File Title
1 Study: UVA Heart Failure Program Improves Survival, Reduces Costs
2 Bay Area Cancer Research Institute Disbands After 44 Years
3 As Little as Two Weeks of Inactivity Can Trigger Diabetic Symptoms in Vulnerable Patients, Researchers Find
4 Vanderbilt Transplant Center? Leads Way in Using Hearts from Hepatitis C Donors
5 Soccer Heading Worse for Women's Brains than for Men's
6 Turning Off Protein Could Boost Immunotherapy Effectiveness on Cancer Tumors
7 The Academic Sabbatical: Not Just Time Off
8 Breaking Research Reveals that Not All Home Ovulation Tests Are Equally Reliable
9 Two Novel Studies that Could Improve the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes Announced at the 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting
10 Findings that Vitamin D Could Alleviate Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms Presented at the 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting
11 Drug Shortage Guidelines Provide Strategies to Minimize Impact on Patient Care
12 Vaccines: The must-have on your child's back-to-school checklist
13 CHOP Nurse-Researcher Presents the Spatz 10-Step System as a National Model for Breastfeeding Vulnerable Babies
14 Blood Samples Used to Investigate Adaptive Repair Mechanisms of Transplanted Kidneys
15 FSMB Joins National Action Collaborative to Counter Opioid Epidemic
16 Heatwave Deaths Will Rise Steadily by 2080 as Globe Warms Up
17 $250K Grant Awarded to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Researchers
18 Patients Opt for 3D Simulation for Breast Augmentation--But It Doesn't Improve Outcomes
19 Implants Made by Computer-Aided Design Provide Good Results in Patients with Rare Chest Muscle Deformity
20 Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Achieves Distinguished No. 1 Ranking for Service Performance for 3rd Year in a Row
21 Translational Hypertension Symposium to Explore Guideline Implementation Strategies and the Future of Blood Pressure Research
22 ARUP's Next Generation UM Dashboard Shows How Hospitals Can Improve Lab Costs
23 The Surge in Throat Cancer, Especially in Men
24 Red-Blood-Cell "Hitchhikers" Offer New Way to Transport Drugs to Specific Targets
25 New Automation in Microbiology at ARUP Laboratories
26 Shhh! Designated Quiet Times Help ICU Reduce Noise
27 Cedars-Sinai Awards $5.9 million to Support Los Angeles Safety Net
28 Palliative Care: Another Level of Support in the Cancer Journey
29 Financial Checkup Should Be Part of Health Screenings for Childhood Cancer Survivors
30 Only 10 Percent of Non-Dialysis Kidney Patients Ever See a Dietitian
31 Innovative Technique Converts White Fat to Brown Fat
32 Travel Times Affect Neurocritical Care Unit Nurse Staffing Levels
33 After 60 Years, Scientists Uncover How Thalidomide Produced Birth Defects
34 Makeup of an Individual's Gut Bacteria May Play Role in Weight Loss, Mayo Study Suggests
35 Computer simulations predict the spread of HIV
36 Study: Nine Out of 10 People Caring for a Family Member with Dementia Don't Get Enough Sleep
37 BIDMC Study Determines Risk Factors for Opioid Misuse
38 Scientists Identify New Cell Type in Human Lungs
39 CRISPR diversifies: Cut, paste, on, off, and now--evolve!
40 Intensive Outpatient Therapy Shows Rapid Reduction of Veterans' PTSD Symptoms
41 Expert Available to Discuss Children and Anesthesia
42 Blood pressure drug tested for Parkinson's
43 The Medical Minute: Kidney stone prevention is worth the time
44 Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Dissatisfied with Medical Care
45 Microscopic Imaging Pierces the "Black Box" of Cancer Bone Metastasis
46 Scientists Identify New Mechanisms Underlying Pediatric Kidney Cancer
47 Mother's teenage smoking habit is key risk factor for low-birth-weight baby, UCI-led study finds
48 Medical Expert to Parkinson's Patients: "Exercise Often More Effective than Medication"
49 Contact Lens Care: You're Probably Doing It Wrong
50 Pregnant with Epilepsy? Folic Acid May Prevent Language Delays for Baby
51 Drugs for Heart Failure Are Still Under-Prescribed, Years After Initial Study
52 What Can the Herpesvirus Teach Us About Oral Inflammation?
53 From the Hospital to a Horse Farm: Patients Go on Therapeutic Horseback Riding Trip
54 William G. McGowan Charitable Fund Invests in Reversing Metabolic Syndrome Through Six-Year, $9 Million Grant to Rush University Medical Center
55 Number of Opioid Prescriptions Remains Unchanged, Mayo Clinic Research Finds
56 Integrated Sensor Could Monitor Brain Aneurysm Treatment
57 Stem Cell Research for Cystic Fibrosis Leaps Forward
58 Maintaining public trust in use of Big Data for health science
59 Maternal Dengue Immunity Protects Against Fetal Damage in Mice Following Zika Virus Infection
60 Muscle "Switch" May Control the Benefits of Exercise
61 Reanalyzing gene tests prompt new diagnoses in kids
62 ADHA Supports Upcoming Update to Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health
63 $100K Grant Fuels Research Efforts into Rare T-Cell Cancer
64 A New Autoimmune Disease Is Found, Along with a Personalized Treatment for a Child's Rare Illness
65 Heart Surgery Program Earns Top Quality Rating
66 Study Confirms Lower Rate of Repeat Surgery When Hip Implants Use 'Cross-Linked' Polyethylene
67 Preparing for Organized Chaos--Back to School Health Tips for the Whole Family
68 NUS and Harvard scientists develop novel drug that could potentially treat liver cancer more effectively
69 Back to School: Thinking Outside the Carton
70 Machine Learning Links Major Dimensions of Mental Illness in Youth to Abnormalities of Brain Networks
71 How Do You Assess Pain in Children Who Can't Express Themselves? New Research Identifies Priorities in Identifying Pain in Nonverbal Children with Medical Complexity
72 Towards Accurate Results for Patient Care
73 pH Imbalance in Brain Cells May Contribute to Alzheimer's Disease
74 Air Pollution Expert Available to Discuss the Impact of Rolling Back the Fuel Economy Mandate
75 Cellular Communication System in Mice Helps Control Female Fertility
76 ERAS pathway helps cesarean section mothers reduce recovery time and improve outcomes
77 Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines Inadequate for High-Risk Minorities
78 Newly Approved Heart Pump Implant Helps Reduce Hospital Stays
79 Back to School: Advocating for Your Child's Health
80 Blocking Digestive Hormone May Prevent Diet-Induced Pancreatic Cancer
81 Big-Data Study Pinpoints More than 150 Genes Associated with Atrial Fibrillation and Develops Genetic Risk Score
82 Safety Claims up in smoke: Hookah smoking creates cardiovascular risks equal to cigarettes
83 Transgender Individuals Likely Have Higher Risk for Heart Disease
84 Study: Older People Less Apt to Recognize They've Made a Mistake
85 Eating Crickets Can Be Good for Your Gut, According to New Clinical Trial
86 Tobacco Is Marketed More Heavily in Milwaukee's Minority Neighborhoods, Study Finds
87 Leading Heart Surgery Societies Call for Improved Strategies to Treat Rheumatic Heart Disease
88 Heart Transplant Patient Hooked Up to Machines to Walk Daughter Down Aisle to Take Part in Transplant Games of America
89 $1.5 million NIH grant will fund IU research into diabetes risks
90 New Research Opens Door to Expanding Stem Cells Available for Transplants
91 Late nights = no breakfast and more junk food for kids
92 Cedars-Sinai Gets Seniors Moving to Prevent Falls and Loneliness
93 $2.5 million Rutgers Grant Will Study Cadmium Exposure in Expecting Mothers
94 Kids Eat Right Month: Academy Urges Adults to Instill Healthy Habits that Will Last a Lifetime
95 Severe Preeclampsia Heart Imaging Study Reveals Roots of Cardiac Damage in Pregnant Women
96 Novel Vaccine Approach Proves Powerful Against Zika Virus
97 Enzyme Helps Build Motor that Drives Neuron Death
98 Researchers Identify Potential Diagnostic Test for Kawasaki Disease
99 Potential New Class of Drugs May Reduce Cardiovascular Risk by Targeting Gut Microbes
100 Faculty Investigate Safety of Suboxone Use in Pregnant, Opioid-Dependent Women
101 Liquid Biopsy Could Ease the Way to Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer
102 Reducing NOVA1 gene helps prevent tumor growth in most common type of lung cancer
103 Smart Wristband with Wireless Link to Smartphones Could Monitor Health, Environmental Exposures
104 Doxorubicin disrupts the immune system to cause heart toxicity
105 Is Too Much Screen Time Harming Children's Vision?
106 Women Survive Heart Attacks Better with Women Doctors
107 Created Line of Spinal Cord Neural Stem Cells Shows Diverse Promise