File Title
1 NASA spaceship zooms toward farthest world ever photographed
2 The PI's Perspective: Anticipation on Ultima's Doorstep
3 New Horizons Notebook: On Ultima's Doorstep
4 Ultima Thule's First Mystery: Lack of a 'Light Curve'
5 New Horizons Takes the Inside Course to Ultima Thule
6 Most Distant Solar System Object Ever Observed
7 Record Setting Course-Correction Puts New Horizons on Track to Kuiper Belt Flyby
8 Encouraging prospects for moon hunters
9 Evidence for ancient glaciation on Pluto
10 SwRI team makes breakthroughs studying Pluto orbiter mission
11 New Horizons sets up for New Year's flyby of Ultima Thule
12 While seeking Planet X, astronomers find a distant solar system object
13 Extremely distant Solar System object found
14 New Horizons Team Rehearses for New Year's Flyby
15 New research suggest Pluto should be reclassified as a planet
16 Tally Ho Ultima
17 Cabinet approves 'Gaganyaan programme' for manned flight to space
18 India to send three-person crew on landmark space mission
19 2018's privatized space race reached for asteroids, Mars
20 PoSSUM scientist-astronaut candidates test novel space suits and biometric monitoring systems
21 Space makes you a different person reflects Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev
22 Exploration makes perfect
23 Orion recovery team: ready to 'rock and roll'
24 Canadian voice of Hal in '2001: A Space Odyssey' dies
25 Thrusters with additively manufactured components qualified to fly humans on Orion spacecraft
26 Escape capsule with Soyuz MS-10 crew hit ground 5 times before stopping
27 The forgotten age of space
28 SAS announces expanded Human Spaceflight Safety Services to support deep space and lunar missions
29 UN is only option in multilateral discussion of outer space
30 NASA, UAE Space Agency sign arrangement for cooperation in human spaceflight
31 NASA Unveils Sustainable Campaign to Return to Moon, on to Mars
32 Russia May Help India to Launch Country's First Manned Space Mission
33 European Planetary Mapping: A Historical View of Our Solar System
34 Clearing the air for deep space travel
35 Turkey sets up first space agency in hopes of boosting indigenous defense industry
36 US Aims for Space Supremacy Pose Potential Threats to Russia, China--Ambassador
37 Mission Success of Falcon 9 GPS 3 SVO1 Launch
38 No measures exist to counter Russian, Chinese hypersonic weapons
39 South Africa announces successful launch of Africa's most advanced nanosatellite
40 Mission accomplished for ESA's butane-propelled CubeSat
41 China's BeiDou officially goes global
42 First GPS III satellite launched, moving toward operational orbit
43 First Lockheed Martin-built GPS 3 satellite responding to commands
44 China launches telecommunication technology test satellite
45 China launches first Hongyun project satellite
46 China's Chang'e-4 probe enters lunar orbit
47 China launches rover for first far side of the moon landing
48 China sends 5 satellites into orbit via single rocket
49 China releases smart solution for verifying reliability of space equipment components
50 China unveils new 'Heavenly Palace' space station as ISS days numbered
51 China's commercial aerospace companies flourishing
52 Researchers model glaciation on Mercury's poles
53 BepiColombo's first routine firing in space
54 BepiColombo now firing on all cylinders
55 Electric blue thrusters propelling BepiColombo to Mercury
56 NASA spaceship closes in on distant world
57 Difficulties in Planned Soyuz Launches Preparation to Emerge in 2020--Source
58 Russian Soyuz-2 1a Rocket with Satellites Blasts Off from Vostochny Cosmodrome
59 Number of World's Space Launches in 2018 Exceeds 100, Space Industry Source Says
60 Winning ideas for new space transport services
61 India Approves $1.4Bln for First Manned Spaceflight to be Launched in 2022
62 China's first private rocket production base begins operation
63 Russia touts hypersonic missile speed
64 New Materials Architectures Sought to Cool Hypersonic Vehicles
65 NZ-Dutch space startup raises 3M dollars
66 Discovery could lead to munitions that go further, much faster
67 Army taps BAE, GenDyn for armored fighting vehicle prototypes
68 White House asks top court to block transgender military service
69 Contract put forward for MK80 and BLUE-109 components
70 Lockheed tapped for Onyx exoskeleton development, demonstrations
71 Army awards Oshkosh $1.7 billion for 6,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles
72 India ammunition depot blast kills six
73 The idiosyncratic mammalian diversification after extinction of the dinosaurs
74 Spectacular flying reptiles soared over Britain's tropical Jurassic past
75 Fossils suggest flowers originated 50 million years earlier than thought
76 Why deep oceans gave life to the first big, complex organisms
77 Earth's cobalt deposits formed much later than previously believed
78 Did supernovae kill off large ocean animals at dawn of Pleistocene
79 Biggest mass extinction caused by global warming leaving ocean animals gasping for breath
80 Enhancing our vision of the past
81 Fires fueled spread of grasslands on ancient Earth
82 World's smallest dinosaur tracks reveal new sparrow-sized raptor
83 New research offers detail and insight into deep-time evolution of animal life on islands
84 How Earth volcanoes offer a window into the evolution of life and the solar system
85 Tiny footprints, big discovery: Reptile tracks oldest ever found in grand canyon
86 Dry conditions may have helped a new type of plant gain a foothold on Earth
87 Study: Colored bird eggs come from dinosaurs
88 Synthetic microorganisms allow scientists to study ancient evolutionary mysteries
89 Scientists ID new 'missing link' species between dinosaurs, birds
90 Oldest evidence for animals found by UCR researchers
91 Improving paleotemperature reconstruction: Swiss lakes as a model system
92 Siberian paleontologists discovered the oldest macro-skeleton remains
93 Researchers add new finds to fossil record for angiosperm trees
94 Birds reinvent voice box in novel evolutionary twist
95 The first predators and their self-repairing teeth
96 How mammal backbones changed during evolution
97 Earth's oldest animals formed complex ecological communities
98 Ancient amber reveals lacewing diversity during Mesozoic
99 Unravelling the reasons why mass extinctions occur
100 Syracuse researchers shine light on ancient global warming
101 Chinese fossils reveal middle-late Triassic insect radiation
102 Mammal forerunner that reproduced like a reptile sheds light on brain evolution
103 Discovery of two new Chinese dinosaurs by international research team
104 How did alvarezsaurian dinosaurs evolve monodactyl hand?
105 Amber fossils illuminate early antlion evolution
106 Earth's earliest animals were strange sea creatures millions of centuries ago
107 Teeth of ancient mega-shark recovered from Australian beach
108 Chemists create new quasicrystal material from nanoparticle building blocks
109 Sustainable 'plastics' are on the horizon
110 New megalibrary approach proves useful for the rapid discovery of new materials