File Title
1 Immune response mechanism described for fate determination of T cells
2 Mixed chemicals in beauty products may harm women's hormones
3 Calorie counts on restaurant menus have customers ordering less
4 Eyes have a natural version of night vision
5 BPA replacements in plastics cause reproductive problems in lab mice
6 Regret is a gambler's curse, neuroscientists say
7 People show confirmation bias even about which way dots are moving
8 High-resolution genomic map gives scientists unprecedented view of brain development
9 Caspase-2 enzyme inhibitor shows promise for ameliorating fatty liver disease
10 Adjuvant for intradermal vaccine developed to deal with a pandemic
11 Scientists identify new cellular target to weaken P. aeruginosa--a severe threat to patients with cystic fibrosis
12 Cancer drug and antidepressants provide clues for treating brain-eating amoeba infections
13 New cause of chronic stress identified in the brain
14 Cell environment influences type of liver tumor
15 Largest study of 'post-treatment controllers' reveals clues about HIV remission
16 Study details incidence and timing of immunotherapy-related fatalities
17 The art of storytelling: researchers explore why we relate to characters
18 Prostate cancer care for older men estimated to cost Medicare $1.2 billion
19 Rare antibodies show scientists how to neutralize the many types of Ebola
20 Disrupting genetic processes reverses aging in human cells
21 For women with genetic risk, twice-a-year MRI beats mammograms
22 Viruses show new promise in treating cancer
23 How a virus destabilizes the genome
24 Leptospirosis strains identified in Uruguay cattle
25 Low academic achievement can lead to drug abuse decades later, research finds
26 New approach improves detection of diseases at birth
27 A single drop of blood makes skin cells line up
28 Researchers discover that allergy-driving protein influences signal transmission in the brain
29 Malicious brain cell identified--surprising finding fills gap in understanding astrocytes' role in brain disease
30 Apple's smartwatch has a heart monitor now
31 Consumers cite health concerns, cost as reasons they eat less meat
32 How obesity discrimination is just as common as racism
33 How the immune system protects against Zika-induced neurological symptoms
34 Researchers testing new brain cancer vaccine
35 With STDs at an all-time high, why aren't more people getting a proven treatment?
36 Scientific institutions continue to lag behind the #TimesUp movement
37 Knee arthroscopy is one of the most common but least effective surgeries
38 Staying a happy couple during a home reno
39 To help beat heart disease, stay upbeat
40 Zimbabwe cholera deaths rise to 25 as WHO steps up response
41 Commonly used SNRIs may cause dependence and withdrawal when stopped
42 High dose folic acid does not prevent pre-eclampsia in high risk women
43 Worse health status with shorter telomere length in COPD
44 Ancient bird bones redate human activity in Madagascar by 6,000 years
45 Wild animals were routinely captured and traded in ancient MesoAmerica
46 Drawing on a piece of silcrete found in Blombos Cave predates previous human-made drawings by at least 30,000 years
47 New evidence supports the hypothesis that beer may have been motivation to cultivate cereals
48 Can stereotypes be quantified?
49 Children's genes uncover potential school league table bias
50 Mathematician uses dynamical ideas for insight into the geometry of a space
51 Hot streak: Finding patterns in creative career breakthroughs
52 Chinese fossils reveal middle-late Triassic insect radiation
53 DNA of early medieval Alemannic warriors and their entourage decoded
54 Evidence of 7,200-year-old cheese making found on the Dalmatian Coast
55 One million artists can't be wrong about cultural evolution
56 Genes are key to academic success, study shows
57 Strands of hair from member of Franklin expedition provide new clues into mystery
58 Coastal strip in Brazil sheds new light on early farming
59 Researchers outline game-theory approach to better understand genetics
60 Lack of social mobility more of an 'occupational hazard' than previously known
61 Can social media networks reduce political polarization on climate change?
62 Caught in a political echo chamber? Listening to the opposition can make partisanship even worse
63 A portrait of ancient elephant-like mammals drawn from multiproxy analysis
64 Newly discovered dinosaurs fill in evolutionary gap spanning 70 million years
65 Egypt says village found in Nile Delta predated pharaohs
66 Student discovers writing on pieces of ancient Egyptian mummy case
67 Sicilian amber in western Europe pre-dates arrival of Baltic amber by at least 2,000 years
68 Suspending young students risks future success in school
69 Thousands of objects discovered in Scandinavia's first Viking city
70 Study shows racial stereotyping toward young children
71 Emotionally stable people spend more during the holidays, according to new study
72 Study shows adult kids who get parental cash aren't happier or healthier
73 Yes, AI may take some jobs--but it could also mean more men doing care work
74 'Little improvement for UK gig economy workers' since major report highlighted their plight
75 People living in areas of wealth disparity are more sympathetic to disability, says research
76 The physiology of impenetrable skin: Colossus of the X-men
77 Mathematicians propose first continuous self-organised criticality model
78 I have a sense that it's probably quite bad...but because I don't see it, I don't know
79 Study sheds light on why the US and China don't see eye-to-eye on e-commerce
80 Junior investigators successfully compete for extra NIH grants
81 Science fiction was around in medieval times--here's what it looked like
82 Faulty sunglasses and fake news--how a solar eclipse shut down Serbia
83 Keep them guessing, keep them gaming
84 A reliable cryptocurrency needs good governance, say researchers
85 Business genius can be taught, study says
86 Creating a continental bird migration forecast
87 Blazes of light reveal how plants signal danger long distances
88 Scientists look to map the genes of thousands of animals
89 Pigments in butterfly wings lead scientists to colorful conclusions
90 A way to detect likelihood of off-target cuts in CRISPR-Cas9
91 New understanding of worm stem cells could lead to human therapies
92 Bull ant venom could put the bite on pain
93 Scientists discover influenza protein behavior that could aid drug development
94 How bacteria play pass the parcel--and help each other evade antibiotics
95 One foot in the grave for pheasants that favor a side
96 Kidney stones have distinct geological histories, study finds
97 Spring is advancing unevenly across North America
98 Turtle species decline may impact environments worldwide
99 Hundreds of electricity-generating bacteria found, including pathogenic, probiotic and fermenting bacteria
100 Researchers show bacteriophages can affect melioidosis disease acquisition
101 How infectious bacteria hibernate through treatment
102 Virus may combat fire ants, but caution is needed
103 Bioinformaticians examine new genes the moment they are born
104 A single gene mutation may have helped humans become optimal long-distance runners
105 New bacterial strain named after Cornish discovery
106 The size of the nucleolus plays an important role in protecting cells against infection
107 Researchers show that nucleosomes can inhibit CRISPR-Cas9 cleavage efficiency
108 Study shows how beetle larvae adapt to different bee hosts
109 Can you evolve while being robust?
110 Aquafarmers on the front lines