File Title
1 New technology can detect hundreds of proteins in a single sample
2 Schwarzites: Long-sought carbon structure joins graphene, fullerene family
3 Polymer antibodies efficiently target and eliminate cancer cells
4 Nanoparticles in the environment more harmful than thought
5 Nanoparticle targets kidney disease for drug delivery
6 Autonomous gene expression control nanodevice will contribute to medical care
7 Research advances state-of the-art vibration analysis of carbon nanotube
8 Smallest transistor worldwide switches current with a single atom in solid electrolyte
9 Physicists suggest reversible adjustment of nanoparticles emission colour
10 Chips, light and coding moves the front line in beating bacteria
11 Transistor technology may improve speed, battery life for computers, mobile phones and other electronics
12 Flipping the switch on supramolecular electronics
13 Hybrid nanomaterials bristle with potential
14 Thermal switch discovered in engineered squid-based biomaterials
15 Printed electronics breakthrough could lead to flexible electronics revolution
16 Self-assembled nanostructures with atomically precise structure and tailored electronic properties
17 Using tellurium nanoparticles to achieve plasmonic-like and all-dielectric properties when exposed to sunlight
18 Five ways that natural nanotechnology could inspire human design
19 Nanoparticle therapy could deliver double blow to cancer
20 Scientists discover fat-blocking effect of nanofibers
21 Stressed, toxic, zombie cells seen for 1st time in Alzheimer's
22 Irony is the new black
23 Standard hypothyroidism treatment falling short
24 UC study: Exposure to tobacco smoke significantly impacts teen health
25 Orphaned elephants have a tougher social life
26 Baylor study: When 'religiosity' competes with materialism, charitable giving takes a hit
27 Researchers identify structural changes that occur in enveloped viruses before invading host
28 Vulnerable youth stress the importance of influential adults in their school lives
29 Red or yellow? A simple paper test detects false or substandard antibiotics
30 A switch to turn fragrances on and off
31 Scientists discover first direct evidence of surface exposed water ice on the moon
32 AMP addresses clinical relevance of DNA variants in chronic myeloid neoplasms
33 Identifying drug-resistant hotspots can provide roadmap to reduce tuberculosis in South Africa
34 NIST details steps to keep buildings functioning after natural hazards
35 Illinois study pioneers humane feline research facility
36 Certain antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, new research shows
37 How the United States landed in a debt 'danger zone'
38 This tiny particle might change millions of lives
39 Study shows diminished but 'robust' link between union decline, rise of inequality
40 New type 1 diabetes therapy shows promise for long-term reversal in both humans, dogs
41 ASU partners with Mayo Clinic to move germ-killing clays closer to medical use
42 Wireless communication breaks through water-air barrier
43 Depressed patients see quality of life improve with nerve stimulation
44 Ecosystems are getting greener in the Arctic
45 Researchers target protein that protects bacteria's DNA 'recipes'
46 Less drain on freshwater supplies with seawater fuel discovery
47 Better genome editing
48 I hear what you say! Or do I?
49 Education program successful at reducing forced sex in South African adolescents
50 Large study finds HPV vaccination does not negatively impact fertility in adolescents
51 Scientists at MDI Biological Laboratory identify new genetic regulators of regeneration
52 Plant protein complex plays large role in important growth and development process
53 Species-rich forests better compensate environmental impacts
54 Preparing for chemical attacks with improved computer models
55 Antipsychotic use in older adults after heart surgery
56 Clay to fight bacteria in wounds: An old practice may be a new solution
57 Exodus of Saudi medical trainees reveals vulnerability of Canadian health care
58 Quantum simulation reveals mobility edge in a low-dimensional disordered landscape
59 Fake news detector algorithm works better than a human
60 Simple test could identify bladder cancer patients who won't respond to immunotherapy
61 Largest brain study of 62,454 scans identifies drivers of brain aging
62 For women undergoing IVF, is fresh or frozen embryo transfer best?
63 Untreated genital warts may increase risk of HIV transmission
64 FDA research informs smokeless tobacco prevention messaging for at-risk youth
65 Study sheds light on how brain lets animals hunt for food by following smells
66 Future information technologies: Nanoscale heat transport under the microscope
67 New methods developed for designing dynamic object controllers
68 Powerful molecules provide new findings about Huntington's disease
69 Sharp increase in falls in women during midlife--new international research
70 A common ancestral gene causes body segmentation in spiders and insects
71 Carers of terminally ill up to 7 times more likely to have mental health problems
72 Almost out of the air: an environmental friendly synthesis of betulin oxo-derivatives
73 Study shows children with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis can be treated
74 Getting in Shape
75 Switching DNA and RNA on and off
76 Ultrasound could improve early detection of vascular diseases
77 How do muscles know what time it is?
78 Structural fluctuation evaluation in substances from measurement data
79 A materials scientist's dream come true
80 Moderate drinking associated with lower risk of heart disease but consistency matters
81 Study identifies 'compulsivity circuit' in heavy alcohol drinkers
82 Predicting work status in patients with schizophrenia
83 Stars memorize rebirth of our home galaxy
84 CasPER--a new method for diversification of enzymes
85 How the brain suppresses the act of revenge
86 Living close to urban green spaces is associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer
87 Reliability, learnability and efficiency of two tools for cement crowns retrieval
88 A new way to target high rates of obesity
89 New Antarctic rift data has implications for volcanic evolution--Ben-Gurion U.
90 Dehydration alters human brain shape and activity, slackens task performance
91 Genetic model offers elegant tool for testing Parkinson's disease therapies
92 Southern California coast emerges as a toxic algae hot spot
93 Millennials with type 2 diabetes more likely to face difficulties with social interactions
94 Picture this: Camera with no lens
95 More minorities labeled 'learning disabled' because of social inequities, study finds
96 CEOs paid less than peers more likely to engage in layoffs, research finds
97 Simple leg exercises could reduce impact of sedentary lifestyle on heart and blood vessels
98 Cleveland Clinic researchers discover novel subtype of multiple sclerosis
99 Researchers shine a light on 150-year-old mystery
100 In the eastern US, adult trees adapt and acclimate to local climate
101 Sequencing genomes of Nigerian women could help prevent many lethal breast cancers
102 New wave of complex street drugs puzzles emergency doctors
103 Moderate drinking associated with lower risk of heart disease but consistency matters
104 First in-depth profile of CAR T-cell signals suggests how to improve immunotherapy
105 32-year Australian study reveals steep decline in student belief that God created humans
106 Researchers unravel the path of electrical discharges on phenomenally small scales
107 Research informs new national cervical cancer screening recommendation
108 Annual pap test a 'thing of the past?'
109 Improved thermal-shock resistance in industrial ceramics
110 New research suggests evolution might favor 'survival of the laziest'
111 Two consumer baby monitors show worrisome results in measuring vital signs
112 Enigmatic African fossils rewrite story of when lemurs got to Madagascar
113 Lower-risk malaria regions are breeding grounds for drug-resistant strains
114 New method may allow country-level real-time surveillance of drug-resistant tuberculosis
115 'It's all in the eyes': The role of the amygdala in the experience and perception of fear
116 Bringing salvaged wooden ships and artifacts back to life with 'smart' nanotech
117 Water bottles, other recycled 3D printing materials could avoid military supply snags
118 Gut bacteria provide key to making universal blood (video)
119 Portable freshwater harvester could draw up to 10 gallons per hour from the air
120 Nanobot pumps destroy nerve agents