File Title
1 Strands of hair from member of Franklin expedition provide new clues into mystery
2 A step ahead in pharmaceutical research
3 'Chromosomal catastrophes' in colorectal cancer
4 Rich inner lives: exploring the connection between cancer and the human microbiome
5 Tuning radical reactivity for selective radical/radical cross-coupling
6 Signs of bacteria already in the bovine fetus
7 Low antibiotic concentration is enough to increase antimicrobial resistance
8 Perceiving support--not receiving it--helps people cope with worry and waiting
9 UTSA chemists make historic fluorine discovery
10 Getting your TV to understand you better
11 Could a demon help to create a quantum computer?
12 Nerve pain in the legs? Medical marijuana may alter brain connections, bring relief
13 Losing just six hours of sleep could increase diabetes risk, study finds
14 'See through,' high-resolution EEG recording array gives a better glimpse of the brain
15 The alchemy of healing: Researchers turn open wounds into skin
16 Marmosets serve as an effective model for non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease
17 Radio observations confirm superfast jet of material from neutron star merger
18 A 'homing system' targets therapeutic T-cells to brain cancer
19 Marriage protects against malnutrition in old age
20 A location system to drive future wireless innovation
21 DNA of early medieval Alemannic warriors and their entourage decoded
22 Syracuse researchers shine light on ancient global warming
23 Whole grains one of the most important food groups for preventing type 2 diabetes
24 Hypertension drugs could prevent memory loss in lupus patients, study suggests
25 First-ever guidelines for detecting, treating perimenopausal depression
26 The Lancet Global Health: Improved access to care not sufficient to improve health, as epidemic of poor quality care revealed
27 Family tree of blood production reveals hundreds of thousands of stem cells
28 Scientists take to Twitter to study flying ants, starling murmurations and house spiders
29 Pay of NHS doctors varies by ethnic group
30 Experts advise against routine testing for prostate cancer
31 Study does not support widespread use of statins in healthy older people to prevent heart disease
32 Machine learning predicts metabolism, helping drug developers and brewers
33 Burly bird gets the worm
34 Chinese fossils reveal middle-late Triassic insect radiation
35 2D atomic crystals probe: how hot it is in a plasmonic 'hotspot'
36 PGDx machine learning approach outperforms existing mutation detection methods in study
37 Heart disease common among firefighters who die of cardiac arrest
38 One million artists can't be wrong about cultural evolution
39 Alzheimer's-associated tau protein disrupts molecular transport within neurons
40 Genetic control of human thymic function: A needle in an haystack
41 Study: Ways to maximize nutrition and growth for the smallest preemies
42 Focus on aging eyes: Poll finds primary care providers play key role in eye care after 50
43 Tau interferes with nuclear transport in Alzheimer's disease
44 Study: Walk more to reduce heart failure risk
45 For entomologists, a gender gap remains in academic, government employment
46 'Live fast, die young' lifestyle reflected in birds' feathers
47 Earliest Mediterranean cheese production revealed by pottery over 7,000 years old
48 Australian fur seal pup population is shrinking
49 Shorter life expectancy linked to 2016 presidential election outcome
50 Artificial synaptic device simulating the function of human brain
51 Simple but effective: spontaneous synthesis of homogenous polymer networks
52 Not too wet, not too dry: plasma-treated fuel cell gets it just right
53 Birds retreating from climate change, deforestation in Honduras cloud forests
54 Is the key to sparking climate action a game?
55 Stress wracks worm nerves, leaving lasting memories
56 Obese/overweight pregnant women can safely control weight gain through diet and exercise
57 Building a better brain-in-a-dish, faster and cheaper
58 Researchers correlate spinal muscular atrophy disease expression with haplotypes
59 Public health researchers warn of dietary supplements containing higenamine
60 A first step toward cracking the genetics of strabismus
61 'Robat' uses sound to navigate and map unique environments
62 Novel epigenetic control found for critical brain proteins in memory strengthening
63 Good governance, clean water, & sanitation necessary to curb global antibiotic resistance
64 More daytime sleepiness, more Alzheimer's disease?
65 Ancient farmers spared us from glaciers but profoundly changed Earth's climate
66 Scientists test new cancer vaccine against melanoma
67 Synthetic DNA vaccine effective against influenza A virus subtype
68 Gender identities disrupted--and reinforced
69 New insights into what drives organ transplant rejection
70 A cyborg cockroach could someday save your life
71 Longer daily fasting times improve health and longevity in mice
72 Spreading the word: Noninvasive brain stimulation may soon reach more aphasia patients
73 New study shows ways to maximize temperature-lowering benefits of Chicago's green roofs
74 How to 'jumpstart' rhythmic breathing at birth
75 Past memory cues help people juggle numerous pieces of information
76 Rapid weight gain during infancy possible risk factor for later obesity in kids with autism
77 Ovarian cancer: Quick steps to widespread disease
78 Could AI robots develop prejudice on their own?
79 No 'changing room moment' for men as they age
80 International neurointerventional societies outline new criteria for facilities that treat stroke
81 New diagnostic tool for complex cancer cases
82 Fierce winds quench wildfire-like starbirth in far-flung galaxy
83 Experiment obtains entanglement of six light waves with a single laser
84 Biomarker tests in breast cancer: New study data indicate advantage for certain patients
85 Patient-friendly and accurate
86 Bio-inspired materials decrease drag for liquids
87 Study reveals impact of habitat fragmentation on migrant birds
88 Antibacterial polymers
89 Single-dose drug can shorten flu symptoms by about a day, studies suggest
90 Mysterious 'lunar swirls' point to moon's volcanic, magnetic past
91 Short chromosome tips linked to lower physical function in the elderly
92 How attention orchestrates groups of nerve cells to enrich the brain's symphony
93 Researchers use silicon nanoparticles for enhancing solar cells efficiency
94 Why leaf-eating Asian monkeys do not have a sweet tooth
95 Towards animal-friendly machines
96 An inside look at probiotics
97 Telehealth helps promote safe antibiotic prescribing practices in remote healthcare
98 Sleep apnea found to be prevalent, undiagnosed in African-American community
99 What Anglo Saxon teeth can tell us about modern health
100 Protection for the ozone layer: sugar molecules bind harmful CFCs
101 What's all the 'excitement' about flight?
102 Risk gene for alzheimer may aggravate neurological effects of air pollution in children
103 New study on obesity: We inherit the dangerous fat from dad--and the good fat from Mom
104 Renewable energy sources: All-in-one light-driven water splitting
105 Brain function impacts how experiences contribute to depression
106 We need to talk about sexuality after stroke
107 Invasive pines fueled 2017 fires in Knysna, South Africa
108 Religious and national identity of young Finnish Muslims varies by situation
109 A new tool developed at the UPNA assesses how interference impacts on wireless networks
110 The dynamics and energetics of locomotion depend on the number of propulsive legs