File Title
1 Surgical mesh implants may cause autoimmune disorders
2 Case study: Child's lobectomy reveals brain's ability to reorganize its visual system
3 Past experiences shape what we see more than what we are looking at now
4 Turning off protein could boost immunotherapy effectiveness on cancer tumors
5 Just two weeks' inactivity can trigger diabetic symptoms in vulnerable patients
6 A reliable, easy-to-use mouse model for investigating bone metastasis
7 The bladder can regenerate like nobody's business and now we know why
8 Scientists discover potential therapy for human copper metabolism disorders
9 Researcher and her students discover lesser-known gene associated with breast cancer
10 Young Americans support gun regulation but not ban
11 Liver cancer cell 'switch' found that could improve future therapies
12 Findings could pave way for new approaches in regenerative medicine and tumor therapy
13 Study shows how Oropouche virus replicates in human cells
14 Lack of a single molecule may indicate severe and treatment-resistant depression
15 Nanoparticle vaccine made with peptides effective against influenza virus, study finds
16 Microfluidic system incorporates neuroinflammation into 'Alzheimer's in a dish' model
17 Research on mutation 'hotspots' in DNA could lead to new insights on cancer risks
18 Here's what happened when one unvaccinated NYC kid got measles
19 Harnessing hair loss gene could improve cancer immunotherapy
20 Cannabinoid improves survival rates of mice with pancreatic cancer
21 Team finds potent antibodies against three Ebola viruses
22 Advancing the search for antibodies to treat Alzheimer's disease
23 Drinking while breast-feeding may dampen child's brain development
24 Study provides next clue to preventing dangerous episodes of low blood sugar with diabetes
25 Neuroengineering in three-dimensional brain-like microenvironments
26 Experimental drug reverses hair loss and skin damage linked to fatty diet, shows new study in mice
27 Brain game doesn't offer brain gain
28 Scientists discover a dynamic cellular defense against breast cancer invasion
29 Researchers uncover potential new role of long noncoding RNA in fatty liver disease
30 Lab identifies new model to study connectivity in the developing brain
31 Storytelling may help reduce delirium in hospitalized elderly patients
32 Teen boy suffers serious burns after 'Hot Water Challenge'
33 New research challenges common assumptions about people who use food shelves
34 How to decipher those food 'sell-by' dates
35 How hospital youth workers are helping to combat serious youth violence
36 The lifesaving power of gratitude (or, why you should write that thank you note)
37 Mimicking the human placental barrier to better understand the dynamic organ
38 Acidic pH--the weakness of cancer cells
39 Survey of Sexual Medicine Society members reveals only half ask for patients' sexual orientation
40 Heat therapy boosts mitochondrial function in muscles
41 A healthy BMI when you're young could safeguard your heart for later life
42 Mindful brains
43 Technology for incontinence hasn't developed that much since ancient Egyptian times
44 Soccer heading worse for women's brains than for men's
45 Use of VA services impacted by external economic, policy changes
46 AMA opposes proposed cuts, gag orders for reproductive health
47 Chile's rock art llamas divulge secrets of ancient desert culture
48 How do religious ideologies spread?
49 Diversity and education influence India's population growth
50 Research solves a 160-year-old mystery about the origin of skeletons
51 Dead gorgeous: ancient sarcophagus held mirror, cosmetics
52 $2.99 or $3.00? Will the difference of a penny get you to the checkout counter?
53 Homo sapiens developed a new ecological niche that separated it from other hominins
54 Checking phones in lectures can cost students half a grade in exams
55 Making thread in Bronze Age Britain
56 'Amazing Dragon' unearthed in China pushes back date of earliest sauropods in Asia
57 Archeological plant remains point to southwest Amazonia as crop domestication center
58 Are boys more cliquey than girls?
59 Google searches reveal cross-cultural desire to order food delivery at specific times
60 Nearly forgotten 'dinosaur' bone found to belong to ancient hippo-like creature
61 Creating 'synthetic' fossils in the lab sheds light on fossilization processes
62 Volunteers find 560,000-year-old milk tooth in France
63 New study suggests Shroud of Turin a fake, supporting study retracted
64 Paleontologists discover largest dinosaur foot to date
65 'Stable marriages' between microbes, nutrients may explain diverse yet stable communities
66 New sources of melanin pigment shake up ideas about fossil animals' colour
67 Solving the mystery of an unusual medieval text
68 Research suggests another way Neanderthals were like us: They could start their own fires
69 Evidence of Salmonella Paratyphi C found for the first time in medieval northern Europe
70 Ancient pottery factory unveiled in Israel
71 Healthy relationships education offers a real chance to reduce domestic violence
72 A new look at racial disparities in police use of deadly force
73 Hate speech from women is judged harsher than that from men
74 Now we finally know what Ancient Greek music sounded like
75 HILDA reveals no real change in gender roles
76 Satellites can advance sustainable development by highlighting poverty
77 Juvenile justice practices in Europe can inform practices in the US
78 Study: Student loans hamper wealth accumulation among black, Hispanic adults
79 Canada using genealogical sites to identify deportees
80 'Unreasonable behaviour' most common ground for divorce, new research suggests
81 Parents inclined to invest more if child attends better quality school
82 Montane pine forests reached the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula 50,000 years ago
83 When it comes to decisions, breaking up is hard to do
84 Consumers trust supermarkets more than online giants, new research shows
85 Obstacles limiting the preservation of global heritage by UNESCO revealed
86 The best spies in the skies analyze Mellaria
87 Microbes in the Hong Kong subway system mix together by evening rush hour
88 Predatory sea corals team up to feed on stinging jellyfish
89 A miniaturized semiconductor biochip to identify drug-resistant pathogens
90 Genetically modifying rice to produce HIV-neutralizing proteins
91 What's a spider's favorite color? Study finds surprising answers
92 Largest king penguin colony has shrunk nearly 90 percent
93 Great tits have as much impulse control as chimpanzees
94 Don't call dolphin hybrid spotted off Hawaii a 'wholphin'
95 Research into cell-to-cell signalling mechanism may lead to new cancer treatments
96 DNA repair after CRISPR cutting not at all what people thought
97 Sequencing a malaria mosquito's motherline
98 Diet matters less than evolutionary relationships in shaping gut microbiome
99 Natural habitat can help farmers control pests, but not always a win-win
100 World's biggest king penguin colony shrinks 90 percent
101 Psychologist proposes whales use song as sonar
102 New process in root development discovered
103 Do bacteria ever go extinct? New research says yes, bigtime
104 In the ant world, a mix of worker sizes leads to building superior nests
105 Researchers are first to sequence rare bacteria that causes rampant tooth decay
106 A novel antibiotic from weeds
107 Study reveals new geometric shape used by nature to pack cells efficiently
108 Engineering 3-D bio-printed scaffolds to regenerate damaged peripheral nervous systems
109 Extinct vegetarian cave bear diet mystery unravelled
110 Study finds animals can use muscle as an internal water source