File Title
1 Researchers demonstrate shark vertebral band pairs are related to growth, not time
2 Genetic basis of heart rhythms explored in large population study
3 New algorithm could help find new physics
4 Cooking oil coating prevents bacteria from growing on food processing equipment
5 UB research suggests how stimulant treatments for ADHD work
6 Magnetic surgical cement heals spinal fractures, provides targeted drug delivery
7 Researchers are first to sequence rare bacteria that causes rampant tooth decay
8 NASA's Parker Solar Probe and the curious case of the hot corona
9 NASA's TESS spacecraft starts science operations
10 Diabetes drugs act as powerful curb for immune cells in controlling inflammation
11 U of G study is first to find evidence that leopard geckos can make new brain cells
12 Hollow trees host massive moth slumber parties
13 Scientists discover neurodegenerative disease in monkeys
14 Dense breast notification and insurance legislation analysis
15 Luxembourgish researchers predict cell conversion factors
16 A new classification of symmetry groups in crystal space proposed by Russian scientists
17 Lennon or McCartney? Can statistical analysis solve an authorship puzzle?
18 Scientists create 'impossible' materials in simple way
19 Can pollution alter wildlife behavior?
20 The best spies in the skies analyze Mellaria
21 Russian scientists discovered a new mineral
22 Medical errors in the emergency room: Understanding why
23 55- to 70-year-old women and men with prediabetes get stronger bones with football training
24 Copper stearate proved to be promising for heavy oil oxidation
25 X-ray technology reveals never-before-seen matter around black hole
26 Artificial intelligence can predict your personality...simply by tracking your eyes
27 Susceptible genes identified for childhood chronic kidney disease
28 Key to artery health lies in LYVE-1 macrophage
29 Making love can make men sad too: QUT research
30 Japan's iconic extinct mammal: A sleeping treasure in a university collection
31 Obstacles limiting the preservation of global heritage by UNESCO revealed
32 Cost of flood losses in Maritimes could increase by up to 300 percent
33 Portfolio diet lowers many risk factors for heart disease
34 Deglacial changes in western Atlantic Ocean circulation
35 Epithelial cells adopt a new geometric shape so that tissue can curve
36 Why US universities need better policies against workplace bullying
37 'Nudging' doctors to prescribe cholesterol-lowering statins triples prescription rates
38 Study shows ocean acidification is having major impact on marine life
39 USTC proposes a facile, general, and effective strategy to prepare carbon nanomaterials
40 Association between firearm caliber and likelihood of death from gunshot
41 Cannabis does not improve breathlessness during exercise in patients with advanced COPD
42 Study reveals new geometric shape used by nature to pack cells efficiently
43 Checking phones in lectures can cost students half a grade in exams
44 Novel genome-wide association study risk loci for nonsyndromic orofacial clefts
45 Are caries linked to political regime?
46 E-cigarettes and tobacco product use linked to increased risk of oral cancer
47 Saliva diagnostics and salivaomics: Will saliva translate to a real diagnostic tool?
48 The cosmic ray gun duel of Eta Carinae
49 A breakthrough of monitoring energy storage at work using optical fibers
50 New electrocatalyst developed for ORR
51 Platinum is key in ancient volcanic related climate change, says UC Nature publication
52 Plate tectonics not needed to sustain life
53 Better way found to determine the integrity of metals
54 DNA repair after CRISPR cutting not at all what people thought
55 3D printing the next generation of batteries
56 Vanderbilt team finds potent antibodies against three Ebola viruses
57 New model reveals rips in Earth's mantle layer below southern Tibet
58 Study shows how Oropouche virus replicates in human cells
59 Study: Student loans hamper wealth accumulation among black, Hispanic adults
60 Sequencing a malaria mosquito's motherline
61 'Smart' machine components alert users to damage and wear
62 Harnessing hair loss gene could improve cancer immunotherapy
63 Trapping light that doesn't bounce off track for faster electronics
64 Solar flares disrupted radio communications during September 2017 Atlantic hurricanes
65 Diet matters less than evolutionary relationships in shaping gut microbiome
66 Microfluidic system incorporates neuroinflammation into 'Alzheimer's in a dish' model
67 Homelessness in infancy linked to poor health outcomes for children and mothers
68 Research on mutation 'hotspots' in DNA could lead to new insights on cancer risks
69 Parker Solar Probe and the birth of the solar wind
70 Smaller plates don't help you eat less when you're hungry--Ben-Gurion U. research
71 UB psychologist proposes whales use song as sonar
72 Magnetic nanoparticles deliver chemotherapy to difficult-to-reach spinal tumors
73 Research identifies key weakness in modern computer vision systems
74 Study provides next clue to preventing dangerous episodes of low blood sugar with diabetes
75 Researchers reveal hidden rules of genetics for how life on Earth began
76 Supercomputing the 'how' of chemical reactions
77 Video recordings spotlight poor communication between nurses and doctors
78 Marshall University researchers identify inflammatory biomarkers in T cells
79 Nano-sized traps show promise in diagnosing pathogenic bacterial infections
80 Mars terraforming not possible using present-day technology
81 New ways to assess drug benefits can help cut health care costs
82 Injectable trace minerals improve oxidative stress after aflatoxin challenge in dairy cows
83 Pair of colliding stars spill radioactive molecules into space
84 Beetle named after actress & biologist Isabella Rossellini for her series about animals
85 Discuss religion, spirituality when treating young adults with severe mental illness
86 $2.99 or $3.00? Will the difference of a penny get you to the checkout counter?
87 Climate taxes on agriculture could lead to more food insecurity than climate change itself
88 A reliable, easy-to-use mouse model for investigating bone metastasis
89 Pungent-tasting substance in ginger reduces bad breath
90 Memory-processing unit could bring memristors to the masses
91 Poor mental health days may cost the economy billions of dollars
92 Study reveals the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy
93 Advancing the search for antibodies to treat Alzheimer's disease
94 Brain game doesn't offer brain gain
95 Great tit birds have as much impulse control as chimpanzees
96 Peste des petits ruminants: a model for use in eradicating the disease
97 Diversity and education influence India's population growth
98 Largest king penguin colony has shrunk nearly 90 percent
99 GRAVITY confirms predictions of general relativity
100 Merge attack: Scientists find mechanism of virus penetration into living cell
101 'Unreasonable behaviour' most common ground for divorce (new research suggests)
102 Extreme conditions in semiconductors
103 Montane pine forests reached the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula 50,000 years ago
104 Fear of litigation is a key factor in decision to perform C-sections
105 A new climate model can predict dengue outbreaks in the Caribbean region
106 Madagascar's lemurs use millipedes for their tummy troubles
107 A brain injury diagnosed with a single drop of blood
108 MSU-based physicists studied complex magnetism in a rare earth compound
109 Illuminating electronics: Researchers construct all-optical pocket calculator
110 Individual silver nanoparticles observed in real time