File Title
1 More patients survive sudden cardiac arrest with new EMS technique that uses a breathing tube
2 Novel brain network linked to chronic pain in Parkinson's disease
3 New approach makes sprayed droplets hit and stick to their targets
4 Temperature model predicts regional and seasonal virus transmission by mosquitoes
5 Multiple facets of biodiversity reduce variability of grassland biomass production
6 New compact hyperspectral system captures 5-D images
7 Electric polarization in the macroscopic world and electrons moving at atomic scales
8 The 'invisible hand' doesn't control markets
9 Tackling the great paradox of biodiversity with game theory
10 The math of malaria
11 In warming Arctic, major rivers show surprising changes in carbon chemistry
12 Stellar 'swarms' help astronomers understand the evolution of stars
13 New sensor could help doctors monitor patient progress from a distance
14 Chest pain drug falls short in preventing first episode of ventricular arrhythmia or death
15 Three factors that predict life-threatening respiratory disease in burn patients
16 Study finds how NF-2 gene mutations make cells hyper-responsive to growth factor signaling
17 All that is gold is not biochemically stable
18 Post-workout muscle building and repair blunted in obese adults, study finds
19 Leaf molecules as markers for mycorrhizal associations
20 Up to 8 million deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries yearly due to poor-quality health care
21 Cochrane review looks at accuracy of Xpert for the diagnosis of extrapulmonary TB
22 Protein modifications pointing to cancer
23 If military robot falls, it can get itself up
24 Parasites discovered in fossil fly pupae
25 Breakthrough sensor to help people with bipolar disorder monitor lithium levels
26 Getting to the roots of our ancient cousin's diet
27 A novel nanoactuator system has been developed
28 Study helps children hit the right note in supporting autistic peers
29 FeCo-selenide--Next-generation material in energy storage devices?
30 Invisible needles
31 Remote islands harbor higher numbers of non-native species
32 The more pesticides bees eat, the more they like them
33 Quality registers for surgery exclude many treatment-related adverse events
34 Discovery on East Asian monsoon dynamics
35 Amazonian rainfall increases in wet season
36 Treating inflammatory bowel disorder by delivering microRNAs
37 Carbon in color: First-ever colored thin films of nanotubes created
38 Scientists pinpoint the key mechanism foe amplification of global warming
39 How eggplants became Asian--genomes and elephants tell the story
40 Effects of deep brain stimulation in patients with Parkinson's disease
41 All wired up: New molecular wires for single-molecule electronic devices
42 Novel gene mutation found in lymphatic disorder
43 Scientists sweep cellular neighborhoods where Zika hides out
44 WSU Spokane researchers develop potential drugs to help curb smoking
45 Six countries in the Americas account for half of all firearm deaths
46 Combination approach shows promise for beating advanced melanoma
47 Researchers uncover the science behind blowing bubbles
48 A non-canonical strategy may improve cancer radiotherapy
49 Novel imaging biomarker to help predict coronary inflammation
50 Come together: New laser technique binds aluminum with plastic in injection molding
51 Mapping out cancer's movements
52 Better understanding of potential regeneration after brain/spinal cord injury
53 Disentangling the relationships between cultural traits and other variables
54 Study shows AI can deliver specialty-level diagnosis in primary care setting
55 Smoking and drinking can damage arteries 'very early in life'
56 Immune system prioritizes distinct immune responses in infants with flu
57 Researchers find elusive source of most abundant immune cell
58 INSiGHT identifies unique retinal regulatory genes
59 Goats prefer happy people
60 E. coli strain from retail poultry may cause urinary tract infections in people
61 Genes that regulate how much we dream
62 Machine learning improves searches in world's largest biomedical literature database
63 Misfolded proteins serve as 'inherited memory' of toxic insults
64 Ketamine's antidepressive effects tied to opioid system in brain, Stanford scientists say
65 Few people at risk for heart disease understand food labels
66 Current advice to limit dairy intake should be reconsidered
67 Take a vacation--it could prolong your life
68 Anxiety, depression, other mental distress may increase heart attack, stroke risk in adults over 45
69 Low carbohydrate diets are unsafe and should be avoided
70 Cancer linked to poor prognosis in patients with broken heart syndrome
71 New treatment can halve hospital stays for some patients with heart infection
72 Researchers develop 'cytological ruler' to build 3D map of human genome
73 HIV/AIDS research yields dividends across medical fields
74 Crowdsourced multimedia campaign to boost HIV testing in China
75 Novel technique to treat endometrial cysts is safe and effective
76 Is it safe for women with heart disease to become pregnant?
77 Oral anticoagulants plus antiplatelets associated with poor outcome in atrial fibrillation
78 Blood pressure drug slows aortic dilatation in Marfan syndrome
79 First randomised trial tests criteria used to diagnose heart attack
80 Components of heart healthy diet may differ from what was previously thought
81 Gout drug reduces adverse events in patients with hyperuricaemia
82 Removable balloon is as good as permanent stent implant for opening small blocked arteries
83 Optimal timing of invasive evaluation after heart attack examined in randomized trial
84 Discovery on past deep-water dynamics in the western tropical Pacific
85 Artificial intelligence guides rapid data-driven exploration of underwater habitats
86 Terahertz wave activates filamentation of actin
87 Boron nitride separation process could facilitate higher efficiency solar cells
88 Robotic herding of a flock of birds using drones
89 Genomic study of 412 anthrax strains provides new virulence clues
90 Travelling thousands of kilometers to feed--Otago studies penguins' 'crazy' journeys
91 Mongrel Mob open up to Otago researchers for the good of their health
92 The God of small things
93 The hidden life of rock gnome lichen
94 New test uncovers metabolic vulnerabilities in kidney cancer
95 Speeding progress in migraine requires unraveling sex differences
96 LT breathing tubes after cardiac arrest could save 10,000 more lives
97 How a NASA scientist looks in the depths of the Great Red Spot to find water on Jupiter
98 Study demonstrates a new recurrence-based method that mimics Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
99 Drought, groundwater loss sinks California land at alarming rate
100 Unlocking the secrets of cell division in cancer
101 Stem cells show promise as drug delivery tool for childhood brain cancer
102 Trump supporters on campuses more likely to show prejudice toward international students
103 A climate 'wake-up call'
104 Attacking aftershocks
105 Research study sheds new light on relationship between genes and bone fracture risk
106 Clearing a xenotransplantation hurdle: detecting infectious agents in pigs
107 Not so fast: From shrews to elephants, animal reflexes surprisingly slow
108 Teen dating violence is down, but boys still report more violence than girls
109 Access to 3D printing is changing the work in research labs
110 Ultralaser treatment for fibromyalgia yields 75 percent pain reduction when applied to the hands