File Title
1 Trapdoor spider 'stunt double' study reveals summer wasp threat
2 Mapping of cells and proteins improved with combined help of gamers and AI
3 Researchers discover key to mass producing beneficial plant compounds
4 Leaves possess a molecular compass
5 Getting policy right--why fisheries management is plagued by the panacea mindset
6 Ape parasite genomes reveal origin, evolution of leading cause of malaria outside Africa
7 Discovery can help farmers combat stink bugs, save money on pest control
8 Research reveals link between warming and lobster disease
9 To float or not to float? Mystery solved as to why algae balls float and sink
10 Evolution and the concrete jungle
11 Parrots' economics
12 What makes some species more likely to go extinct?
13 Pointy eggs more likely to stay put in birds' cliffside nests, study finds
14 Up close with the largest animal on Earth
15 Oral vaccination protects Africa's most endangered carnivore
16 Call for citizen scientists to help unravel the mysteries of South Sudan's forests
17 Austria allows shooting wolves with rubber bullets
18 CasPER--a new method for diversification of enzymes
19 Woodpeckers and development coexist in Seattle
20 Spanish police smash Europe's 'biggest' illegal turtle farm
21 For exotic pets, the most popular are also most likely to be released in the wild
22 Orphaned elephants have a tougher social life
23 China culls thousands of pigs as African swine fever spreads
24 Japan fleet catches 177 whales in latest hunt
25 Study pioneers humane feline research facility
26 Genetic error led humans to evolve bigger, but more vulnerable, brains
27 More manatees have died in Florida so far this year than in all of 2017. Here's why
28 How do you prolong the useful life of lubricants?
29 Biomaterial could keep tooth alive after root canal
30 Red or yellow? A simple paper test detects false or substandard antibiotics
31 Superior photocatalysts--covalent, crystalline triazine frameworks
32 Transforming carbon dioxide
33 Super-resolution microscopy: Getting even closer to the limit
34 Portable freshwater harvester could draw up to 10 gallons per hour from the air
35 Water bottles, other recycled 3-D printing materials could avoid military supply snags
36 Gut bacteria provide key to making universal blood
37 Progress toward plugging an antibiotic pump
38 Biosensor allows real-time oxygen monitoring for 'organs-on-a-chip'
39 Chemical engineers uncover ways to pattern solid surfaces to enhance how water interacts with them
40 Enzyme-powered protocells rise to the top
41 Scientists discover intricacies of serotonin receptor crucial for better therapeutics
42 Screen of human proteins reveals some with antimicrobial power
43 Illicit drug use could be higher than previously thought; soars during special events
44 Next-gen insect repellents to combat mosquito-borne diseases
45 Maple leaf extract could nip skin wrinkles in the bud
46 A new generation of artificial retinas based on 2-D materials
47 Saliva could influence taste preferences
48 New drug could prevent debilitating side effect of cancer treatment
49 The environmental cost of contact lenses
50 Microfluidic chip for analysis of single cells
51 When sulfur disappears without trace
52 How a 'jellyfish'-shaped structure relieves pressure in your cells
53 Helping the microchip industry go (very low) with the flow
54 Structural fluctuation evaluation in substances from measurement data
55 Predicting chemical processes to help agribusinesses, cosmetic, fuel and food industries
56 Chemists completely change the direction of Diels-Alder reaction
57 Techniques for reducing sugar content in dairy products show promise
58 Synthetic DNA-based enzymes
59 Scientists discover natural plant-based food preservative
60 Chemists develop contaminant detection technique for heparin
61 Efficient glycopeptide separation achieved by interfacially polymerized polymer particles
62 Engineers create most wear-resistant metal alloy in the world
63 Under pressure, hydrogen offers a reflection of giant planet interiors
64 What are rare earth elements? Four questions answered
65 New manufacturing technique could improve common problem in printing technology
66 Track, target, trigger: Scientists explore controlled CO release
67 Study tracks inner workings of the brain with new biosensor
68 Cryo-electron microscopy sheds new light on batteries
69 Scientists create reverse osmosis membranes with tunable thickness
70 Modulating photo- and electroluminescence in a stimuli-responsive molecular dye
71 Fisker has designs on solid state battery breakthrough
72 Kids connect with robot reading partners
73 Engineers develop AI system to detect often-missed cancer tumors
74 AI-assisted note-taking for electronic health records
75 Patent talk reveals Walmart's look at virtual reality system for shoppers
76 These lithium-ion batteries can't catch fire because they harden on impact
77 Hackers target smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies
78 Specially prepared paper can bend, fold or flatten on command
79 Wireless communication breaks through water-air barrier
80 Facebook, NYU team up to make MRI scans faster through AI
81 Fake news detector algorithm works better than a human
82 A new map management process for visual localization in outdoor environments
83 Optogenetics--controlling neurons with light--may lead to cures for PTSD, Alzheimer's
84 Engineers develop computerized camera without optics that instead uses an ordinary window as the lens
85 Must do better: Japan eyes AI robots in class to boost English
86 Researchers turn tracking codes into unclonable 'clouds' to authenticate genuine 3-D printed parts
87 Under-fire Apple removes 25,000 apps in China
88 A new artificial neural network framework for gait based biometrics
89 DeepMind sees promising AI results for data center cooling system
90 'In-body GPS' system suggests future where doctors could implant sensors to track tumors or dispense drugs
91 Patent talk: Siri with personalized responses for nice support chops
92 A paper battery powered by bacteria
93 Renewable resort: Greek island to run on wind, solar power
94 China shows off automated doctors, teachers and combat stars
95 Research team develops the world's first-ever 4-D printing for ceramics
96 Can tech giants work together against their common enemies?
97 Facebook, Twitter takedowns show quandary in curbing manipulation
98 Walmart teams with Rakuten on digital book shop
99 Ford recalls electric car power cables due to fire risk
100 Energy controls platform available in open source
101 Will fake social media followers derail the booming influencer marketing business?
102 Talking to an android: Meet ERICA
103 Cubans getting early taste of mobile internet in system test
104 Is Santa real? A version of Alexa skirts some kid questions
105 'Trash is gold' as Benin community turns waste into biogas
106 Facebook cuts ad-target options to thwart discrimination
107 Addressing South Africa's cancer reporting delay with machine learning
108 Facebook uncovers new global misinformation operations
109 Uber hires CFO on the road to IPO
110 Microsoft's anti-hacking efforts make it an internet cop