File Title
1 Diabetes risk higher among LGBQ teens than heterosexual teens, study finds
2 High-Throughput Flow Cytometry in Drug Discovery
3 Host Antibodies Shape Gut Microbiome by Changing Bacteria Gene Expression
4 Center for Infectious Disease Research to Join Seattle Children's Research Institute
5 Pediatric Sepsis Care Within an Hour Decreases Chance of Death, Largest Ever Analysis Finds
6 International Organization Releases New Guidelines for Treatment and Prevention of HIV Infection in Adults
7 Chance of Being Prescribed Opioids for a Minor Injury Differs Dramatically by Where You Live
8 New Efforts to Control Opioids Become 'Funhouse Mirror Image' of Prior Policies
9 Recycling Provides Manufacturers with Real Competitive and Economic Advantages, Study Says
10 Intractable Hiccups May Be More Common than We Think
11 Texas Tech University Professor Develops Artificial Cornea Grown on a Chip
12 Researchers Characterize "Mutational Burden" of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
13 Alzheimer's Disease Risk Impacted by the Liver, Diet
14 Fitness Trackers Prove Helpful in Monitoring Cancer Patients
15 Can Telehealth Aid in Disaster Relief?
16 Does Sparkling Water Hydrate You?
17 Novel Nutrition Bar Improves Asthma Symptoms in Obese Teens
18 Women and Older People Under-Represented in Drug Trials for Heart Disease
19 Huge Global Productivity Boost in Sight
20 Thomas Jefferson University Announces the first Optimizer Smart Device Implantation
21 Survey: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Oppose Cuts to SNAP Program
22 Artwork May Help Improve Patients' Perceptions of Their Hospital Experience
23 The Surprising Uses of Botox
24 Researchers Identify Distinct Airway and Gastrointestinal Microbiomes in Child Sufferers of Chronic Cough
25 Mount Sinai and Novotalk Sign a Joint Venture Agreement to Bring Innovative Speech and Language Therapeutic Technologies to Patients
26 Tobacco Regulation Advocates Get Support from Medical Professional Organizations in Court Filing
27 New Strategy for Cancer Therapy Spells Double Trouble for Tumors
28 The Medical Minute: Small Changes Can Make Big Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity
29 Parkinson's Treatments Being Developed Could Benefit Most People with the Disease
30 Immune Response Likely Culprit in Eyelid Gland Condition that Causes Dry Eye
31 A New Roadmap for Repairing the Damage of Multiple Sclerosis
32 A New Milestone in Laboratory Grown Human Brain Tissue
33 Lowering Blood Pressure Reduces Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia
34 Defining Worker Well-Being--Experts Propose New Framework
35 New Diagnostic Blood Test Helps Rule Out Need for CT Scans in Patients with Possible Traumatic Brain Injuries
36 Feel Lightheaded When Standing Up? You May Have a Greater Risk of Dementia
37 Giving Plasma to Trauma Patients with Severe Bleeding During Air Transport Saves Lives
38 Researchers Identify New Arthritis Severity Gene
39 BIDMC Researchers ID the Brain's Claustrum as Likely Origin of Parkinsonism's Tremors, Rigidty and Slowed Movement
40 Early Detection Essential for Nail Melanoma
41 Organ Transplant Patients Have Increased Skin Cancer Risk
42 People with Skin of Color Face Unique Dermatologic Concerns
43 New Study Finds that Aging Can Make It More Difficult to Swallow
44 Research Shows Free Skin Cancer Screenings Can Help Save Lives
45 Traumatic Brain Injury: Discovery of Two Molecules Could Lead to New Drug Treatments
46 Iowa State University Will Lead New, National Institute to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance
47 Surgeons Discuss Options When the Risks of Surgery May Be Too High
48 For Spinal Fusion Surgery Patients, Taking Opioids Before Surgery Is Major Risk Factor for Long-Term Opioid Use
49 Mind-Body Therapies Can Help Teens with Anxiety--The Nurse Practitioner Presents Review and Update
50 Fat Production and Burning are Synchronized in Livers of Mice with Obesity
51 Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde: Study Reveals Healing Mesenchymal Cells Morph and Destroy Muscles in Models of Spinal Cord Injury, ALS and Spinal Muscular Atrophy
52 Can Scientists Leverage Mysterious Mossy Cells for Brain Disease Treatments?
53 Nebraska Partners in Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance
54 Orthopedics & Joint Replacement at Mercy Medical Center Offers Patients Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Knee Replacement with Makoplasty System
55 Combined Approach Offers Hope to Lung Cancer Patients Who Become Resistant to Drugs
56 New Study Shows L-Glutamine Decreases Sickle Cell Pain Crises, Hospitalizations
57 Pictures of Success in 3-D Printing
58 Festo Introduces Its Latest High Speed/Low Volume Liquid Transfer System
59 Calling All Baby Boomers: Get Tested for Hepatitis C
60 How Should Doctors Discuss Treatment Options with Older Kidney Failure Patients?
61 Do Too Many Patents Stifle Progress in Biomedicine?
62 ProMedica with the Addition of HCR ManorCare is Set to Transform Health Care for Seniors
63 Cannabis Does Not Improve Breathlessness During Exercise in Patients with Advanced COPD
64 Making Every Step Count
65 Why Bariatric Surgery Wait Times Have Nearly Doubled in 10 Years
66 Study: Medicare Coverage Limits Put Seniors' Vision Needs at Risk
67 UCI center to advance the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare
68 Taking Oats Beyond the Breakfast Aisle
69 Federal Government Approves Penn Medicine to Develop Imaging Guidelines
70 Researcher Finds Risk of Later Death After Donor Blood, Marrow Transplant in Childhood
71 Study of Molecules from Breast Milk and Seaweed Suggests Strategies for Controlling Norovirus
72 UB Research Suggests How Stimulant Treatments for ADHD Work
73 Alcala Labs First to Integrate Neoteryx's VAMS Technology for Substance Abuse Monitoring
74 Neoteryx Expands Its Mitra Microsampling Portfolio to Include 30 microliters Tip Size
75 New Study Validates Neoteryx's VAMS Technology for at-home Blood Collection in Monitoring HbA1c Levels of Diabetic Children
76 PixCell Medical Presents the HemoScreen: Blood Testing at the Point of Care
77 The 30 Minute Check-Up
78 Experimental Drug Reverses Hair Loss and Skin Damage Linked to Fatty Diet, Shows New Study in Mice
79 Opioids and Older Adults: Poll Finds Support for Prescribing Limits, and Need for Better Counseling and Disposal Options
80 Scientists Discover a Dynamic Cellular Defense Against Breast Cancer Invasion
81 WVU Researchers Working to Stop Cancer-Growth Protein
82 Software Framework Designed to Accelerate Drug Discovery Wins IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge
83 Ivosidenib earns FDA approval against IDH1+ acute myeloid leukemia
84 Diabetes Drugs Act as Powerful Curb for Immune Cells in Controlling Disease-causing Inflammation
85 Parents: Think Twice Before You Pressure Your Picky Eater
86 UCI awarded $9 million grant to determine the long-term effects of cannabis on adolescents and study the impact of cannabis across the lifespan
87 Bayshore Medical Center Launches Y-90 Radioembolization Outpatient Tumor Treatment
88 Fujirebio Enters into Agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals to Develop and Commercialize Amyloid [beta] 42/40 ratio Assay
89 Magnetic Nanoparticles Deliver Chemotherapy to Difficult-to-Reach Spinal Tumors
90 Nation's longest single-site kidney chain reaches 100
91 Loyola Offering Intraoperative Radiation Therapy to Broad Range of Cancer Patients
92 American Academy of Ophthalmology Launches New Scientific Journal Dedicated to Glaucoma Research
93 Harnessing Hair Loss Gene Could Improve Cancer Immunotherapy
94 Sequencing a Malaria Mosquito's Motherline
95 Vanderbilt Team Finds Potent Antibodies Against Three Ebola Viruses
96 Storytelling May Help Reduce Delirium in Hospitalized Elderly Patients
97 Kindergartener or College Student, Your Child with Allergies Needs to Prepare for Back to School
98 The PrEP Paradox
99 Breakthroughs in Portable Diagnostic Tests to Be Presented in a Special Competition at the 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting
100 Therapy for Rare Cancers Receives FDA Approval Following Trials at Penn's Abramson Cancer
101 Real-Time Foot-and-Mouth Strategy to Better Fight Disease
102 Heat Therapy Boosts Mitochondrial Function in Muscles
103 Glaucoma Research Foundation Grant Leads to Major Breakthrough in Neuron Regeneration
104 Six Proposals Receive Seed Funds to Develop Medical Devices for Children
105 Riverview Medical Center Named as one of the Most Beautiful Hospitals in the U.S.
106 Seattle Children's Announces New Odessa Brown Children's Clinic to Better Serve the Needs of the Community