File Title
1 Smart TVs are invading privacy and should be investigated, senators say
2 Open offices are as bad as they seem--they reduce face-to-face time by 70%
3 Alaska's last two Blockbusters are shutting down, leaving one in US
4 Joss Whedon will return to sci-fi TV with HBO's the Nevers
5 A years-old, one-letter typo led to Aliens: Colonial Marines' weird AI
6 Faster and farther: Bulls Cross E8 electric bike review
7 Altiplano review: A brain-tickling board game about...alpacas
8 A look at Chrome's new tab design
9 The downfall of Theranos, from the journalist who made it happen
10 After indictment, Russian hackers' lives "changed forever," ex-ambassador says
11 Roku wants to grab audiophiles with its new wireless speakers for Roku TVs
12 Britain joins the microlaunch space race with a new rocket and spaceport
13 To make Curiosity [et al.] more curious, NASA and ESA smarten up AI in space
14 Elon Musk could face lawsuit for calling cave rescuer a "pedo guy"
15 Uber faces new probe over alleged gender discrimination in hiring practices
16 Ajit Pai deals major setback to Sinclair/Tribune merger
17 Microsoft killing off the old Skype client, adding built-in call recording
18 Suspect behind bitcoin exchange that "catered to criminals" ordered to France
19 D-Wave's quantum computer successfully models a quantum system
20 Dangerous plutonium stolen from rental car in a hotel parking lot
21 News of Trump passing cognitive test may make it harder to detect dementia
22 The Essential Phone at $250 is the best smartphone deal of the year
23 Developer faces prison after admitting admin software was really a RAT
24 3D-printed gun lawsuit ends after 3+ years--in gun publisher's favor
25 Tempest 4000 finally lives after delays, legal threats--but what's up on PC?
26 Bill to save net neutrality gets first Republican vote in US House
27 Chinese space official seems unimpressed with NASA's lunar gateway
28 Microsoft is making the Windows command line a lot better
29 Google resurrects Google Now's predictive cards, sticks them in the Assistant
30 Investors are worried that Netflix is getting as big as it can get
31 Doctors fear urgent care centers are wildly overusing antibiotics--for profit
32 Supposedly pristine South American forest had been pre-Columbian farmland
33 Judge slams FBI for improper cellphone search, stingray use
34 Formula E ends its season--and an era--in Brooklyn
35 Using a virus to kill what antibiotics can't
36 A $225 GPS spoofer can send sat-nav-guided vehicles into oncoming traffic
37 Blue Origin to subject its rocket to high-altitude escape test
38 Walmart may launch a video streaming service to battle Netflix, Amazon
39 EU: Google illegally used Android to dominate search, must pay $5 billion fine
40 Court denies Star Citizen backer's $4,500 refund lawsuit
41 VR rivals come together to develop a single-cable spec for VR headsets
42 Jeff Bezos said they'd test the heck out of New Shepard--he wasn't kidding
43 Rooftop solar could save utilities $100 to $120 per installed kilowatt
44 Israeli defense firm demos kamikaze drone bomb that can be called off
45 Why is InfoWars allowed on Facebook? Zuckerberg: Because it doesn't cause "harm"
46 An almond doesn't lactate--FDA to crack down on use of the word "milk"
47 AI plus a chemistry robot finds all the reactions that will work
48 Comcast admits defeat in bidding war for Fox, clearing path for Disney
49 After 500 years, a UV lamp solves the mystery of the Basel Papyrus
50 Windows 10 will get better at telling time with new leap second support
51 Gorilla Glass 6 tackles the problem of cumulative smartphone damage
52 FCC votes against Sinclair/Tribune merger, likely dooming deal
53 Project Loon signs its first deal for Internet-delivering balloons--in Kenya
54 New MacBook Pro keyboard design may fix dust problems after all
55 Fingerprint of humanity's climate impact seen in the seasons
56 $1 million heist on Russian bank started with hack of branch router
57 The 5,000% price hike that made Martin Shkreli infamous is no longer paying off
58 Microsoft posts bumper Q4, with Windows, Surface, Azure all up
59 Newer Tesla batteries contain Cuban cobalt, likely illegal under US sanctions
60 Rocket Report: Small sat space race goes global, SpaceX nearing demo flight
61 As the SpaceX steamroller surges, European rocket industry vows to resist
62 Uber drivers "employees" for unemployment purposes, NY labor board says
63 This full video shows just how bonkers the VW Pikes Peak record was
64 FCC will now take your comments on whether to allow T-Mobile/Sprint merger
65 Fossil fuel lobbyists grossly outspend "Big Green"
66 Sean Murray breaks his silence on No Man's Sky's development, launch
67 Star's dimming and brightening may indicate it's eating a planet
68 Judge says climate issues the purview of federal government, tosses NYC lawsuit
69 Microsoft exec: We stopped Russia from hacking 3 congressional campaigns
70 Disney confirms Guardians director fired over years-old tweets
71 2001 in 70mm: Pod bay doors look better than ever, still won't open
72 A quick look at the nominees for 2018's "Board Game of the Year"
73 Google's iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary
74 Boeing suffers a setback with Starliner's pad abort test [Updated]
75 SpaceX has a successful second launch of its Block 5 rocket
76 Risky Thailand cave rescue relied on talent, luck--and on sticking to the rules
77 Two years later, Darkest Dungeon is completely different for the better
78 US considers tariffs on uranium imports
79 Uber, Lyft driver booted after newspaper reveals he was livestreaming passengers
80 Now witness the firepower of this fully operational Falcon 9 rocket
81 2018's "Board Game of the Year" award goes to...Azul!
82 The GTC4Lusso T is a Ferrari you really could drive every day
83 Venmo's terrible idea
84 Student engineers build hyperloop test pods with commercial-class top speeds
85 Facebook follows SpaceX and OneWeb into high-speed satellite broadband
86 Nintendo to ROM sites: Forget cease-and-desist, now we're suing
87 Tesla clears the air with "farting unicorn" artist after copyright stink
88 Google video shows all-white redesigns for Gmail, Google Photos, and more
89 Microsoft's streaming Xbox will split up games to keep latency low
90 Declining cryptocurrency prices are making graphics cards affordable again
91 Report: Trump admin has plan to end California's emissions standards power
92 A quick word on which versions of Mega Man X Legacy Collection to get--or avoid
93 24 people have now been sentenced in India-based phone-scam case
94 Impossible Burgers' key, bloody ingredient gets long awaited nod from FDA
95 Video chat with PUBG creator: "We could put battle royale in everything"
96 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro review: Better, faster, stronger?
97 We tested throttling on the MacBook Pro--now Apple says it has a firmware fix
98 Four huge rockets are due to debut in 2020--will any make it?
99 Today's the day that Chrome brands plain old HTTP "not secure"
100 Ajit Pai gets message from his hometown ISP: Don't hurt us small ISPs
101 Uber's self-driving cars are returning to public streets--in manual mode
102 Coal company executive and lawyer convicted of bribing Alabama lawmaker [Updated]
103 Formula 1 cars are about to go through a big change, but is it good?
104 TSA might let you keep everything in carry-on bags--in five years or so
105 Two big rockets launched early Wednesday--then one landed in high seas
106 Facebook bows to WA state pressure to remove "discriminatory" ad filters
107 Court: Native American tribe can't be a "sovereign" shield during patent review
108 New study linking warming with disrupted Atlantic flow has scientists "grumpy"
109 Sergio Marchionne, the man who saved Fiat Chrysler, dies at 66
110 Native Americans managed the prairie for better bison hunts