File Title
1 Signaling cascade that repairs damaged nerve cells characterized
2 Genetically engineered virus spins gold into beads
3 Viral outbreaks could be predicted two years in advance by mathematical model
4 Advanced microscope technology reveals novel side to cell signaling complex
5 Researchers test autobiographical memory for early Alzheimer's detection
6 Martens recolonized Isle Royale in the '90s, showing island's dynamism
7 'One weird trick' to cut belly fat? Follow a heart-healthy diet!
8 Handheld probe images photoreceptors in children
9 Improving cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease
10 Fresh and raw diets for dogs may have health benefits, study says
11 Mucosal environment of older pigs helps newborn piglets with intestinal injury recover
12 Chemists make breakthrough on road to creating a rechargeable lithium-oxygen battery
13 Traumatic brain injury recovery via petri dish
14 How rabies virus moves through nerve cells, and how it might be stopped
15 Report confirms wind technology advancements continue to drive down wind energy prices
16 On-again, off-again relationships might be toxic for mental health
17 Two new truffle species discovered in Florida pecan orchards
18 Algal blooms a threat to small lakes and ponds, too
19 New study highlights shark protections, vulnerability to fishing
20 'Safe' UV light may prevent infections in catheters, cardiac drivelines
21 Fires overwhelming British Columbia; smoke choking the skies
22 Parents' behavior during playtime may affect toddler's weight later on
23 The molecular link between aging and neurodegeneration
24 Pay attention to the 'noise' in your brain
25 A world on fire
26 Research reveals dangerous midlife switch of ditching activity to sit still
27 Computing catalysts
28 A human enzyme can biodegrade graphene
29 Friends who are former smokers are key to helping people with serious mental illness quit
30 Care access not main driver of racial disparities in kidney disease
31 Treatment for severe heartburn prevents cancer
32 Microbes hitch a ride inland on coastal fog
33 Scientists find link between water pollution and morbidity in Murmansk region
34 Modifying the major model of a modern major mouse model
35 A mechanism underlying activity of cancer and autism associated proteins was discovered
36 Watching the clock: faster countdowns may make people more patient
37 New biomarkers of inflammation identified as risk of polyneuropathy
38 Majority of current and former cancer patients age 50+ are happy with their life
39 Why are tropical forests so diverse? New study examines role of 'natural enemies'
40 Researchers develop novel process to 3D print one of the strongest materials on Earth
41 Research reveals gene regulation can be digital and stochastic
42 How can parents help children navigate an increasingly diverse world?
43 Smartphones may be used to better predict the weather
44 UNC builds better particle tracking software using artificial intelligence
45 How did alvarezsaurian dinosaurs evolve monodactyl hand?
46 Two methods for measuring children's exposure to radio frequencies are compared
47 How sleep loss may contribute to adverse weight gain
48 Polymer antibodies efficiently target and eliminate cancer cells
49 Research into deadly 2016 Italian earthquakes could improve future seismic forecasts
50 Prospect of a new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
51 Garlic ingredient from the lab bench
52 On the genesis of shape: There is no magic in remote synchronization
53 Movement control: how our brain responds to unexpected situations
54 Discovery of two new Chinese dinosaurs by international research team
55 Increased phosphate intake elevates blood pressure in healthy adults
56 Researchers develop cryopreservation method of ladybird beetle ovaries
57 Biomimetic chemistry: Carbohydrate capture
58 Large scale preparation method of high quality SWNT sponges
59 UBC researchers unlock secrets of plant development
60 Caution needed when prescribing antibiotics to hypertension patients, study finds
61 Integrated analysis finds vulnerabilities to target in a high-risk pediatric tumor
62 Tracking Sargassum's ocean path could help predict coastal inundation events
63 Natural sugar defends against metabolic syndrome, in mice
64 Alzheimer's one day may be predicted during eye exam
65 The unexpected upside of E. coli
66 Children take longer to learn two languages at once compared to just one--don't fret
67 Kelp forests function differently in warming ocean
68 How healthy is the American diet? The Healthy Eating Index helps determine the answer
69 Baby poop may be source of beneficial probiotics
70 Scientists discover how RNA regulates genes in embryo that affect seizure susceptibility
71 A novel graphene quantum dot structure takes the cake
72 The Lancet: Alcohol is associated with 2.8 million deaths each year worldwide
73 New scientific study: no safe level of alcohol
74 Texas A&M team's pic of crack in the act could prevent engineering failures
75 Fish lice could be early indicators of metal pollution in freshwater
76 Bird feared extinct rediscovered in the Bahamas
77 Scientists close in on mystery surrounding dangerous blood syndromes
78 Radical transformations likely needed to achieve universal health care
79 Study: Heart abnormalities may trigger sudden unexplained death in epilepsy
80 Rare intermediate fossils give researchers insight into evolution of bird-like dinosaur
81 Blood vessels instruct brain development
82 New research uncovers 'one of the tobacco industry's greatest scams'
83 Dramatic development of immune system after birth
84 The birth and death of proteins in a single cell
85 New online tool for clinicians could predict long-term risk of breast cancer returning
86 Watching neurons in action
87 More than a label: Shelter dog genotyping reveals inaccuracy of breed assignments
88 Antibiotic side effects in kids lead to nearly 70,000 ER visits in the US each year
89 Making cancer's metabolism more normal blocks drug resistance
90 Rice U. lab finds evidence of matter-matter coupling
91 For the first time, biologists track cownose rays to Florida and back
92 New research proposes using local data in resolving malnutrition
93 Landslides triggered by human activity on the rise
94 Japanese encephalitis also affects urban areas
95 Research finds bots and Russian trolls influenced vaccine discussion on Twitter
96 Oxford University: Tracking the evolution and transmission of yellow fever
97 New research presents alternative methods, like robo-advisors, to manage retirement income
98 Early-life alcohol intake may increase the odds of high-grade prostate cancer
99 The world's cleanest water droplet
100 Handheld imager poised to provide new insights into eye and brain diseases
101 Stanford researchers' model could help stem opioid crisis
102 3D cell environment key for divvying up chromosomes--find could explain cancer hallmark
103 Antimicrobial stewardship programs in dialysis clinics reduce infections, costs
104 Fighting lung infection trumps wound healing
105 How the human immune system protects against Ebola
106 Experts voice safety concerns about new pebble-bed nuclear reactors
107 JE is transmitted to pigs as rapidly in Cambodian peri-urban areas as rural areas
108 Researchers outline risk factors for facial gangrene
109 Inbreeding and disease are factors in decline of yellow-banded bumblebee, York U study