File Title
1 Analyzing roadside dust to identify potential health concerns
2 Computer model reveals effect of increased cholesterol on specific ion channel in heart
3 Farmers on the front lines
4 Significant amount of cancer-causing chemicals stays in lungs during e-cigarette use
5 Syrian War study yields new predictive model for attrition dynamics in multilateral war
6 Drought, conflict and migration in Kenya
7 Diamond dust enables low-cost, high-efficiency magnetic field detection
8 Scientists suggested a new method for detecting dangerous nitrogen-containing liquids
9 US wildfire smoke deaths could double by 2100
10 Change your diet to save both water and your health
11 Jumping genes drive sex chromosome changes in strawberries
12 NASA's SDO spots 2 lunar transits in space
13 Device to corral viable sperm may speed IVF process
14 Researchers decode mood from human brain signals
15 Encouraging scientists to collaborate on the tropics
16 Switch in the climatic factors controlling vegetation dynamics on the Tibetan Plateau
17 A 'reset' of regulatory T-cells reverses chronic heart failure in mouse model
18 SwRI scientists find evidence for early planetary shake-up
19 Large trucks are biggest culprits of near-road air pollution
20 Optimizing technologies for discovering cancer cell mutations
21 Understanding deep-sea images with artificial intelligence
22 Parkinson matters: A call to action to improve patient care
23 New high-throughput screening study may open up for future Parkinson's disease therapy
24 Binge drinking affects male and female brains differently
25 Scientists block RNA silencing protein in liver to prevent obesity and diabetes in mice
26 Reliability, learnability and efficiency of two tools for cement crowns retrieval in dentistry
27 Kidnapping in the Antarctic animal world?
28 Prescribing antibiotics for children with cough does not reduce hospitalization risk
29 SUTD researchers resolve a major mystery in 2D material electronics
30 Following the tumor DNA trail to crack the secrets of personalized medicine
31 Can you evolve while being robust?
32 Study links widely used drug azathioprine to skin cancers
33 Chip controlling exoskeleton keeps patients' brains cool
34 Study reveals 'dark motives' behind brain teaser questions in job interviews
35 Power of tiny vibrations could inspire novel heating devices
36 Birds help each other partly for selfish reasons
37 Research by the UPNA states that muscle strength training improves cardiovascular health
38 Reward of labor in wild chimpanzees
39 Molecular switches are not just 'on' or 'off'
40 Peatland carbon sinks at risk
41 Global warming pushing alpine species higher and higher
42 Decoupling stress and corrosion to predict metal failure
43 UNM, USF scientists find stable sea levels during last interglacial
44 Primary care is an untapped resource for depression screening
45 Researchers unlock secret of deadly brain cancer's 'immortality'
46 New innovation improves the diagnosis of dizziness
47 One in four older adults prescribed a benzodiazepine goes on to risky long-term use
48 Three new species of fish discovered in the extreme depths of the Pacific Ocean
49 Peatlands will store more carbon as planet warms
50 Just seven photons can act like billions
51 Novel nano material for quantum electronics
52 First interactive model of human cell division
53 Study links BAP1 protein to tumor suppression in kidney, eye, bile duct and mesothelioma cancers
54 Algorithm accurately predicts how electromagnetic waves and magnetic materials interact
55 BioIVT publishes new research on the mechanisms underlying the C-DILI assay
56 Clinical need absent, unclear in nearly 30 percent of outpatient opioid prescriptions
57 What time is it in your body?
58 Discovered: Optimal magnetic fields for suppressing instabilities in tokamaks
59 Study prevents cognitive decline in older blacks with memory loss
60 Immune cells destroy healthy brain connections, diminish cognitive function in obese mice
61 In gut we trust when it comes to choices
62 Positive psychological well-being can improve overall heart health
63 Special antibodies could lead to HIV vaccine
64 Fitness, physical activity and low sedentary time all associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes
65 Mental imagery manages pain independent of opioid system
66 Social support is critical to life satisfaction in young patients with cancer
67 Coastal erosion in the Arctic intensifies global warming
68 Mechano-sensing and resistance during development of the fruitfly wing
69 Graphene enables clock rates in the terahertz range
70 A subway map for diabetes
71 Nitrous oxide emissions from rice farms are a cause for concern for global climate
72 New research shows how we turn on and off languages
73 McMaster study identifies an unexpected cell population key to blood cancer relapse
74 Following Twitter conversations around hacked diabetes tools to manage blood sugar
75 Checkpoint-targeting immunotherapies get a helping hand from natural killer cells
76 Screen strategies for off-target liability prediction & ID small-molecule pharmaceuticals
77 Robot can pick up any object after inspecting it
78 Smart technology to help diagnose sepsis in children in Canada
79 Acute critical illness increases risk of kidney complications and death
80 Chronic pain may be an important contributor to suicide [plus other topics]
81 Patients with sepsis at higher risk of stroke, heart attack after hospital discharge
82 New technique reveals how Zika virus interacts inside our cells
83 Often-overlooked Natural Killer cells may be key to cancer immunotherapy
84 A model to predict and quantify racism, sexism, and other unequal treatment
85 Beetle adapts chemical mimicry to parasitize different bee species
86 New method of pinpointing cancer mutations could lead to more targeted treatments
87 Magnetization in small components can now be filmed in the laboratory
88 'Cloud computing' takes on new meaning for scientists
89 Folding poisons
90 Drug for pancreatic cancer developed by college of pharmacy researchers
91 Natural mechanism could lower emissions from tropical peatlands
92 'Evil' proteins a force for good in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer
93 Natural mechanism could lower emissions from tropical peatlands
94 N/A
95 Illinois engineers protect artifacts by graphene gilding
96 Coral bleaching increases disease risk in threatened species
97 Regrowing dental tissue with stem cells from baby teeth
98 Stress linked to more advanced disease in some leukemia patients
99 It pays to be nice to your employees, new study shows
100 Changes in mitochondrial DNA control how nuclear DNA mutations are expressed in cardiomyopathy
101 New insight on rotavirus mechanics could lead to improved treatments
102 For the first time, a neural link between altruism and empathy toward strangers
103 Carbon nanodots do an ultrafine job with in vitro lung tissue
104 Prenatal exposure to cannabis impacts sociability of male offspring only
105 Pain response in babies' brains controlled in 'similar way to adults'
106 Montana State study gauges health of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
107 Towards a better understanding of how colon cancer develops and progresses
108 Research devises protocol for measuring distances within biomolecules
109 Study reveals which transgender teens have highest suicide risk
110 Barriers and opportunities in renewable biofuels production