File Title
1 The life of a shark scientist
2 UN treaty would protect high seas from over exploitation
3 Marvels of the deep and their superpowers
4 Heatwave: 2018 was the joint hottest summer for UK
5 Golden eagle genome study 'a conservation game changer'
6 Brazil's national museum hit by huge fire
7 Tropical sunfish spotted in Highland waters
8 Gene-editing hope for muscular dystrophy
9 Artificial intelligence used to predict cancer growth
10 Astronauts tackle air leak on International Space Station
11 Hayabusa-2: Japan sets date for spacecraft's asteroid touchdown
12 Fears over protected wildlife disturbed by drones
13 Emails while commuting 'should count as work'
14 Littleport seal with fishing hook in eye found and treated
15 PlayStation 2 repair services close in Japan
16 Actor or algorithm: Can you spot Trump fakes?
17 Esports 'too violent' to be included in Olympics
18 Lucy McHugh death: 'Challenge' over accessing Facebook information
19 West Midlands 5G 'testbed' to trial connected ambulances
20 Skype U-turns on Snapchat-like features after complaints
21 Sajid Javid threatens tech giants over online child sex abuse
22 Kevin Hart: Fans kicked out for using mobile phones at gigs
23 Apple self-driving car in minor crash
24 Jet2 plane withdrawn after flap alert
25 The race to make the world's most powerful computer ever
26 A digital game or a powerful weapon against boardroom crime?
27 Creating start-ups against the odds in Brazil
28 'My robot makes me feel like I haven't been forgotten'
29 US Open 2018: Is Amazon's first serve strong enough?
30 Actor or algorithm: Can you spot Trump fakes?
31 UK 'missing out' on overseas students
32 Kent County Council confirms review on 11+ coaching ban
33 Fire at Roding Primary School, Dagenham
34 Free childcare scheme 'closing' nurseries, education charity says
35 Dentists say fines deterring poor patients
36 England's schools face 'severe' teacher shortage
37 Unmarried mother Siobhan McLaughlin wins Supreme Court benefit case
38 Leicestershire school bus no show in start date mix up
39 Fewer families where no-one working
40 Exam result details now obtainable for free under GDPR
41 Fifth of 14-year-old girls in UK 'have self-harmed'
42 'Rewards don't improve school attendance'
43 The phone calls I made to my dead daughter
44 Doctors told to ditch Latin and use 'plain English'
45 How your heart age is key to heart attack or stroke risk
46 Suicide rate among UK men at lowest since 1981
47 New Versius robot surgery system coming to NHS
48 Doctors' mental health at tipping point
49 BBC presenter Rachael Bland says she has only days to live
50 Claire Wineland: Cystic fibrosis activist dies at 21
51 Payout for man who lost penis to superbug at Southend Hospital
52 The top surgeon who harmed patients for years
53 Belfast woman forced to go to Dublin for urgent eye surgery
54 Organ donation: Man's nine-year wait for heart transplant
55 Teenagers who smoke and drink suffer ill effects by age of 17
56 Is 'Brazilian butt lift' surgery a risk worth taking?
57 The hospice remembering children in birdsong
58 Reference: Facts About Fluorine
59 Ancient Quasars Provide Incredible Evidence for Quantum Entanglement
60 The Arctic's Most Stable, Solid Patch of Ice Is Melting
61 Massive, Ancient Stone Monument in Kenya Held More than 500 Bodies, 400 Gerbil Teeth
62 Hurricane Lane, a Monster Category 4 Storm, Barrels Toward Hawaii
63 Neanderthals and Denisovans Mated, New Hybrid Bone Reveals
64 UK Woman Contracts Rare 'Flesh-Eating' STD
65 This Professor Called Coconut Oil 'Pure Poison.' Is She Right?
66 Reference: Facts About Neon
67 Just One Night of Poor Sleep May Add to Weight Gain, Muscle Loss
68 A 55-Foot Fin Whale Washed Up on a Massachusetts Beach. What Killed It?
69 Massive Pyramid, Lost City and Ancient Human Sacrifices Unearthed in China
70 See an Alligator Devour Another Alligator in These Gruesome Photos
71 Tons of Major Quakes Have Rattled the World Recently. Does that Mean Anything?
72 Earth's Magnetic Field Can Reverse Poles Ridiculously Quickly, Study Suggests
73 A Whole Lot of the Planet Is on Fire Right Now
74 Gamma-Rays Spewed as a Black Hole Forms Might 'Reverse Time'
75 Deadly 'Love Vine' Penetrates Wasps' Homes (and Drains Their Bodies)
76 Twitter Bots and Trolls Fuel Online Discord About Vaccines
77 Reference: Facts About Yttrium
78 Scientists Blasted Mirrors with Lasers to Listen to Light
79 Blue-Eyed Immigrants Transformed Ancient Israel 6,500 Years Ago
80 There's No 'Safe' Level of Alcohol Consumption, Global Study Finds
81 Will Baby Poop Bacteria Become the New Probiotic?
82 NASA Will Launch a Laser into Space Next Month to Track Earth's Melting Ice
83 How Scientists Created the Purest Drop of Water on Earth
84 Glowing NASA Map Shows Huge Dust Clouds Swirling Across Earth
85 Texas Man Survived a Shark Bite. Now the Wound Has Flesh-Eating Bacteria.
86 Siberian Permafrost Reveals Perfectly Preserved Ice-Age Baby Horse
87 This Asteroid Poses No Risk--Again, No Risk--to Us Earthlings
88 'Lost Squadron' WWII Warplane Discovered Deep Beneath a Greenland Glacier
89 Watch 1,400 Tarantula Babies Emerge from Their Mother's Egg Sac
90 Why Does the Earth Rotate?
91 What Forehead Wrinkles Might Tell You About Your Heart Health
92 Marijuana and Pregnancy: 5 Key Takeaways from the New Official Guidelines
93 E.T., Phone Earth? How Neutron-Star Crashes Could Help Aliens Call Us
94 Scientists Discover a Sixth Species of Ebola Virus--in Bats
95 Why Jupiter's Rapid Growth Spurt Was Delayed for Millions of Years
96 85 Miles of Atlantic Coral Reef Stayed Hidden Until Now
97 Old Stone Drought Warning Resurfaces in Europe: 'When You See Me, Cry'
98 Scientists Find a Strange New Cell in Human Brains: The 'Rosehip Neuron'
99 Reference: Obesity: Causes, Complications & Treatments
100 Divers Find Enormous, Creepy Squid on New Zealand Beach
101 How a Hangover Affects Your Brain the Next Day
102 Zafar the Sexually-Frustrated Dolphin Shuts Down Beach in France
103 If You Have Heart Disease, Too Much 'Good' Cholesterol May Be Harmful
104 How Does a Black Hole Form?
105 China Won't Share Its Samples of a Deadly Flu Virus. Here's Why that's a Problem.
106 A New 'Brown Tide' Could Make Florida's Dangerous Red Tide Worse
107 1,000 Human Teeth Uncovered in Excavation for Australian Subway
108 Which Is Rarer: Gold or Diamonds?
109 What Is CBD Oil, and Does It Really Work?