File Title
1 African armed conflict kills more children indirectly than in actual fighting, study finds
2 Guidance for preventing C. difficile in neonatal intensive care
3 New survey reveals 57 percent of Americans have been surprised by a medical bill
4 UA Cancer Biology graduate student travels ROCKy road toward a cure
5 Missing men, missing infertility: New research flags up problem
6 Water discovered in the Great Red Spot indicates Jupiter might have plenty more
7 Selling access to human specimens: Survey reveals public attitudes
8 Guiding flight: The fruit fly's celestial compass
9 Mapping trees can help count endangered lemurs
10 Catalyst advance could lead to economical fuel cells
11 Information technology jobs outpace most other jobs in productivity and growth since 2004
12 How does helping people affect your brain? Study shows neurobiological effects of providing support to others
13 An international team led by the CNIO reveals that human genome could contain up to 20 percent fewer genes
14 In test with rats, cannabidiol showed sustained effects against depression for 7 days
15 Heritability explains fast-learning chicks
16 Study by blood doctors a breakthrough for hemophiliacs
17 Bird behavior: Biologist finds new, more accurate way of monitoring bird populations
18 Friending God increases purpose in life in the socially disconnected
19 Research could lead to security scanners capable of detecting explosives
20 Psycholinguists build eye-tracking database on reading in Russian
21 Discovery of long-lived macrophages in the intestine
22 Study provides an early recipe for rewiring spinal cords
23 Now we can see brain cells 'talk'--and that will shed light on neurological diseases
24 Russia: Increases in life expectancy, decreases in child deaths, use of alcohol, tobacco
25 Heteractis magnifica sea anemones can help fight Alzheimer's disease
26 Solar eruptions may not have slinky-like shapes after all
27 Insulin gives an extra boost to the immune system
28 Stigmatizing views and myths about psoriasis are pervasive in the United States
29 The potential harbingers of new physics just don't want to disappear
30 Amazonian fruit prevents obesity in overfed mice
31 UVA developing 'two-headed arrow' to kill ovarian cancer
32 New personality test is faster--and tougher to trick
33 New genetic marker could help diagnose aggressive prostate cancer
34 'Blink' and you won't miss amyloids
35 Obstructive sleep apnea linked with higher risk of gout
36 Using telemedicine to increase life expectancy
37 UK MP Twitter abuse increased between 2015 and 2017 general elections
38 Novel therapeutic strategy for blood vessel related disorders, such as cancer and retinopathy
39 Children's bone cancers could remain hidden for years before diagnosis
40 Friction loss at first contact: The material does not forgive
41 Genetically encoded sensor tracks changes in oxygen levels with very high sensitivity
42 Introducing high-performance non-fullerene organic solar cells
43 Researchers discover a novel role of protein in important pathways that lead to cancer malignancy
44 A novel bacterial species named after a Finnish Nobelist A.I. Virtanen
45 The use of psychoactive substances and illegal drugs in the Albanian society
46 New method for hydroboration of alkynes: Radicals induce unusual selectivity
47 Regulatory and effector B cells control scleroderma
48 Mayo Clinic researchers identify a potential new approach to treat HER2 positive breast cancer
49 Engineered sand zaps storm water pollutants
50 Adapt, move or die: how biodiversity reacted to past climate change
51 Climate change increasing the prevalence of harmful parasite, warn scientists
52 Novel intervention halves rate of death among people living with HIV who inject drugs
53 Presynapses come in a packet
54 HPTN 074 demonstrates significant benefits among people living with HIV who inject drugs
55 Crop losses due to insects could nearly double in Europe's bread basket due to climate
56 The Lancet Public Health: Number of very elderly needing round-the-clock care set to double by 2035 in England
57 The Lancet: Armed conflicts may have contributed to 5 million under-5 deaths in Africa over 20 years, study suggests
58 Researchers are turning to deadly venoms in their quests for life-saving therapies
59 New research: Financial disclosure lacking in publication of clinical trials
60 Scientists decode opium poppy genome
61 Study shows how our brain and personality provide protection against emotional distress
62 New program boosts use of HIV medications in injection-drug users
63 Deadline for climate action
64 When neurons turn against themselves
65 Great minds may think alike, but all minds look alike
66 CRISPR halts Duchenne muscular dystrophy progression in dogs
67 Model based on liquid biopsies may predict time to progression in colorectal cancer
68 You are never too old for the Mediterranean diet
69 Global warming: More insects, eating more crops
70 Prehistoric changes in vegetation help predict future of Earth's ecosystems
71 Most land-based ecosystems worldwide risk 'major transformation' due to climate change
72 Breeder meerkats age faster, but their subordinates still die younger
73 Climate change projected to boost insect activity and crop loss, researchers say
74 Simple test detects disease-carrying mosquitoes, presence of biopesticide
75 DNA accessibility, gene expression jointly profiled in thousands of cells
76 How damaging immune cells develop during tuberculosis
77 Injection wells can induce earthquakes miles away from the well
78 Time-restricted feeding improves health in mice with defective circadian clocks
79 Study illustrates challenges of lowering tetanus mortality
80 Newly developed cellphone-read assay Identifies mosquitoes and Wolbachia
81 Artificial cells are tiny bacteria fighters
82 Improving operations for the brain's most malignant tumor
83 Study: Denver's inequities in park access traced to segregation, funding policies
84 Mouse models may not accurately mimic severity of gonorrhea infection
85 How weight loss is linked to future health for older adults
86 Biophysics: Self-centered
87 Dopamine receptor study offers hope for improved treatments with fewer side effects
88 Managing multiple health conditions
89 Mutations, drugs drive cancer by blurring growth signals
90 Genetics and pollution drive severity of asthma symptoms
91 Vicious circle leads to loss of brain cells in old age
92 Better communication can enhance US chemical exposure incident response, new evaluation says
93 Too much sitting--nurses' role in educating patients to reduce health risks of prolonged sedentary time
94 Investigators find that bile acids reduce cocaine reward
95 Even the fittest middle-aged athletes can't outrun cardiovascular risk factors
96 Patient satisfaction with plastic surgery--it's the surgeon, not the practice
97 Patent mining indicates promising routes for research
98 Overcoming resistance
99 Allergists warn that chigger bites may cause allergic reaction to red meat
100 Cannibalistic materials feed on themselves to grow new nanostructures
101 Positional sleep therapy during pregnancy may promote maternal and fetal health
102 Moffitt researchers compare chemotherapy regimens for best outcomes in invasive bladder cancer
103 Russian scientists have increased the Internet speed up to one and a half times
104 Why two?
105 Similar changes in the brains of patients with ADHD and emotional instability
106 Are vulnerable lions eating endangered zebras?
107 Novel concepts for the diagnosis of fatty liver and personalized treatment
108 Bodily sensations give rise to conscious feelings
109 The low impact of the high-speed train on international tourism
110 Inspired by feet