File Title
1 Dementia could be detected via routinely collected data, new research shows
2 Biological signalling processes in intelligent materials
3 Molecular culprits of protein aggregation in ALS and FTLD
4 Searching for wind for the future
5 Otago-led research cites faulty science and ethics in DNA analyzes of 'Ata'
6 Doing school differently
7 Splitting water: Nanoscale imaging yields key insights
8 NYSCF researchers develop novel bioengineering technique for personalized bone grafts
9 Materials processing tricks enable engineers to create new laser material
10 New creepy, crawly search and rescue robot developed at Ben-Gurion U
11 Quick soil test aims to determine nitrogen need
12 AI technology could help protect water supplies
13 Gut's 'taste buds' help school the immune system in the thymus
14 Which strategies help cut consumption of sugary beverages in young children?
15 Study finds high health burdens of very high risk drinking
16 Breath tests may allow for earlier detection of pancreatic cancer
17 CT scans may increase the risk of brain cancer
18 Cannabinoids may have a vast array of anti-cancer effects
19 Mediterranean diet may improve academic performance by affecting sleep
20 Barley heads east
21 Moderate alcohol consumption may boost male fertility
22 Low-dose ketamine may be an effective alternative to opioids
23 Secular countries can expect future economic growth, confirms new study
24 New research shows little effect of omega 3 on risk of heart disease, stroke or death
25 Light-controlled polymers can switch between sturdy and soft
26 Artery hardening and thickness not affected by stopping hormone therapy
27 Fatty liver disease pandemic needs 'gold standard' human-relevant research
28 Supersharp images from new VLT adaptive optics
29 Finding a planet with a 10 years orbit in a few months
30 Sunscreen reduces melanoma risk by 40 percent in young people
31 Bacterial armor could be a new target for antibiotics
32 Scientists discover a mechanism of drug resistance in breast and ovarian cancer
33 Alcohol-related cirrhosis deaths skyrocket in young adults
34 Lower default amount of opioid pills in electronic medical record may reduce opioid prescribing
35 Sharp rise in requests for knee and hip surgery being turned down
36 Switching to certain antidiabetic drugs linked to increased risk of major complications
37 Rapid rise in deaths from liver disease in the US over the last decade
38 Money talks when trying to influence climate change legislation
39 Researchers solve mystery of how ALL enters the central nervous system
40 Beef jerky and other processed meats associated with manic episodes
41 Cancer patients may experience delayed skin effects of anti-PD-1 therapy
42 Study finds melanoma biomarkers predicting checkpoint blocker response
43 Heart attack risk on the rise for pregnant women and death rate remains high
44 P38 alpha: The switch controlling obesity and diabetes
45 Use of nicotine during pregnancy may increase risk of sudden infant death syndrome
46 Novel botulinum toxin compound relieves chronic pain
47 Great Barrier Reef not bouncing back as before, but there is hope
48 Atlantic circulation is not collapsing--but as it shifts gears, warming will reaccelerate
49 Lowering hospitals' Medicare costs proves difficult
50 Pregnancy history may be tied to Alzheimer's disease
51 A carcinogen at the gym
52 Poor air quality does not offset exercise's heart benefits
53 Traditional Tibetan medicine exposes people and environment to high mercury levels
54 Iowa State study: Air pollution negatively associated with US national park visitation
55 Depression-induced inflammation during pregnancy may impact newborns
56 Voluntary medical male circumcision may cost-effectively prevent HIV in Zimbabwe
57 For one tropical tree, effective seed dispersal relies especially on elephants
58 An underwater pokeball for capturing sea creatures
59 Treating dementia with the healing waves of sound
60 Single-molecule magnetic tweezers reveal dual function of FACT in gene regulation
61 Oregon researchers say sea pickles are adapting to the Pacific Northwest
62 Two faces offer limitless possibilities
63 Former inmates at high risk for opioid overdose following prison release
64 Toward a secure electrical grid
65 Fewer injuries in girls' sports when high schools have athletic trainers
66 New battery could store wind and solar electricity affordably and at room temperature
67 Relax, just break it
68 Princeton-UPenn research team finds physics treasure hidden in a wallpaper pattern
69 Diabetes during pregnancy may increase baby's heart disease risk
70 Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
71 Plague vaccine bait--look who's coming to dinner
72 Four World Cup gold medals--and a baby
73 Disney Animation to premiere first VR short at SIGGRAPH 2018
74 Chemists characterize the fatal fungus among us
75 Learning from 'Little Monsters'
76 New malicious email detection method that outperforms 60 antivirus engines--Ben-Gurion
77 Are you prone to feeling guilty? Then you're probably more trustworthy, study shows
78 Careful patient selection is the key to achieving the best results for vaginal mesh surgery
79 Oil biodegradation inhibited in deep-sea sediments
80 Targeting headaches and tumors with nano-submarines
81 Discovery of kidney cancer driver could lead to new treatment strategy
82 App, brief intervention may be lifesaver for suicidal teens
83 Mayo Clinic study: Anesthesia, surgery linked to decline in memory and thinking
84 Cold fronts may increase stroke mortality
85 Origami-inspired device enables easy capture, release of delicate underwater organisms
86 BU researcher receives NIH award to examine repetitive head injuries in former NFL players
87 Study: ADHD drugs do not improve cognition in healthy college students
88 Computer model predicts how fracturing metallic glass releases energy at the atomic level
89 Mayo Clinic researchers uncover methods to quantify the yips and golfer's cramp
90 Future electronic components to be printed like newspapers
91 The influence of plant photosynthetic indices on the effectiveness of PRI use
92 High fruit and vegetable consumption may reduce risk of breast cancer
93 Binge drinking during adolescence impairs working memory, finds mouse study
94 Monkeys benefit from the nut-cracking abilities of chimpanzees and hogs
95 Analytical tool predicts genes that can cause disease by producing altered proteins
96 Deadly Rift Valley fever: New insight, and hope for the future
97 Most common shoulder operation is no more beneficial than placebo surgery
98 Evidence of Salmonella Paratyphi C found for the first time in medieval northern Europe
99 New training platform for big data analysis
100 China's 'livestock revolution' demands 'new transition'
101 A social tool for evaluating the environmental impact of residential buildings
102 Aggressive immune cells aggravate Parkinson's disease
103 Low-cost formulas in the manufacturing of non-stick food molds
104 Determining the bioaccumulation of 9 metals in aquatic invertebrates in mining areas
105 Mobile phone radiation may affect memory performance in adolescents
106 A smart safe rechargeable zinc ion battery based on sol-gel transition electrolytes
107 Having the right name helps one to find housing
108 Taking the lead toward witchweed control
109 Wait, just a second, is your doctor listening?
110 New particles are formed also in the polluted air of major cities