File Title
1 Severe human infection with a novel avian-origin influenza A(H7N4) virus
2 Growth in first 3 years of life affects respiratory health in children
3 Prostate problems also associated with sleep disorders and depression
4 Parkinson's disease: An endogenous protein might become a candidate for drug development
5 A computational analysis identifies a new clinical phenotype of severe malaria
6 Latest study reveals sharp rise in essay cheating globally, with millions of students involved
7 Water worlds could support life, study says
8 A telephone for your microbiome
9 A new way to remove ice buildup without power or chemicals
10 Higher depression risk in young adulthood associated with autism spectrum disorders
11 Breakthrough in understanding Warsaw breakage syndrome
12 New guideline aids in diagnosing idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
13 Printing with sound
14 Stroke doubles dementia risk, concludes large-scale study
15 Cryptosporidiosis worsened in mice on probiotics
16 Breakthrough in understanding Warsaw breakage syndrome
17 A breakthrough for Australia's fish
18 Brain scans could distinguish bipolar from depression
19 Research finds troubling disadvantages, including bias, against women in business
20 Gun owners are more politically active, study finds
21 Breaking osteoporosis: New mechanism activates bone-building cells
22 Telescope maps cosmic rays in large and small magellanic clouds
23 Quantum weirdness in 'chicken or egg' paradox
24 Brain scans could distinguish bipolar from depression
25 Oregon researchers offer new way to see dirty underside of glaciers
26 Anti-inflammatory use during surgery could improve cancer outcomes
27 Boosting gravitational wave detectors with quantum tricks
28 Light exchange
29 Individual metering of heating consumption could lead to savings of up to 20 percent
30 Greenhouse emissions from Siberian rivers peak as permafrost thaws
31 Severely traumatized refugees may not necessarily develop PTSD--study
32 Enhancers are easier to predict in the adult stage than those in the fetal stage
33 Superradiance: Quantum effect detected in tiny diamonds
34 Satellites more at risk from fast solar wind than a major space storm
35 Induced changes to political attitude can last over time
36 Veiled supernovae provide clue to stellar evolution
37 Like a zipper--how cells form new blood vessels
38 Tiny microbes playing a big (and even bigger in the future) role in the carbon cycle of China Seas
39 Increased chances of successful IVF if 18-20 eggs are retrieved
40 Powerful tools from VTT to solve challenges in bio- and circular economy
41 Blue-green algae promises to help boost food crop yields
42 Can sustainable development co-exist with current economic growth?
43 Body temperature regulation: how fever comes
44 Mud from the deep sea reveals clues about ancient monsoon
45 New imagery solves mystery of why Mount St. Helens is out of line with other volcanoes
46 Scientists pioneer a new way to turn sunlight into fuel
47 8,000 new antibiotic combinations are surprisingly effective, UCLA biologists report
48 Neutrophil nanosponges soak up proteins that promote rheumatoid arthritis
49 Experiencing homelessness for longer than 6 months can cause significant damage to a child's health
50 How sickled red blood cells stick to blood vessels
51 Pathology and social interactions: Safety in numbers
52 Children born through IVF may have higher risk of hypertension
53 Patients with new-onset AFib after TAVR at highest risk for complications
54 Tracking marine migrations across geopolitical boundaries aids conservation
55 Targeted and population-based strategies both necessary for blood pressure control
56 Chaos-inducing genetic approach stymies antibiotic-resistant superbugs
57 Falling stars hold clue for understanding dying stars
58 Can social media networks reduce political polarization on climate change?
59 Infants can distinguish between leaders and bullies, study finds
60 Stanford scientists engineer way to prevent immune response to gene therapy in mice
61 Evolutionary origins of animal biodiversity
62 Age, race or need for instant gratification--which best predicts how much you will earn?
63 Lack of social mobility more of an 'occupational hazard' than previously known
64 Nalbuphine may help manage opioid-induced urine retention [plus other topics]
65 Natural 'breakdown' of chemicals predicts lung damage in 9/11 firefighters
66 Terahertz spectroscopy enters the single-molecule regime
67 New research shows how children want their food served
68 New approach could help improve severe-storm forecasting
69 Methane to syngas catalyst: two for the price of one
70 Researchers study how wolf predation shapes elk antler evolution
71 Hormone therapy can make prostate cancer worse, study finds
72 Antioxidant reduces risk for second heart attack, stroke
73 Expressing your gratitude is more powerful than you think
74 High precision microbial population dynamics under cycles of feast and famine
75 NYU researchers identify tool to help transgender women have a more authentic voice
76 Focused delivery for brain cancers
77 No evidence that moral reminders reduce cheating behavior, replication effort concludes
78 Effective TB, HIV, malaria vaccines missing from pipeline
79 Ultracold atoms used to verify 1963 prediction about 1D electrons
80 Giving tortoises a 'head start'
81 Think pink for a better view of climate change
82 Knowledge of African-American language and culture benefits teachers in STEM fields
83 NASA-funded rocket to view sun with X-ray vision
84 Why we stick to false beliefs: Feedback trumps hard evidence
85 Kids and concussions: UVA physician helps craft new CDC treatment guideline
86 Overall burden of tumor genome changes can predict patient outcomes
87 Body's own 'bomb squad' can help protect against brain tumors
88 Global warming, El Nino could cause wetter winters, drier conditions in other months
89 Study finds you act most like 'you' in a time crunch
90 UB expert's election forecasting model predicts big House gains for Dems
91 Cheaper, easier access to fruits and veggies key to college students eating better
92 DNA technology provides novel strategy for delivery of complex anti-HIV agent
93 AI beats doctors at predicting heart disease deaths
94 Is TV advertising for health insurance worth the expense? A new study says, 'maybe not'
95 New technology improves hydrogen manufacturing
96 Ohio State scientists identify hormone link between diabetes and hypertension
97 Colorectal cancer: Tipping the scales
98 CDC releases updated guideline on diagnosis and management of pediatric mTBI
99 UT study suggests earlier diagnosis, potential therapy for Huntington's disease
100 Measuring the nanoworld
101 New study finds patients want more information about their medicine
102 Peering into private life of atomic clusters--using the world's tiniest test tubes
103 Researchers identify 25 genetic changes that could have extended human lifespan
104 State-of-the-art imaging techniques reveal heightened detail and beauty of vertebrate life
105 New smart materials could open new research field
106 Fossil teeth show how Jurassic reptiles adapted to changing seas
107 Half of over-60s ignore lifesaving bowel cancer screening
108 Coastal researchers examine resource scarcity and poverty traps in coastal Tanzania
109 Mass. ICU nurse staffing regulations did not improve patient mortality and complications
110 Mount Sinai launches television series on CUNY TV