File Title
1 Predicting the response to immunotherapy using artificial intelligence
2 Wildfire risk doesn't douse housing demand
3 Serendipitous discovery by IUPUI researchers may lead to eco-friendly lubricant
4 From farm to fridge: Milk carton 'sell-by' dates may become more precise
5 The sugar wars: Rhetoric or reason?
6 How do fruit flies grow legs? Solving a molecular mystery
7 Enzyme ducts in the pancreas are formed like rivers
8 Reversing influences of intergenerational stress offers hope for addressing public health
9 HIV RNA expression inhibitors may restore immune function in HIV-infected individuals
10 Additional inhibitor can help anti-VEGF therapy overcome resistance in deadly brain cancer
11 Towards untangling the 'antennal grabbing' phenomenon in mating cuckoo bees
12 Scientists 'fix' bacterial tree of life
13 Research methods that find serial criminals could help save tigers
14 Happy older people live longer, say researchers
15 Jupiter had growth disorders
16 Samara Polytech geologists discovered the fullest skull of Wetlugasaurus
17 Particles collected by Hayabusa give absolute age of asteroid Itokawa
18 Efficient removal of radionuclides U(VI) by rod-like metal organic framework (MOF-5) nanomaterials
19 Upper Cretaceous trench deposits of the Neo-Tethyan subduction zone
20 Scientists advance technique for developing novel light beams from synchrotron radiation
21 High-sugar feeding only at active times of day reduces adverse effects in rats
22 New medications for diabetes management have additional heart benefits, study finds
23 World's largest transfusion study in cardiac surgery changes transfusion practices
24 Water vapor annealing technique on diamond surfaces for next-generation power devices
25 Heart-brain connection could be predictive biomarker for epilepsy
26 Drug could aid recovery after a heart attack
27 People who don't read the news better at predicting which articles will go viral
28 EXP2 protein helps deadliest malaria parasite obtain nutrients during infection
29 UBC study raises the standard for measuring nerve cell death
30 Geologists uncover new clues about largest mass extinction ever
31 Study finds 1 in 12 children taking multiple medications at risk
32 Investigating what keeps metastatic breast cancer in check
33 New target could prevent progression of liver damage to cancer
34 One in 3 US veteran firearm owners keeps a gun loaded and unlocked
35 Child lead exposure study finds substantial reductions possible
36 Microvascular dysfunction: A common cause of heart failure with preserved pumping capacity
37 Australian, UK scientists solve 30-year wheat rust genetics puzzle
38 Breast cancer breakthrough: Some tumors can stop their own spread
39 Keeping cost from getting in the way of stroke prevention
40 How we judge personality from faces depends on our beliefs about how personality works
41 Call for a unified approach to preventing suicides and other self-injury deaths
42 In the race of life, the tortoise beats the hare every time
43 Researchers unearth secret tunnels between the skull and the brain
44 Researchers reveal how gene variant is linked to chronic pain after traumatic injury
45 Ebola species found in bats ahead of any potential outbreak
46 Marijuana found in breast milk up to six days after use
47 Mass. General team discovers channels connecting skull bone marrow to brain surface
48 Diet has bigger impact on emotional well-being in women than in men
49 As CO2 levels climb, millions at risk of nutritional deficiencies
50 Active shooter simulations increase emergency department staff readiness and confidence
51 3D liver tissue implants made from human stem cells support liver function in mice
52 Deaths from drug overdose and suicide outstrip those from diabetes in US
53 Sensitivity to how others evaluate you emerges by 24 months
54 Left atrial fibrosis may explain increased risk of arrhythmias in endurance athletes
55 Clock drawing cognitive test should be done routinely in patients with high blood pressure
56 Listening to yoga music at bedtime is good for the heart
57 Can 'microswimmers' swim through jelly?
58 How the cholera bacterium survives water predators
59 Diseased heart muscle cells have abnormally shortened telomeres, Stanford researchers find
60 Physicians deserve answers as public service loan forgiveness program hangs in the balance
61 Scientists identify a new kind of human brain cell
62 Study defines mechanisms behind focused-ultrasound-assisted treatment of brain tumors
63 Connectivity explains ecosystem responses to rainfall, drought
64 Care coordination improves health of older patients with multiple chronic diseases
65 Massive effort yields image-based cell sorting technology
66 Even toddlers care what others think
67 Beluga whales and narwhals go through menopause
68 Drug reduces deaths and hospitalizations from underdiagnosed form of heart failure
69 Epigenetic analysis of aggressive brain tumors
70 Traffic noise may make birds age faster
71 Measuring the tension of a cell with a molecule
72 E-cigarette use common, especially among younger adults and those in the LBGTQ community [plus other topics]
73 Stress gene influences chronic pain after car crash
74 Brain-heart activity predicts post-malaria epilepsy in mice
75 Stabilizing dysferlin-deficient muscle cell membrane improves muscle function
76 Study reveals when and why people die after noncardiac surgery
77 Researchers discover first treatment to improve survival in rare heart condition
78 Percutaneously reducing secondary mitral regurgitation in heart failure appears futile
79 Antithrombin drug not effective in heart failure with sinus rhythm and coronary disease
80 Long-term antiplatelet monotherapy after stenting is safe but does not improve outcomes
81 Scientists develop alternative treatment for peripheral artery disease
82 Emergency resuscitation device increases cardiac arrest survival rate, study reports
83 Scientists in Fiji examine how forest conservation helps coral reefs
84 Higgs particle's favorite 'daughter' comes home
85 The link between obesity, the brain, and genetics
86 Research brief: Researchers 3D print prototype for 'bionic eye'
87 Writing a 'thank you' note is more powerful than we realize, study shows
88 CU researchers identify potential target for treating pain during surgery
89 126 patient and provider groups to CMS: Proposed E/M service cuts will hurt sickest patients
90 New cancer treatment uses enzymes to boost immune system and fight back
91 Tree swallow study: Stressful events have long-term health impacts
92 Teenagers have a hard time reading one another's tones of voice
93 Crowdsourcing campaigns increase HIV testing among at-risk men in China
94 Migrating monarchs facing increased parasite risks
95 Does chemotherapy harm ability to function for older women with breast cancer?
96 New phase proposed in the relationship between figs and wasps
97 Three previously unknown ancient primates identified
98 Clinical trials needed to study cannabinoid use in Canadian children
99 Purdue researchers developing novel biomedical imaging system
100 Wilder wildfires ahead?
101 Counting on NASA's ICESat-2
102 Differences between combined, isolated use of cannabis, nicotine on brain networks
103 Study provides new insights for ways to use cell metabolism to treat cancer
104 Training for parents referred to CPS improves toddler's physiological regulation
105 Diagnosis is not best predictor of avoidable hospitalizations of nursing home residents
106 Scientists find a new way to attack herpesviruses
107 Close ties with fathers help daughters overcome loneliness
108 Bioengineers unveil surprising sensory and self-healing abilities of seashore creatures
109 Rethinking a healthy diet from a global perspective
110 GW report delivers recommendations aimed at preparing Puerto Rico for hurricane season