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1 Cell-sized robots can sense their environment
2 Largest genetic database on Alzheimer's disease now re-open for business
3 Slacking on your savings? Cognitive bias could be to blame
4 Elastic slingshot powers snipefish feeding
5 Emergency departments can be an effective venue for Hepatitis C virus testing
6 N/A
7 N/A
8 Study finds flushing water lines protects inconsistently and may increase lead exposure
9 Environmental changes in the Mekong Delta spell trouble for farmers
10 Cloud formation and distribution follows simple thermodynamic, statistical laws
11 A promising approach to translational research on stem cells for Parkinson's disease
12 Rationalizations by low-paid microworkers raise questions of ethics, rigor
13 How students view intelligence affects how they internalize stress
14 The shape in water: First nanoscale measurements of biomolecule folding in liquid
15 Model fuses social media, remote sensing data with goal of identifying nuclear threats
16 If only A.I. had a brain
17 NASA's MAVEN spacecraft finds that 'stolen' electrons enable unusual aurora on Mars
18 New study uncovers how lutemax 2020 protects the eyes against blue light damage
19 Researchers find connection between viruses and inflammatory bowel disease
20 NUST MISIS scientists present metamaterial for solar cells and nanooptics
21 Sulfur analysis supports timing of oxygen's appearance
22 A warmer Midwest could lead to a common bird being less common over the next century
23 Writing the future of rewritable memory
24 Materials scientists of Lomonosov MSU proposed a novel approach for obtaining films for solar cells
25 New scholarly focus needed to help solve global food crisis, U-M experts say
26 Ever gone to put your keys in the fridge, not the milk? New research sheds light on why
27 Surprising findings on the physics of water entry could lead to smarter design of ships
28 Discovery reveals how obesity causes disease--and two ways to stop it
29 NIST builds statistical foundation for next-generation forensic DNA profiling
30 The 'secret sauce' for high-performing NICUs
31 Solving the cave shrimp mystery: Geology and evolution in action
32 Slimy chemical clues: Changing algae could alter ecosystems
33 Increases in westerly winds weaken the Southern Ocean carbon sink
34 Alarming error common in survey analyses
35 Study shows how the brain controls food cravings
36 Rise in vehicle ramming attacks a 'social virus' spread through media networks
37 How cannabis and cannabis-based drugs harm your brain
38 Breakthrough in battle against type 2 diabetes
39 In Southern Mozambique, only half of people diagnosed with HIV enroll in medical care
40 A scientific study characterises our circles of friendships
41 We can feed the world if we change our ways
42 Enzyme lays the foundations for allergic immune response
43 Breast cancer fuelled by mysterious Yin Yang protein
44 Novel intervention for anxiety symptoms among people with Bipolar Disorder
45 Gene study pinpoints superbug link between people and animals
46 An overview of healthcare monitoring by flexible electronics
47 Children of mothers with type 1 diabetes have a higher body mass index
48 A new model to estimate lifetime risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
49 Detecting damage in non-magnetic steel with the help of magnetism
50 Birth study empowers pregnant women
51 A new 'periodic table' for nanomaterials
52 Bigger eyes but reduced brain power in nocturnal fishes
53 N/A
54 Slowdown of North Atlantic circulation rocked the climate of ancient northern Europe
55 Blindness gene discovered
56 Artificial intelligence saves water for water users associations
57 Test to save patients from invasive open biopsies
58 Natural chromium sources threaten California groundwater
59 The Scream: What were those colorful, wavy clouds in Edvard Munch's famous painting?
60 Right-sided colon cancer patients have poorer survival than those with left-sided disease
61 Virtual reality may help students experience life with dementia first hand
62 Pilot program improves staff confidence in dealing with airway emergencies
63 New strategy for recruitment and participation in Alzheimer's disease clinical trials
64 Pregnancy and reproductive history may impact dementia risk
65 Imaging in living cells reveals how 'junk DNA' switches on a gene
66 Study provides insight into how dying neurons control eating behaviors of the brain microglia
67 Princeton researchers discover the 'optimism' of E. coli bacteria
68 States boost renewable energy and development when utilities adopt renewable standards
69 'Ribbon' wraps up mystery of Jupiter's magnetic equator
70 Archaeologists identify ancient North American mounds using new image analysis technique
71 Microclimates may provide wildlife with respite from warming temperatures
72 Exhaled e-vapor particles evaporate in seconds--new study
73 Ytterbium: The quantum memory of tomorrow
74 Should you share data of threatened species?
75 WSU researcher sees possibility of Moon life
76 New research: High burden of hepatitis C among people who inject drugs
77 Warming temperatures could increase suicide rates across the US and Mexico
78 Nanocrystals emit light by efficiently 'tunneling' electrons
79 Acidic oceans cause fish to lose their sense of smell
80 Material formed from crab shells and trees could replace flexible plastic packaging
81 Ancient farmers transformed Amazon and left an enduring legacy on the rainforest
82 Scientists ID more than 1,200 genes linked to educational attainment
83 Build an ark? Biologists discuss conservation prioritization
84 How we see others' emotions depends on our pre-conceived beliefs
85 Scientists generate key life event in artificial mouse 'embryo' created from stem cells
86 Researchers explore popular food trends in nutritional review
87 Native bison hunters amplified climate impacts on North American prairie fires
88 Organic Mega Flow Battery transcends lifetime, voltage thresholds
89 Limited restoration of MECP2 gene expression may relieve symptoms in Rett syndrome
90 Greater efforts are needed to address 'financial toxicity' of cancer treatment
91 Study shows why eastern U.S. air pollution levels are more stagnant in winter
92 Warming alters predator-prey interactions in the Arctic
93 Inspiration for Dr. Seuss's 'The Lorax' may be from real plant and animal life in Kenya
94 The Milky Way's long-lost sibling finally found
95 Curing breast cancer but at what cost? Patients report heavy financial toll
96 Overnight brain stimulation improves memory
97 Mother's touch supports pup's brain development
98 N/A
99 'Hijacked' cell response to stress reveals promising drug targets for blood cancer
100 Mandate patient access to primary care medical records
101 Protease inhibitors may increase risk of death in people with HIV and heart failure
102 New health calculator can help predict heart disease risk, estimate heart age
103 Vessel tracking exposes the dark side of trading at sea
104 Honeybee pheromones safely repel elephants, study finds
105 Enabling technology in cell-based therapies: Scale-up, scale-out or program in-place