File Title
1 Mayo Clinic again named among Disability Equality Index Best Places to Work
2 Researchers Find Hidden Signals in RNAs that Regulate Protein Synthesis
3 Self-Control and Obesity: Gender Matters in Children
4 Overcoming a Major Barrier to Developing Liquid Biopsies
5 Nonsuicidal Self--Injury Among Adolescents
6 By Sending Tests in the Mail, Researchers Boost Colorectal Cancer Screening
7 CRF Skirball Center for Innovation Partners with Siemens Healthineers to Advance Imaging Capabilities for Structural Heart Disease Research
8 New ALS Therapy in Clinical Trials
9 NIH Awards $42 Million Grant to Fuel Research Discoveries at Tulane National Primate Research Center
10 Technique May Improve Lung Delivery of Bacteria-Killing Phage
11 Tackling Cancer at Ground Zero with Designer Molecules
12 Majority of Older Adults with Probable Dementia Are Likely Unaware They Have It, Study Suggests
13 UF Researchers Zero in on Potential Threat of New Mosquito Virus
14 FAU, Collaborators Receive $1.68 Million NIH Grant for Sleep and Metabolic Disorders
15 Bariatric Surgery Is Effective Under the Right Circumstances
16 Interactive Web Site Aims to Reduce Yoga Injuries
17 $26.5 Million Grant to Fund First Large-Scale Study on African-American Men with Prostate Cancer
18 With Innovative Orientation Curriculum Tailored for Clinical Nurse Educators, Wolters Kluwer Addresses Staff Onboarding and Practice-Readiness Challenges
19 Why Men Might Recover from Flu Faster than Women
20 High Vinculin Levels Help Keep Aging Fruit Fly Hearts Young
21 For Professional Baseball Players, Faster Hand-Eye Coordination Linked to Batting Performance
22 $26.5 million Grant Helps Investigators 'RESPOND' to Prostate Cancer
23 Military Personnel Show Brain Changes Similar to Those Seen in Retired Football Players with Suspected Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
24 Large Study Shows that Early Physical and Sexual Abuse Is Associated with a Greater Risk of Endometriosis
25 Dim that Light: Settling Your Child to Sleep
26 New Coalition of Philanthropists Including Bill Gates and Leonard Lauder Commit More than $30 Million to Develop New Tools to Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease
27 Formation of Flow Alliance Boosts Global Availability of Polymer Microfluidic Products
28 Avoiding Sunburns this Summer
29 Tips for Men Considering Plastic Surgery
30 Heart Attack Risk on the Rise for Pregnant Women and Death Rate Remains High
31 Beef Jerky and Other Processed Meats Associated with Manic Episodes
32 In August: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Celebrates Fifth Annual Kids Eat Right Month
33 Sugar Improves Memory in Over-60s--Helping Them Work Smarter
34 American Pain Society Statement on Research, Funding and Opioids
35 Autism Risk Determined by Health of Mother's Guts
36 Cancer Patients May Experience Delayed Skin Effects of Anti-PD-1 Therapy
37 BBQ Breakdown: How Summertime Staples Can Impact Your Health
38 Asian-Americans Face Barriers to Healthy Aging
39 Researchers Solve Mystery of How ALL Enters the Central Nervous System
40 Triple-Threat
41 Study Finds Melanoma Biomarkers Predicting Checkpoint Blocker Response
42 StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter System Receives FDA Clearance for Capillary Testing with Critically Ill Patients
43 Prolonged Opioid Use Before Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery Increases Risk of Poor Outcomes
44 The Medical Minute: Staying Safe While Camping and Hiking
45 Pregnancy History May Be Tied to Alzheimer's Disease
46 HIV Expert: "Stop Enabling HIV Epidemic, Normalize Testing"
47 Lowering Hospitals' Medicare Costs Proves Difficult
48 N/A
49 Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis Deaths Skyrocket in Young Adults
50 Earlier Intervention for Mitral Valve Disease May Lead to Improved Outcomes
51 'Good Cholesterol' May Not Always be Good for Postmenopausal Women
52 GW Study Will Examine Molecular Mechanisms of Male Bias in Autism
53 ALPCO Releases STELLUX Chemi Active GLP-1 (7-36) amide ELISA to Accurately Quantify Fasted Levels
54 Anesthesia, surgery linked to subtle decline in memory and thinking in older adults, Mayo study finds
55 Mayo Clinic Researchers Uncover Methods to Quantify the Yips and Golfer's Cramp
56 Researcher Investigates Risk for Opioid Overdose in Rural West Virginia
57 App, Brief Intervention May Be Lifesaver for Suicidal Teens
58 Binge Drinking During Adolescence Impairs Working Memory, Finds Mouse Study
59 Replacing Conventional Cancer Treatment with Complementary Medicine Decreases Patient Survival
60 Analysis of Prostate Tumors Reveals Clues to Cancer's Aggressiveness
61 The Mount Sinai Hospital Is First in New York to Be Accredited as a Geriatric Emergency Department
62 Georgetown Physician on Separated Immigrant Families
63 Study: ADHD Drugs Do Not Improve Cognition in Healthy College Students
64 Memory Foam for Vascular Treatment Receives FDA Clearance
65 Enzyme Identified as Possible Novel Drug Target for Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassemia
66 Broken Bones Among Older People Increase Risk of Death for Up to 10 Years
67 Low/No Calorie Soft Drinks Improve Outcomes in Advanced Colon Cancer Patients
68 Discovery of Kidney Cancer Driver Could Lead to New Treatment Strategy
69 Diabetes during Pregnancy May Increase Baby's Heart Disease Risk
70 Optimize Laboratory Workflow with Yaskawa Motoman Track-Based Specimen Processing Systems
71 AutoSorter 1200 Provides Fast, Accurate Pre- and Post-Analytic Specimen Processing
72 UK Communication Professor Seeks Drug Disposal Solutions
73 Study Reveals Long-Term Effectiveness of Therapy for Common Cause of Kidney Failure
74 Supplemental Oxygen Eliminates Morning Blood Pressure Rise in Sleep Apnea Patients Following CPAP Withdrawal
75 Drug Now in Clinical Trials for Parkinson's Strengthens Heart Contractions in Animals
76 UTEP Pharmacy Students Travel Outside their Comfort Zone, Learn Outside the Classroom
77 Sunday in the Park with AARDA!
78 UK Researchers Study New Therapy to Treat Opioid Use Disorder
79 How Tendon Transfer Surgery Restored Hand and Arm Functions to Spinal Cord Injury Patient
80 Leading Tennessee Hospital Lends a Helping Paw to Patients and Their Families
81 Scientists Reverse Aging-Associated Skin Wrinkles and Hair Loss in a Mouse Model
82 Greening Vacant Lots Reduces Feelings of Depression in City Dwellers
83 PhRMA Foundation Highlights More than $3 Million in Funding in 2017 Annual Report
84 Is Collaborative Care the Answer to the Mental Health Epidemic?
85 The South Side Renaissance Fund: Expanding Healthy Homes and South Side Renaissance Homes
86 UC San Diego Researchers Receive Funding to Pursue Novel Stem Cell-based Treatments
87 Australia Led Global Push to Tackle PCOS--the Principal Cause of Infertility in Women
88 New MOF Vaccines Could Expand Access to Immunization and Reduce Global Health Care Costs
89 Why Athletes Should Include Massage in Their Fitness Regimen
90 Mum's Sleep Matters: The Effect of Sleep on an Unborn Baby
91 Curing Breast Cancer but at What Cost? Patients Report Heavy Financial Toll
92 Challenging the Status Quo: Report Urges the Use of Local Context to Determine Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds in Low- and Middle-income Countries
93 Nurse Telephone Support and Home Telemonitoring Are Cost-Effective in Chronic Heart Failure Management
94 Antipsychotics Prove Effective in Killing Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells
95 The Type and Number of Drinker-related Harms Differ by Proximity and Gender
96 Study suggests ways DPP-4 inhibitor might prevent kidney disease
97 New Study in JNCCN Calls for Continued Aggressive Treatment for Breast Cancer in Women Under 40
98 Hijacked Cell Response to Stress Reveals Promising Drug Targets for Blood Cancer
99 How We See Others' Emotions Depends on Our Pre-Conceived Beliefs
100 Mount Sinai Study Provides Insight into How Dying Neurons Control "Eating" Behaviors of the Brain's Debris Clearing Cells
101 Habitat for Humanity to Implement Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Program for Aging-in-Place
102 How a Frog Puppet and an Amateur Chef are Helping Kids Eat Healthier in NYC's "Urban Food Desert"
103 Largest Genetic Database on Alzheimer's Disease Now Re-open for Business
104 Why Do Kidney Disease and Heart Failure Correlate?
105 Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment Reduced to a Single Dose
106 An Enzyme's Active Site Determines Its Reactivity
107 Study shows why eastern U.S. air pollution levels are more stagnant in winter
108 A Little Preparation and Common Sense Go a Long Way in the Great Outdoors
109 Scientists get first look at T cell responses in Ebola virus survivors
110 Patients with Right-Sided Colon Cancer Have Poorer Survival Rates than Those with Left-Sided Disease
111 Point-of-Care Drug Testing Deliberations
112 Biotin AGAIN