File Title
1 7th-century site yields traces of grand banquet hall for nobility
2 Arrival of Beaker folk changed Britain for ever, ancient DNA study shows
3 Laser technology takes Maya archeologists where they've never gone before
4 Ancient DNA tells tales of humans' migrant history
5 Is this Seal the Earliest Evidence of Biblical Prophet Isaiah?
6 7,000 year old enigma on rare exhibit at National Archaeological Museum in Athens (video)
7 The Archaeology of Wealth Inequality
8 Rare Roman boxing gloves found near Hadrian's Wall
9 Hunter-Gatherer Skulls Mounted on Stakes Reveal Symbolic Ritual Practice
10 Thessaloniki Metro Dig Reveals More Ancient Greek Finds
11 Galilee gardener digs up medieval ring bearing smiling St. Nicholas
12 1,500-year-old hidden mini-statue discovered in Yungang Grottoes
13 Bones from Middle Ages uncovered during building work for church annexe
14 Ancient DNA reveals genetic replacement despite language continuity in the South Pacific
15 8,000-Year-Old Ceramic Slab with Possibly World's Oldest Writing Discovered near Bulgaria's Nova Zagora
16 Egypt uncovers ancient necropolis south of Cairo
17 Neanderthals were artistic like modern humans, study indicates
18 Artifacts from 15,000 years ago found during Aberdeen bypass work
19 'Unprecedented' Native American burial site discovered off Florida's Gulf Coast
20 Graves with human remains found under the floor of the Rzeszow basilica
21 Complex buildings and buried architectural remains unearthed in Valley of Argolis
22 Archaeologist says game-changing new laser technology application is no magic wand
23 Archaeologist uncovers hidden history of conquistadors in American South
24 Rain in Iraq Ends Drought, Uncovers Historic Ruins
25 Archaeology: ancient marine structure discovered in Aqaba
26 Archaeological site, 7,000 years old, found in Gulf near Venice
27 Richly Decorated Bronze Hand of Thracian, Phrygian God Sabazios Shown by History Museum in Bulgaria's Gabrovo
28 Remains of Welshpool's medieval castle excavated
29 Ancient Native American burial site found submerged off Florida
30 Shelters with echoes thought to be preferred sites for prehistoric rock art
31 Rome subway construction uncovers 2nd-century military home
32 World's oldest message in a bottle discovered in Australia, sent from Germany
33 Remains of Roman aqueduct uncovered in Spain after Storm Emma
34 Normal for Normans? Exploring the large round mounds of England
35 Ancient Nubia--in the footsteps of the Napata and Meroe kingdoms
36 Archaeologists Closer to Finding Lost Viking Settlement
37 Wreck found by reporter not the Clotilda, America's last slave ship
38 Archaeologists unearth tombs in ancient Nubia
39 Remains of Revolutionary War-Era Ship Found on Maine Beach After Nor'Easter
40 Oldest Windsor artifact unearthed during search at Sandwich roundabout
41 Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Mirrors in Roman Villa Estate with Ceramics Factory in Bulgaria's Pavlikeni
42 New forensic analysis indicates bones were Amelia Earhart's, researcher suggests
43 Three skeletons and a fiery destruction
44 A 2nd century 007? Archaeologists discover barracks that may have been used by ancient Rome's secret service
45 Exclusive: Royal Burial in Ancient Canaan May Shed New Light on Biblical City
46 Research reveals origins of Middle Ages altarpieces
47 Climate change and looters threaten the archaeology of Mongolia
48 Researchers fired up after finding kiln for ancient temple
49 A rare hoard of 2,000 year-old gold coins have been found in a farmer's field near Chiddingstone
50 More than 400 archaeological excavations completed along Trans Adriatic Pipeline's path
51 New insights into the origin of elongated heads in early medieval Germany
52 Humans thrived in South Africa through the Toba super-volcanic eruption ~ 74,000 years ago
53 Famed Archaeologist 'Discovered' His Own Fakes at 9,000-Year-Old Settlement
54 These 'Alien' Mummies Appear to Be a Mix of Looted Body Parts
55 Ancient climate shifts may have sparked human ingenuity and networking
56 Easter Island Is Eroding
57 Site of huge Iron Age feast celebration found on Orkney
58 Aqueduct of Ancient Roman City Nicopolis ad Istrum Had 'Exceptional' 3 km Long Bridge, Archaeologist Reveals in Book on Roman Aqueducts in Bulgaria
59 Ancient Naples port found (2)
60 Ancient Greek medical text found beneath religious psalms on Egyptian parchment
61 An Icelandic Epic Predicted a Fiery End for Pagan Gods, and then this Volcano Erupted
62 Discovery of sophisticated 115,000-year-old bone tools in China
63 Two new old ships, from 1700s or 1800s, discovered along Alexandria waterfront
64 St. Albans Abbey 'one of England's early Norman cathedrals'
65 Smithsonian reports first evidence of live-traded dogs for Maya ceremonies
66 4,000-year-old Sumerian port found in southern Iraq
67 Archaeologists return to site of 'lost Pictish monastery'
68 17th-Century Houseguests Slaughtered Hosts, and Archaeologists Are Investigating
69 Entomologist confirms first Saharan farming 10,000 years ago
70 Mycenaean findings: Gigantic 1250 BC building project in northern Copais
71 New Pompeii excavations a revelation
72 'Lost city' revealed in South Africa using laser technology
73 Mysterious head of a pharaoh discovered by Swansea Egyptologist
74 Wreck of the Juneau Is Found, 76 Years After 5 Brothers Perished
75 Viking village find in Dublin
76 Thousands of Native American artifacts unearthed in Camden archaeological dig
77 Skilled female potters travelled around the Baltic nearly 5000 years ago
78 Latest Discoveries in Nebet Tepe Fortress Cast Doubt on Status of Bulgaria's Plovdiv as Oldest City in Europe
79 2,000-year-old artifact has clear images of wood structures
80 Archaeologists Have Discovered a Ghastly 'Coffin Birth' in a Medieval Grave
81 Archaeologists Trace 'Lost Settlements' of 1692 Glencoe Massacre
82 Archaeologists confident they have found body of fabled Chinese warlord Cao Cao
83 2,500-year-old mummy found in what was thought to be an empty Egyptian coffin at Sydney University
84 Hidden medical text read for the first time in a thousand years
85 Coins from destruction of Second Temple found in time for Passover
86 Rare antiquities found along eastern Kuwaiti coast
87 Archaeologists Find Traces of 251 AD Invasion of Roman Empire by Goths during Digs at Antiquity Odeon in Bulgaria's Plovdiv
88 12th Century graffiti art uncovered as part of medieval discovery in Dublin's Coombe
89 13,000-year-old human footprints found off Canada's Pacific coast
90 Sterling finds from Stirling
91 Haul of feudal coins in Saitama could total up to 260,000
92 Compared to nomadic communities, Silk Road cities were urban food deserts
93 Anglo-Saxon settlement and Roman army camp found in A14 bypass dig
94 Mysterious Brown Spots on King Tut's Tomb Are 'Dead'
95 'Scapegoat doll' with Buddhist face unearthed in Tottori
96 Archaeologists discover mysterious geoglyphs? and 81 lost settlements in the Amazon
97 Oldest Human Footprints in North America Discovered: Here's What They Reveal
98 Ancient Greek Water-Organ Sounds Again at Acropolis Museum
99 King Tut, the Boy Soldier? Here's What Other Stories Aren't Telling You.
100 The F.B.I. and the Mystery of the Mummy's Head
101 Archaeologist helps woman locate lost remains of her uncle, a WWII veteran
102 Archaeologists Discover Possible Burial Site of the World's Richest Pirate
103 1,500-Year-Old Coin Stash Leaves Archaeologists with Mystery
104 From Feed to Fever: Kansas State University Researcher Studies Risk of African Swine Fever in Feed
105 New Technology Reveals Secrets of Famous Neandertal Skeleton La Ferrassie 1
106 Future Electric Cars Could Recharge Wirelessly While You Drive
107 Berkeley Lab Scientists Print All-Liquid 3-D Structures
108 Dark Matter Goes Missing in Oddball Galaxy
109 Detailed Structure Illuminates Brain-Enhancing Drug's Action
110 What Lies Beneath: "Cognitive" Ground Penetrating Radar Could Vastly Speed Construction Site Inspection in Cities
111 A Letter We've Seen Millions of Times, Yet Can't Write
112 Send Your Name to the Sun Aboard Parker Solar Probe
113 Hubble Makes the First Precise Distance Measurement to an Ancient Globular Star Cluster
114 Frogs and "Mushrooms" Bubble Up in Quantum Fluids