File Title
1 Getting a charge out of MOFs
2 Illinois researchers develop method to cancel noise without ear-blocking headphones
3 Nanotubes change the shape of water
4 Study reveals potential biomarkers of cerebral aneurysm risk
5 Protecting your health data--healthcare leaders share their experience with cybersecurity strategy
6 How low is too low? Study highlights serious risks for intensive blood pressure control
7 Why polluted air may be a threat to your kidneys
8 Researchers stop cell suicide that worsens sepsis, arthritis
9 College tours for Chinese teens a rapidly growing market for tourist industry
10 NASA's OSIRIS-REx begins asteroid operations campaign
11 Uninsured major cardiac-related hospitalizations declined in first year after ACA
12 New nusinersen drug delivery method identified for spinal muscular atrophy patients
13 Mutations in this molecule may have helped mammoths tolerate the cold
14 Effective fisheries management can reduce extinction risk of marine fish stocks
15 Friends' influence helps telecom firms retain customers
16 One step closer to bioengineered replacements for vessels and ducts
17 Many young adults lack financial literacy, economic stability, study finds
18 Scientists have developed an effective marker for cancer diagnosis and therapy
19 Risk adjusting for race and poverty bolsters rankings of some hospitals
20 MSU scientists closer to solving arthritic condition in teens
21 INRS takes aim at the dreaded tropical disease leishmaniasis
22 Shape-shifting material can morph, reverse itself using heat, light
23 Tree species richness in Amazonian wetlands is three times greater than expected
24 Being the market leader is not everything
25 Sweeter dreams in a peaceful mind
26 Producing hydrogen from splitting water without splitting hairs
27 A molecular pit crew responsible for refuelling in signaling cells
28 New insights on sperm production lay groundwork for solving male infertility
29 For first time in 40 years, cure for acute leukemia within reach
30 In ancient Rome, insults in politics knew hardly any boundaries
31 A new permafrost gas mysterium
32 Flirting flies: More than just winging it
33 Cardio exercise and strength training affect hormones differently
34 Chronic malnutrition in children: A new gut microbial signature
35 Carbon emissions in African savannas triple previous estimates
36 Calcium-catalyzed reactions of element-H bonds
37 Scientists elaborated upon carbon sink/source patterns of the Yellow Sea and East China Sea
38 Smoked out: Researchers develop a new wildfire smoke emissions model
39 An avatar uses your gait to predict how many calories you will burn
40 Bowtie-funnel combo best for conducting light; team found answer in simple equation
41 Disappearing into thin air
42 Kelp forests function differently in warmer oceans
43 The youngest smoke more
44 From guts to glory: The evolution of gut defense
45 New immunotherapy inhibits tumor growth and protects against metastases
46 Researchers discover epigenetic reason for drug resistance in a deadly melanoma
47 Female basketball players face disproportionate racial bias: New study
48 Researchers achieve multifunctional solid-state quantum memory
49 Self-healing reverse filter opens the door for many novel applications
50 UMass Amherst research discovers new channel-gating mechanism
51 Decline in uninsured hospitalizations for cardiovascular events after ACA Medicaid expansion
52 Why the effects of a boozy binge could last longer than you think
53 Single pill with two drugs could transform blood pressure treatment
54 Pregnant women with heart disease should give birth at no later than 40 weeks gestation
55 I have had a heart attack. Do I need open heart surgery or a stent?
56 Do doctors really know how to diagnose a heart attack?
57 Scans cut heart attack rates and save lives, major study finds
58 Too much of a good thing? Very high levels of 'good' cholesterol may be harmful
59 Study investigates major cause of heart attacks in women
60 Unnecessary heart procedures can be avoided with noninvasive test
61 A smartphone application can help in screening for atrial fibrillation
62 Cellular pumps protect the gut from toxins
63 The heart: Digital or analog?
64 Cancer may lurk behind major internal bleeding in cardiovascular disease patients
65 ARRIVE trial of daily aspirin does not show lower risk of first cardiovascular event
66 Weight loss drug shows no increased risk in cardiovascular outcomes
67 Red light at night: A potentially fatal attraction to migratory bats
68 Oxygen therapy for patients suffering from a heart attack does not prevent heart failure
69 Apps a timely reminder for those on heart medication
70 Cooking with coal, wood, or charcoal associated with cardiovascular death
71 Deep forehead wrinkles may signal a higher risk for cardiovascular mortality
72 Patients with high blood pressure unlikely to reduce salt
73 Impaired mental status is associated with doubled death risk after heart attack in elderly
74 Four out of 10 patients with atrial fibrillation have unknown brain damage
75 Finding the sweet spot of a good night's sleep: Not too long and not too short
76 Sleeping 5 hours or less a night associated with doubled risk of cardiovascular disease
77 Short and fragmented sleep linked to hardened arteries
78 Bleeding in patients treated with anticoagulants should stimulate search for cancer
79 Security millimeter wave body scanner safe for patients with pacemakers and defibrillators
80 Blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs continue to improve survival after a decade
81 Ten-year outcomes of the Arterial Revascularisation Trial revealed today
82 Fish oils do not prevent heart attack or strokes in people with diabetes
83 Extended use of oral anticoagulant after hospital discharge reduces non-fatal blood clots
84 Jury still out on aspirin a day to prevent heart attack and stroke
85 Weight loss drug does not increase cardiovascular events
86 Researchers reveal the growth of graphene near polycrystalline substrate grain boundaries
87 Metabolic engineering of E. coli for the secretory production of free haem
88 Unearthing the secrets of cellular energy
89 Scientists alter membrane proteins to make them easier to study
90 Scientists find corals in deeper waters under stress too
91 Environmentally friendly farming practices used by nearly 1/3 of world's farms
92 Algae a threat to walleye vision, study finds
93 For carbon storage, biodiversity can help--or hurt
94 A blue paradox
95 Many Arctic pollutants decrease after market removal and regulation
96 In sync: How cells make connections could impact circadian rhythm
97 Ant-y social: Successful ant colonies hint at how societies evolve
98 Analysis: Commonly used drugs are rarely studied in primary care patients
99 Food insecurity leads to higher mortality risk, a new study finds
100 New urine dipstick test detects cause of disease that blinds millions
101 Researchers reveal cause of aggressive skin cancer in patients with butterfly syndrome
102 How scientists predicted corona's appearance during August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse
103 International team makes rare discovery of new fatty acids
104 Cedars-Sinai investigators develop more accurate measure of body fat
105 Commentary: More malaria nets likely needed between campaigns
106 Fishing activity skyrocketed ahead of ban in South Pacific area
107 This bright blue dye is found in fabric. Could it also power batteries?
108 Nano-imaging of intersubband transitions in few-layer 2D materials
109 Testing the reproducibility of social science research
110 Study finds sucralose produces previously unidentified metabolites