File Title
1 UC San Diego Biologists Discover Process that Neutralizes Tumors
2 Allergic Reactions to Foods are Milder in Infants, Study Finds
3 Biochemists Discover Cause of Genome Editing Failures with Hyped CRISPR System
4 Researchers Identify Cost Cutting Option in Treating Nail Fungus with Nanotechnology
5 Database Analysis More Reliable than Animal Testing for Toxic Chemicals
6 Reminder Emails after a Computer-based Intervention Help Some College Students Reduce Their Drinking
7 ACA Credited with Earlier Diagnosis of Gynecologic Cancers in Young Women
8 Why are young adults wasting so much food? Study looks at perceptions and food behaviors
9 The spotlight of attention is more like a strobe
10 Ending a 40-year quest, scientists reveal the identity of 'hearing' protein
11 Head and neck positioning affects concussion risk
12 Newly identified structure in lymph nodes was 'hiding in plain sight'
13 Stressed, toxic, zombie cells seen for first time in Alzheimer's
14 Protecting against brain injuries
15 Research solves the mystery of how fruit flies avoid danger
16 How the brain suppresses the act of revenge
17 Live tumour testing provides short cut to cancer drug development
18 Lifestyle factors linked to brain health of young adults
19 Standard hypothyroidism treatment falling short
20 Researchers find a neural 'auto-correct' feature we use to process ambiguous sounds
21 Being too intelligent and easygoing may harm chances of finding love
22 When kids focus on one sport, overuse injuries rise
23 Virtual reality tool corrects errors in brain scan data
24 Antibiotics best paediatric treatment for children's chronic wet cough
25 Researchers demonstrate safe, non-invasive way to open blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer's patients
26 Parents, don't panic--your picky eater is in good health
27 Rethinking the health and weight debate
28 People with low muscle strength more likely to die prematurely
29 Neuroscientists restore significant bladder control to five men with spinal cord injuries
30 Living close to urban green spaces is associated with decreased breast cancer risk
31 Candidate for universal flu vaccine protects against multiple strains
32 Research finds naps plus sleep may enhance emotional memory in early childhood
33 Breastfeeding may help protect mothers against stroke
34 Moderate drinking associated with lower risk of heart disease but consistency matters
35 Researchers discover novel subtype of multiple sclerosis
36 Sequencing genomes of Nigerian women could help prevent many lethal breast cancers
37 First in-depth profile of CAR T-cell signals suggests how to improve immunotherapy
38 From mindfulness to medical education: Penn radiation oncology explores the potential of VR
39 Doctors often not discussing risk factors with patients
40 New genetic variants predict outcome in dilated cardiomyopathy patients of African descent
41 FDA extends EpiPen expiration dates to tackle shortage
42 Taking a stand at work
43 How to prevent your child from getting bullied--or being a bully
44 Patient education urged to prevent opioid OD after sobriety
45 More than half of people in Britain, France, Italy still wrongly link autism and vaccines
46 Psychological link between conspiracy theories and creationism
47 How brains of doers differ from those of procrastinators
48 Promoting HIV self-testing via text message to sex workers in Kenya
49 Do persistent babies make for successful adults?
50 Imaging the inner ear promises to be new gold standard for hearing researchers
51 What is resignation syndrome and why is it affecting refugee children?
52 Chickenpox, shingles and vaccines--expert discusses what you need to know
53 How does mental illness affect sentencing?
54 Neandertal mother, Denisovan father--Newly-sequenced genome sheds light on interactions between ancient hominins
55 Fossil turtle didn't have a shell yet, but had the first toothless turtle beak
56 Amber unveils evolution of ancient antlions
57 Enigmatic African fossils rewrite story of when lemurs got to Madagascar
58 Militarization of police fails to enhance safety, may harm police reputation
59 Researchers discover massive monumental cemetery built by Eastern Africa's earliest herders in Kenya
60 Skeletons buried in Israel's Upper Galilee reveal migration from ancient Turkey and Iran
61 Stone tools reveal modern human-like gripping capabilities 500,000 years ago
62 Understanding urban issues through credit cards
63 Math shows how human behavior spreads infectious diseases
64 Prehistoric mummy reveals ancient Egyptian embalming 'recipe' was around for millennia
65 Evidence suggests global warming might have a negative impact on some government workers
66 Study of ancient forefoot joints reveals bipedalism in hominins emerged early
67 Why war is a man's game
68 Origins and spread of Eurasian fruits traced to the ancient Silk Road
69 Unpublished Egyptian texts reveal new insights into ancient medicine
70 Mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery
71 The march toward always-on technology may hinder groups' ability to solve complex problems: study
72 New study reveals evidence of how Neolithic people adapted to climate change
73 200-million year old Pterosaur 'built for flying'
74 Video-based ethics program increases moral awareness, study finds
75 Easter Island's society might not have collapsed
76 Laziness led to extinction of Homo erectus
77 Militant groups influence local policies during conflict
78 Irony is the new black
79 Strategic indulgence key to maximizing the college experience
80 Analysis shows no change in US crime from medical marijuana legalisation
81 Putting the Living Wage Calculator into action
82 Four tips on how to get served more quickly at the pub--new research
83 Forensic linguistics gives victims and the wrongfully convicted the voices they deserve
84 Could you identify a criminal by their voice? It's far harder than it sounds
85 Mentors play critical role in quality of college experience, new poll suggests
86 Is 'chocapocalypse' looming? Why we need to understand what's at stake
87 Through the glass ceiling
88 Research shows 'merit' is highly subjective and changes with our values
89 Study: Many teens--and parents--feel tethered to phones
90 Glaring racial disparities in out-of-school suspensions, a warning about the role of on-site law enforcement
91 Do private shuttles affect the reliability of public transit?
92 Vulnerable youth stress the importance of influential adults in their school lives
93 When 'religiosity' competes with materialism, charitable giving takes a hit
94 Does it matter where students sit in lecture halls?
95 Getting to the root of plant evolution
96 Epigenetic patterns determine if honeybee larvae become queens or workers
97 Ant-y social: Study of ants reveals the evolutionary benefits of group living
98 Plant virus alters competition between aphid species
99 Epic genetic: the hidden story of wheat
100 Study finds loss of biodiversity exacerbates pressures on social bees
101 High-throughput fluorescence assay for monitoring Cas9 activity
102 Depression marks on seafloor suggest whales might be visiting prospective mining sites
103 Study of Chinese pangolins shows their natural habitat has been cut in half
104 Researchers identify structural changes that occur in enveloped viruses before invading host
105 New research suggests evolution might favor 'survival of the laziest'
106 Researchers target protein that protects bacteria's DNA 'recipes'
107 New method of genome editing not only gives the user complete spatiotemporal control but also treads lightly on DNA
108 Less drain on freshwater supplies with seawater fuel discovery
109 Plant protein complex plays large role in important growth and development process
110 A common ancestral gene causes body segmentation in spiders and insects