File Title
1 Performance enhancer: Sports compression stockings a winning advantage
2 Scientists use magnetic defects to achieve electromagnetic wave breakthrough
3 URI researchers: Small changes in oxygen levels have big implications for ocean life
4 Study finds dinosaurs battled overheating with nasal air-conditioning
5 New memory study first to use intracranial recordings
6 Hardware-software co-design approach could make neural networks less power hungry
7 Study offers new view of how cartels work
8 Prisoners who are sanctioned more are more likely to re-offend
9 Edging closer to personalized medicine for patients with irregular heartbeat
10 Tau protein suppresses neural activity in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease
11 Process makes stem-cell-derived heart cells light up
12 Can Facebook advertising prevent cancer?
13 Better security achieved with randomly generating biological encryption keys
14 Mortality rates rising for Gens X and Y too
15 Scientists synthesize molecule capable of eliminating hepatitis C virus
16 Precision experiment first to isolate, measure weak force between protons, neutrons
17 Whale research helps answer long-sought scientific question
18 Sapphires and rubies in the sky
19 New composite advances lignin as a renewable 3D printing material
20 Bacterial protein could help find materials for your next smartphone
21 Preventing concrete bridges from falling apart
22 The coming of age of plasma physics
23 Holey graphene as Holy Grail alternative to silicon chips
24 Sac with spiral surface patterns facilitate substance delivery
25 Snowed in: Wolves stay put when it's snowing, study shows
26 Intellectual curiosity and confidence help children take on math and reading
27 Climate change affects breeding birds
28 Study on low noise, high-performance transistors may bring innovations in electronics
29 Austerity results in 'social murder' according to new research
30 Study links nutrients in blood to better brain connectivity, cognition in older adults
31 Social animals have more parasite infections but lower infection-related costs
32 Why is sea level rising faster in some places along the US East Coast than others?
33 Brain confetti--why our sense of smell declines in old age
34 What are you looking at? How attention affects decision-making
35 Are the late Stephen Hawking's religious beliefs typical of U.K. scientists?
36 Diabetes drug could be used to treat common heart failure syndrome, study suggests
37 RNA proofreading mistakes drive group of autoimmune diseases
38 Getting yeast to make artificial sweets
39 Stress related responses regulate immune function
40 Peanuts that do more with less water
41 Potential therapeutic target for lung fibrosis identified
42 Groups of pilot whales have their own dialects
43 The secret life of cloud droplets
44 Restoring canals shown as cost-efficient way to reverse wetland loss
45 E-bandage generates electricity, speeds wound healing in rats
46 New research suggests forests, like humans, require a balanced diet
47 From a plant sugar to toxic hydrogen sulfide
48 Some prehistoric horses were homebodies
49 MRI technique shows unique signatures of concussion in rugby players
50 Lower oxygen levels to impact the oceanic food chain
51 UNH researchers find lasting impact of concussions on young adults
52 Twofold overweight risk for five-year-olds given milk cereal drinks in infancy
53 UNH research finds recreationists support offshore wind energy development
54 Researchers zero in on potential therapeutic target for diabetes, associated diseases
55 Plastic waste disintegrates into nanoparticles, study finds
56 Scientists discover over 450 fossilized millipedes in 100-million-year-old amber
57 Using sound to independently levitate a range of objects is achieved for the first time
58 Climate change is putting wildlife at risk in the world's oldest lake
59 Scientists to give artificial intelligence human hearing
60 Study finds gaba cells help fight alcoholism
61 The role of calcium handling mechanisms in reperfusion injury
62 Marmoset monkeys expect the melody's closing tone
63 Prospect. & struct. insight, binding plant-deriv. molecule of leea indica; inhibitor bace-1
64 Emerging trends in advanced nano-materials based electrochemical geno-sensors
65 Alterations detected in brain connectivity in patients with type 1 diabetes
66 The potential of nanomaterials to activate the body's antitumor immune response investigated
67 Machine learning methods in precision medicine targeting epigenetics diseases
68 New research reveals why people really use food banks
69 Computer hardware designed for 3D games could hold the key to replicating human brain
70 Newly discovered adolescent star seen undergoing 'growth spurt'
71 Planetary astronomers identify cycle of spectacular disturbances at Jupiter's equator
72 Hepatitis: Liver failure attributable to compromised blood supply
73 Singapore researchers develop gold-complexed ferrocenyl phosphines as potent antimalarials
74 How the brain reacts to loss of vision
75 Drugs of abuse: Identifying the addiction circuit
76 Game over for Zika? KU Leuven researchers develop promising vaccine
77 X chromosome: how genetics becomes egalitarian
78 Anticancer vaccines gain new lease of life with personalisation techniques
79 Map of neuronal pathways of the mammalian cerebral cortex and their evolution
80 Proton scattering reveals the secrets of strongly-correlated proton-neutron pairs in atomic nuclei
81 Cover crops may increase winter temperatures in North America
82 World's first success in analyzing 3D neutron polarization under high pressure
83 Delivery method associated with pelvic floor disorders after childbirth
84 How does your garden grow in space?
85 Study suggests universal meningitis vaccination is not cost-effective for college students
86 Flu is serious for pregnant women and others at high risk
87 New study reveals 'startling' risk of stroke
88 Powder could help cut CO2 emissions
89 From eye drops to potential leukaemia treatment
90 New study demonstrates effectiveness and safety of vaginal estrogen
91 Research sheds new light on what drove last, long-term global climate shift
92 Satellite study proves global quantum communication will be possible
93 Stanford team locates nearly all US solar panels in a billion images with machine learning
94 Helping make brain surgery safer
95 Kidney failure on the rise in Australians under 50 with type 2 diabetes
96 Nightlights for stream dwellers? No, thanks
97 Birthweight and early pregnancy body mass index may risk pregnancy complications
98 Do personality traits of compulsive users of social media overlap with problem drinking?
99 New insights on animal movement in fire-prone landscapes
100 Dancing may help older women maintain the ability to perform daily tasks
101 Food insecurity linked with binge-eating disorder and obesity
102 Alcoholic beverages are frequently considered migraine triggers
103 Researchers make liquid crystals do the twist
104 Lung transplant patients face elevated lung cancer risk
105 In just 6 months, exercise may help those with thinking problems
106 Changing climate, longer growing seasons complicate outlook for coniferous forests
107 Chemical catalyst turns 'trash' into 'treasure,' making inert C-H bonds reactive
108 How US children and teens die: Study reveals the widespread and persistent role of firearms
109 Carrying Tasers increases police use of force, study finds
110 Warming warning over turtle feminization