File Title
1 The rules of attraction: Scientists find elusive molecule that helps sperm find egg
2 Small-scale fisheries threatened: Shared management, communication key to success
3 Groundbreaking poplar study shows trees can be genetically engineered not to spread
4 Nanotube 'rebar' makes graphene twice as tough
5 Workshop advances plans for coping with disruptions on ITER
6 Study examines how age and ethnicity impact HIV testing
7 Cocaine relapse is reversed with BDNF microinjections in the brain
8 New research opens door to expanding stem cells available for transplants
9 UC Davis researchers find quiet viruses alter body's response to vaccines, pathogens
10 Math + good posture = better scores
11 Eating crickets can be good for your gut, according to new clinical trial
12 Each tropical tree species specializes in getting the nutrients it needs
13 Engineered genetic machinery derived from E. coli delivers new amino acids to proteins
14 The marriage of topology and magnetism in a Weyl system
15 Analysis chronicles changes in US investment in R&D
16 Key gene to accelerate sugarcane growth is identified
17 A deeper look at severe asthma yields NET results
18 Parasite infections with multiple strains are more harmful to vertebrate hosts
19 Study: Older people less apt to recognize they've made a mistake
20 JRC analysis assists response to Laos dam collapse
21 Research shows how hungry bacteria sense nutrients in their environment
22 Research shows that cystic fibrosis impacts growth in the womb
23 A periodic table of molecular knots
24 Assembly of fluctuating molecules in artificial cell membrane
25 High-resolution imaging of nanoparticle surface structures is now possible
26 The best of both worlds: Basic-to-acidic flash switching for organic synthesis
27 Lead or follow: What sets leaders apart?
28 Reading the motor intention from brain activity within 100ms
29 Improved passphrases could make online experiences both user-friendly and secure
30 Ensuring equality: Penn develops method to measure and operationalize inclusive culture
31 Rethinking ketchup packets: New approach to slippery packaging aims to cut food waste
32 Transgender individuals likely have higher risk for heart disease
33 The subtle mechanics of an avalanche--as seen in 3D
34 The new tree of life of freshwater macroinvertebrates in the European continent
35 Monash scientists show that highly lethal viruses hijack cellular defences against cancer
36 The fate of Arctic mosquitoes depends on habitat and access to blood meals
37 Twin study highlights importance of both genetics and environment on gene activity
38 New UK research links even low levels of air pollution with serious changes in the heart
39 What factors might contribute to inclusive culture in health care organizations?
40 Locusts help uncover the mysteries of smell
41 Low plasma levels of omega-3 fatty acids associated with preterm birth
42 Housing for health
43 RUDN scientists showed that light therapy may increase blood pressure in case of hypertension
44 Genetic screening before embryo transfer fails to improve the chance of a baby
45 Early mediation leads to better outcomes, study says
46 Venture capitalists' reputations take a hit when publicly listed companies they once endorsed fail
47 New program keeps elderly out of emergency
48 The value of pride
49 Epigenetic markers of ovarian cancer
50 Scientists create atomic glue gun to build better nucleic acid therapeutics
51 Rice U. system selectively sequesters toxins from water
52 Researchers detail variation in costs of child vaccination program in Indian states
53 Drug prices not always aligned with value, CU Anschutz researchers say
54 Created line of spinal cord neural stem cells shows diverse promise
55 Is too much screen time harming children's vision?
56 Solving its insolubility, researchers discover method to deliver curcumin to cancer cells
57 Doxorubicin disrupts the immune system to cause heart toxicity
58 Researchers uncover potential new drug targets in the fight against HIV
59 Low-protein diet during pregnancy increases prostate cancer risk in offspring
60 Children are highly vulnerable to health risks of a changing climate
61 Striking a balance between immunity and inflammation
62 Reducing NOVA1 gene helps prevent tumor growth in most common type of lung cancer
63 Smart wristband with link to smartphones could monitor health, environmental exposures
64 Researchers link weight-loss surgery to lower risk of diabetes complications
65 Animations prove effective in accurately measuring pain
66 A system to synthesize realistic sounds for computer animation
67 Alexa, be my friend: Children talk to technology, but how does it respond?
68 Tobacco 'power wall' linked to adolescents' views about e-cigarettes
69 Injectable trace minerals improve mineral status in beef heifers
70 Novel vaccine approach proves powerful against Zika virus
71 NASA's planet-hunting TESS catches a comet before starting science
72 Researchers solved mystery of clownfish coloration
73 PET tracer identifies estrogen receptor expression differences in breast cancer patients
74 The bark side of the force
75 Small birds fly at high altitudes towards Africa
76 Gene recombination deactivates retroviruses during invasion of host genomes
77 Study finds possible connection between US tornado activity, Arctic sea ice
78 Ricocheting radio waves monitor the tiniest movements in a room
79 Stress makes people better at processing bad news
80 Learning while sleeping? Our learning capabilities are limited
81 Comprehensive pediatric CAR T guidelines developed by MD Anderson and PALISI
82 Hitler: Election campaigner with limited influence?
83 New system allows rapid response to heart attacks, limits cardiac damage
84 Mosquito populations give a new insight into the role of Caucasus in evolution
85 Expanding the limits of Li-ion batteries: Electrodes for all-solid-state batteries
86 Could climate change affect the development of Turkic Khaganate?
87 The starch risk to teeth
88 Next-generation metabolomics may facilitate the discovery of new antidepressants
89 Soft multi-functional robots get really small...and spider-shaped
90 Scientists create a UV detector based on nanocrystals synthesized by using ion implantation
91 Male birds sing less to females on antidepressants
92 Earthquakes can be weakened by groundwater
93 Organic makeup of ancient meteorites sheds light on early solar system
94 Concepts for new switchable plasmonic nanodevices: A magneto-plasmonic nanoscale router and a high-contrast magneto-plasmonic disk modulator controlled by external magnetic fields
95 Having larger muscles could compensate for poor muscle quality in CKD patients
96 CPM for knee or shoulder joints: Advantage only in two therapeutic indications
97 Pediatric telemedicine services can work well under the right conditions
98 Scientists develop unique materials to repair damaged organs and tissue
99 Differences in immune responses due to age, sex, and genetics
100 Diabetes in bay area Chinese population linked to fat fibrosis
101 Probiotic use is a link between brain fogginess, severe bloating
102 First North American co-occurrence of Hadrosaur and Therizinosaur tracks found in Alaska
103 Severe preeclampsia heart imaging study reveals roots of cardiac damage in pregnant women
104 Researchers identify potential diagnostic test for Kawasaki disease
105 Mice individuality is influenced by their relations
106 Advancing transplantation: Hepatitis C-infected organs safe for transplantation when followed by antiviral treatment
107 If you're a woman having a heart attack, insist on a female physician
108 Oxford University: Better sleep linked with family tree strength
109 Size matters: if you are a bubble of volcanic gas
110 Chinese astronomers discover most lithium-rich giant in galaxy with LAMOST