File Title
1 Brain injury, sound-attack fears spread in China as more Americans evacuated
2 New RAMpage exploit revives Rowhammer attack to root Android devices
3 AT&T promised lower prices after Time Warner merger--it's raising them instead
4 Tesla strikes another mammoth energy storage deal in California
5 Inside the all-American voyage to the last world in the Solar System
6 Exec accused of stealing Waymo's trade secrets starts new self-driving company
7 Android P Preview 4 tweaks gesture navigation, revamps system icons
8 Pfizer raises prices on 100 drugs--again--despite backlash from public, lawmakers
9 Rash of Fortnite cheaters infected by malware that breaks HTTPS encryption
10 Really dumb malware targets cryptocurrency fans using Macs
11 Sony tries to upload movie trailer to YouTube, posts entire movie instead
12 Tech-support scammers revive bug that sends Chrome users into a panic
13 The Internet-demanded, partially scientific testing of Ultra-Ever Dry (in HD!)
14 The best, craziest speedruns from this year's Summer Games Done Quick
15 What I've learned from nearly three years of enterprise Wi-Fi at home
16 Senior scientist argues that we should bypass Europa for Enceladus
17 The BeOS file system, an OS geek retrospective
18 Charter launches mobile service, throttles all video to 480p
19 NZ court rules Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US on copyright charges
20 Net neutrality makes comeback in California; lawmakers agree to strict rules
21 Report: Amazon will publish toy catalog this holiday to fill Toys 'R Us void
22 Second Novichok poisoning in Britain raises alarm, questions over contamination
23 US forces smartphone giant ZTE to fire its CEO and leadership team
24 Energy shifts could mean China's carbon emissions are done growing
25 Trump tweet: EPA head Scott Pruitt is resigning
26 Rocket Report: Japanese rocket blows up, NASA chief ponders purpose of SLS
27 FCC stands by decision to raise broadband prices on American Indians
28 Netflix is killing off user reviews
29 Post Office owes $3.5 million for using wrong Statue of Liberty on a stamp
30 Valve leaks Steam game player counts; we have the numbers
31 Despite Chrome's pending "mark of shame," 3 major news sites aren't HTTPS
32 Stylish extension with 2M downloads banned for tracking every site visit
33 Sonos files for IPO, positions its products as alternatives to screen addiction
34 Marvel Comics legend, Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko found dead at 90
35 Monster energy project wants to use Loch Ness as a giant battery
36 All highs, no lows: The 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata
37 the latest site to copy Ars, offer "dark mode"
38 Wait--the "hotness" chili was about attractiveness?
39 In new documentary, Ian McKellen reflects on Magneto, Gandalf
40 Elon Musk built a "submarine" to rescue Thailand kids--here's what it looks like
41 The AI revolution has spawned a new chips arms race
42 Russian editor: Our space program is entering the "Dark Ages"
43 Building the world's highest-resolution telescope
44 AT&T wants to overhaul HBO, says it isn't profitable enough
45 US puts fierce squeeze on breastfeeding policy, shocking health officials
46 Xiaomi's IPO makes it the third-most valuable smartphone maker
47 China producing x86 chips nearly identical to AMD server processors
48 Chinese firm will build battery factory in Germany to supply BMW, Volkswagen
49 Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode
50 Sources of banned CFCs found through their advertising
51 Reddit CEO tells user, "we are not the thought police," then suspends that user
52 Microsoft's $399 Surface Go is announced at last
53 Stolen certificates from D-Link used to sign password-stealing malware
54 Thai official: Elon Musk's submarine "not practical for this mission" [Updated]
55 With further delays, Webb telescope at risk of seeing its rocket retired
56 YouTube to fight fake news with links to real news and context
57 Bay Area: Join us 7/11 to learn what the law has to say about the gig economy
58 Drugs that kill off old cells may limit a body's aging
59 Tesla makes massive bet on China with new 500,000-car Shanghai factory
60 Many more indie games will be coming to Switch if Nintendo has its way
61 Trump's Supreme Court pick: ISPs have 1st Amendment right to block websites
62 iPhone crashing bug likely caused by code added to appease Chinese gov't
63 DOD seeks classification "Clippy" to help classify data, control access
64 New Spectre-like attack uses speculative execution to overflow buffers
65 Two years after buying, Univision wants to sell its Gawker, Onion portfolios
66 No, you can't patent the ability to pause a lesson recording, EFF says
67 Woman who once bought bitcoins for $300,000 cash in paper bags sent to prison
68 Feds arrest Apple employee for stealing self-driving project secrets
69 Arcimoto raised $19 million to build "fun utility vehicles"--now what?
70 Trump gets Pfizer to delay latest drug price hikes until year end
71 Nintendo reportedly rolling out new, more hack-resistant Switch hardware
72 This is bonkers: FCC wants to stop reviewing most complaints about ISPs
73 AirPlay has finally made its way to Sonos speakers
74 Creative types all go through hot streaks of superior production
75 US energy agency: Sorry coal, natural gas is having another record summer
76 Elusive trigger for cooling 13,000 years ago might have been found
77 Internally, NASA believes Boeing ahead of SpaceX in commercial crew
78 Tesla whistleblower tells SEC of alleged wrongdoing at Gigafactory
79 Ajit Pai finally gets around to fighting fraud in FCC comment system
80 Hominins lived in China 2.1 million years ago
81 Elon Musk says he will fund fixing Flint's foul water
82 Latest Windows 10 update now deemed good enough for business users
83 Year-old router bug exploited to steal sensitive DOD drone, tank documents
84 All SUV, all of the time: The Range Rover Sport reviewed
85 Tech-support scammers know EVERYTHING about my computer, Dell customer says
86 Hands-on with Nintendo's weirdest, and maybe rarest, classic console yet
87 Apple's new 2018 MacBook Pros are now available, and the top specs are much faster
88 An experiment in people-moving: Transit agency buys electric double-decker bus
89 Epic ups Unreal Marketplace creators' pay well above industry standard
90 Tesla sold 200,000 cars in the US, so the $7,500 tax credit is going away
91 Uber lays off 100 safety drivers as it scales back self-driving tests
92 Apple to stop selling 2015 MacBook Pro with old-style keyboard, legacy ports
93 Supermassive black hole shot a neutrino straight at Earth
94 Ajit Pai finalizes vote to limit FCC reviews of customer complaints
95 Microsoft finally gives Teams what it needs to take on Slack: A free version
96 Never Stop Sneakin' is a brilliant send-up of '90s stealth games
97 The most ambitious browser mitigation yet for Spectre attacks comes to Chrome
98 Trump administration appeals court loss in AT&T/Time Warner case
99 Nintendo hid a load-your-own NES emulator inside a GameCube classic
100 Microsoft offers extended support for Windows, SQL 2008--but with a catch
101 If an algorithm draws lines on a map, is that the same as land surveying?
102 Rocket Report: Virgin goes Italian, SpaceX's giant net, a nuclear launcher
103 Otzi the Iceman's last meal shows how Copper Age people ate on the run
104 Nokia 6.1 Review--The best answer to "What Android phone should I buy?"
105 Adobe plans to bring full version of Photoshop to the iPad next year
106 Hyper-targeted attack against 13 iPhones dropped malicious apps via MDM
107 Tesla drops $35,000 price from Model 3 page--insists plans haven't changed
108 12 Russian intel officers indicted for hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign
109 Burglar breaks into "escape room" business, panics, and calls 911
110 PC market appears to have grown for the first time since 2012