File Title
1 Harvey samples saddled with antibiotic-resistant genes
2 Multiple pregnancies might make women's cells 'age' faster
3 Contact sports associated with Lewy body disease, Parkinson's disease symptoms, dementia
4 Team shatters theoretical limit on bio-hydrogen production
5 Vibrations at an exceptional point
6 New film reveals experiences of LGBTQ young people in care
7 New strategy for cancer therapy spells double trouble for tumors
8 Demon in the details of quantum thermodynamics
9 New study offers hope of recovery from spinal cord injury
10 All thyroid cancers are not 'created equal'--avoiding unnecessary or 'excessive' treatment
11 Neural link between depression and bad sleep identified
12 Cognitive and motor training combined may slow down progress of dementia or even reverse it
13 Sounds of the sun
14 A new milestone in laboratory grown human brain tissue
15 Despite negative consequences, benevolent sexism helps in search for mate
16 Fires, floods and satellite views: Modeling the Boreal forest's future
17 A new roadmap for repairing the damage of multiple sclerosis
18 New data show dramatic progress in Namibia toward HIV epidemic control; gaps elsewhere
19 The dark side of antibiotic ciprofloxacin
20 Artificial enzymes perform reactions on living cells
21 This cat-borne parasite might just make you more entrepreneurial
22 A breath test for early-stage Parkinson's
23 Half of female students experience psychological distress, CAMH study shows
24 Unisexual salamander evolution: A long, strange trip
25 Amphibians face many challenges in Brazilian rain forest
26 Curbs on legal highs cut need for hospital care, study suggests
27 Manure slipping through (soil) cracks
28 Benefits of early antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children
29 Survey: Nearly two-thirds of Americans oppose cuts to SNAP program
30 First-time observation of genetic/physiological damage caused by nanoplastics in mussels
31 University researchers discover new species of venomous snake
32 Heart disease and cancer kill more people in developing nations than in Western countries
33 Chemicals that keep drinking water flowing may also cause fouling
34 Researchers upgrade organic solar cells to be used in roof tiles generating power
35 Traffic jams in the brain
36 Brain activity cautions against buying stocks
37 Switching sides: The betrayal of an anti-cancer gene
38 Homing pigeons use local natural odors to find their way
39 A century-old model for life's origin gets significant substantiation
40 Combined approach offers hope to lung cancer patients who become resistant to drugs
41 Tokyo Tech Hosono's story of IGZO TFT development features in Nature Electronics
42 Faulty cytoskeleton impairs immune cells
43 'All-star' team of molecules could be key to improving cancer therapy
44 New enzyme discovery may help improve drugs against cancer, diabetes and obesity
45 It's time to 3D sketch with air scaffolding
46 Multi-disease health fairs, 'test and treat' help E. African communities achieve HIV goals
47 Fauci: HIV remission free of antiretroviral therapy is a feasible goal
48 Unconventional connections: How inhibition hones cortical selectivity
49 New method adds missing functionality to brain organoids
50 Greater market liquidity actually increases risk, according to Ben-Gurion University researchers
51 New clues to origins of mysterious atmospheric waves in Antarctica
52 Sunless tanning may not be the answer to preventing skin cancer
53 Study identifies possible treatment target for Alzheimer's, age-related cognitive decline
54 Women and older people under-represented in drug trials for heart disease
55 Zika viruses show potential as treatment for high-risk childhood cancer
56 Risk factors associated with revision for prosthetic joint infection after hip replacement
57 The blueprint for El Nino diversity
58 Tropical forests may soon hinder, not help, climate change effort
59 Discovery of a new potential treatment for visceral leishmaniasis
60 EPFL uses excitons to take electronics into the future
61 An insect-inspired drone deforms upon impact
62 New class of materials could be used to make batteries that charge faster
63 Are boys more cliquey than girls?
64 Soil bugs munch on plastics
65 Bacterial communities use sophisticated strategy to communicate over long distances
66 Engaging patients in health care redesign improves outcomes
67 How was Mediterranean diet associated with severity of psoriasis?
68 Huge reservoir of liquid water detected under the surface of Mars
69 Experts strongly recommend catheter based closure for 'hole in the heart' patients
70 Time is running out in the tropics--researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse
71 How to design better clinical trials to address 'critically low' dementia research shortfall
72 Light device is effective ulcer treatment
73 Why men say they've had more lifetime sexual partners than women
74 Turbo-charging chemotherapy for lung cancer
75 NE Australian marine heatwave shakes up coral reef animal populations
76 Mapping mountaintop coal mining's yearly spread in Appalachia
77 Great Barrier Reef reveals rapid changes of ancient glaciers
78 Relationship between amount and frequency of sugars intake by children
79 Increased caries risk among perinatally HIV-infected youth on integrase inhibitors
80 Unfolded protein response is associated with dentinogenesis imperfecta
81 MMP20 may initiate enamel formation via basement membrane degradation
82 Study show PD-1 role in maintaining stem cell function
83 Study: Intensive blood pressure control reduces risk of mild cognitive impairment
84 Parkinson's treatments being developed could benefit most people with the disease
85 Thinking about quitting Facebook? There's a demographic analysis for that
86 Better clinical trials must address 'critically low' dementia research shortfall
87 Leggy lizards don't survive the storm
88 Protein affected by rare Parkinson's mutation may lurk behind many cases of the disease
89 Easy-Bake fossils
90 Blood plasma during emergency air transport saves lives
91 A new catalyst for water splitting that is the best of both worlds
92 The hidden hazards of antibiotic resistance genes in air
93 Immune response likely culprit in eyelid gland condition that causes dry eye
94 Feel lightheaded when standing up? You may have a greater risk of dementia
95 Among golden-crowned sparrows, a false crown only fools strangers
96 Creating 'synthetic' fossils in the lab sheds light on fossilization processes
97 Something fishy on the high seas
98 Billions of dollars on AIDS prevention: Did any of it work?
99 Fish body shape holds key to make fishery management cheaper, easier
100 Antibacterial glass ionomer cement with chlorhexidine-encapsulated mesoporous silica
101 Saliva extracellular RNA: new horizon in dental, oral and craniofacial research
102 Agricultural & urban habitat drive long-term bird population changes
103 Diamond doves do not optimize their movements for flexible perches
104 Archeological plant remains point to southwest Amazonia as crop domestication center