File Title
1 A soft, on-the-fly solution to a hard, underwater problem
2 Novel drug cocktails strengthen targeted cancer therapies while lessening side effects
3 Sunscreen chemicals in water may harm fish embryos
4 Pregnant with epilepsy? Folic acid may prevent language delays for baby
5 Birds categorize colors just like humans do
6 Only 10 percent of non-dialysis kidney patients ever see a dietitian
7 Makeup of an individual's gut bacteria may play role in weight loss, Mayo study suggests
8 Frequent sauna bathing has many health benefits, new literature review finds
9 Study finds blind people depend on timing cues for some spatial awareness
10 Mapping endangered red knots' remote breeding habitat
11 Financial checkup should be part of health screenings for childhood cancer survivors
12 Soft robotics and 3D printing allow marine biologists to explore delicate deep-sea life
13 Wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park have mixed ancestry
14 BioBits: Teaching synthetic biology to K-12 students
15 A new released Chinese soybean genome facilitates soybean elite cultivar improvement
16 Abandoned farmlands enrich bird communities
17 Who owns the aquifer?
18 Study challenges evolution of how humans acquired language
19 VLA detects possible extrasolar planetary-mass magnetic powerhouse
20 Safety claims up in smoke
21 Blocking digestive hormone may prevent diet-induced pancreatic cancer
22 Tropical forest seeds use three strategies to survive
23 New research shows juvenile diversion programs work, also curb reoffending tendencies
24 Insulin resistance under-diagnosed in non-diabetics with Parkinson's disease
25 Old mining techniques make a new way to recycle lithium batteries
26 New light shed on relationship between calorie-burning fat and muscle function
27 Novel PET imaging method could track and guide therapy for type 1 diabetes
28 Lung cancer screening guidelines inadequate for high-risk minorities
29 'Strange metals' just got stranger
30 Radar better than weather balloon for measuring boundary layer
31 How plant-rotting bacteria steal iron to survive
32 New tool helps users decide which countries their Internet traffic transits
33 UCLA-developed artificial intelligence device identifies objects at the speed of light
34 Thin films can enhance vorticity in the ocean
35 Moral decision making is rife with internal conflict, say developmental psychologists
36 Obamacare relieved financial strain of those closest to the federal poverty line
37 pH imbalance in brain cells may contribute to Alzheimer's disease
38 Wearable devices: Useful medical insights or just more data?
39 A kernel of promise in popcorn-powered robots
40 Psychologists find that acting is the key to remembering tasks
41 New lung cell type discovered
42 Cash transfers: New research finds combining demand and supply-side incentives improves longer-term
43 New study shows some corals might adapt to climate changes
44 Study elucidates epigenetic mechanisms behind autoimmune diseases
45 Mapping blue carbon in mangroves worldwide
46 Routine screening of relatives of aortic disease patients could save lives
47 How do you assess pain in children who can't express themselves? New research identifies priorities in identifying pain in nonverbal children with medical complexity
48 Newly characterized molecule offers possibilities for novel Alzheimer's treatments
49 MGH team defines the mechanisms of action of key genetic abnormality in Ewing sarcoma
50 Aortic atherosclerotic plaque inflammation may contribute to the progression of fatty liver disease to liver fibrosis
51 Machine learning links dimensions of mental illness to abnormalities of brain networks
52 Measuring climate impact of forests management--a groundbreaking approach
53 Study confirms lower rate of repeat surgery when hip implants use 'cross-linked' polyethylene
54 Genomic study ties insect evolution to the ability to detect airborne odors
55 UMN Medical School researchers study how cues drive our behavior
56 LSU Health research discovers new link between hypoxia and blood clot risk
57 Mushrooms of the Far East hold promise for the anti-cancer therapy
58 'New physics' charmingly escapes us
59 Research on pine sawflies sheds light on the evolution of cooperation
60 UB researchers discover a disease threatening the most plentiful starfish in Antarctica
61 Scientists present concept for the elimination of traffic jams
62 Differences in immune responses create a genetic conflict between sexes
63 Heatwave and climate change having negative impact on our soil say experts
64 New method refines cell sample analysis
65 UK higher education students feel less empowered than their Irish counterparts
66 Broadband Internet causes sleep deprivation, a new study finds
67 Stem cell research for cystic fibrosis leaps forward
68 Scientists develop novel drug that could potentially treat liver cancer more effectively
69 Fish reproduction: Two times a lady
70 Genome regulation of cell type cataloged in mouse at single-cell level
71 Research finds quakes can systematically trigger other ones on opposite side of Earth
72 Study reveals early warning signs of heart problems in patients with newly diagnosed lupus
73 Obesity extends duration of influenza A virus shedding
74 Muscle 'switch' may control the benefits of exercise
75 New study shows smoking can affect breastfeeding habits
76 Modern Flores Island pygmies show no genetic link to extinct 'hobbits'
77 A new reality for beauty standards: How selfies and filters affect body image
78 The US has experienced a spike in violent and unintentional injuries
79 Map of a billion brain links reveals clues about how we think
80 Astronomers blown away by historic stellar blast
81 The Lancet: Support from people with lived experience reduces readmission to mental health crisis units
82 Hearing class
83 Key piece identified for slowing a colorectal cancer subtype
84 New stem cell model can be used to test treatments for a rare nervous system disorder
85 Study suggests obesity may also impact flu transmission, not just severity of illness
86 Scientists measure severity of drought during the Maya collapse
87 The case for greater focus on mosquitoes, ticks in epidemiology
88 Mysterious DNA modification important for fly brain
89 Microbes go dark to stay warm in cooler climates
90 The end-Cretaceous extinction unleashed modern shark diversity
91 Simple factors that can avoid harmful side effects in type 2 diabetes
92 Plants can tell the time using sugars
93 Maternal dengue immunity protects against fetal damage in mice following Zika infection
94 World experts target guidance on managing dementia symptoms
95 New light shed on the people who built Stonehenge
96 No evidence of 'hobbit' ancestry in genomes of Flores Island pygmies
97 Why weight loss produces remission of type 2 diabetes in some patients
98 Fecal deposits reveal the fruit fly's pheromone flag
99 Google Glass helps kids with autism read facial expressions, Stanford study finds
100 Alcohol increases tuberculosis-related deaths in young mice
101 Clothing, furniture also to blame for ocean and freshwater pollution
102 Cellular communication system in mice helps control female fertility
103 Study challenges evolution of FOXP2 as human-specific language gene
104 Fairy-wrens learn alarm calls of other species just by listening
105 Need help with your math homework? Ask these worms
106 Field test for dog Leishmania exposure evaluated
107 Ebola outbreak has lasting impact on Liberian agriculture, food security
108 How to make the gene-editing tool CRISPR work even better
109 When the seed becomes a plant, it has 48 hours to survive