health disparity research
81 NIAID officials call for innovative research on sexually transmitted infections
82 New salt-based propellant proven compatible in dual-mode rocket engines
83 Experimental 'blood test' accurately screens for PTSD
84 Protein mapping pinpoints why metastatic melanoma patients do not respond to immunotherapy
85 Study: Action-oriented goals produce higher probability of purchases under tight deadlines
86 Offering children a variety of vegetables increases acceptance
87 Scientists alleviate environmental concerns about BCA usage on powdery mildews
88 Are there health consequences associated with not using a smartphone?
89 High-fat diets affect your brain, not just your physical appearance
90 One-atom switch supercharges fluorescent dyes
91 Sound-shape associations depend on early visual experiences
92 How brain rhythms organize our visual perception
93 Hard as a diamond? Scientists predict new forms of superhard carbon
94 Lack of reporting on phosphorus supply chain dangerous for global food security
95 Bias against single people affects their cancer treatment
96 Scientists establish new way to test for drug resistant infections
97 Primary care physicians outline barriers to managing chronic kidney disease
98 WVU researcher finds link between deprivation and rural suicide rates
99 New flying reptile species was one of largest ever flying animals
100 How the justice system can affect physical, mental health
101 The fast and the curious: Fitter adults have fitter brains
102 ADHD medication: How much is too much for a hyperactive child?
103 Research shows puberty changes the brains of boys and girls differently
104 Researchers describe the epigenetic fingerprints everyday experiences leave in neurons
105 Researchers unearth 'new' extinction
106 Hidden danger from pet dogs in Africa
107 Dietary supplement may help with schizophrenia
108 New results on fungal genetics
109 Cheap water treatment
110 Warm on top, cold below: Unexpected greenhouse gas effect in lakes