File Title
1 $20 porn-unblocking fee could hit Internet users if state bill becomes law
2 DOD slashes $950 million cloud buy, burning it back by 90 percent
3 EPA says appointee can accept money from secret clients for consulting gigs
4 Raging human drivers slap, body slam innocent self-driving cars
5 US senator grills CEO over the myth of the hacker-proof voting machine
6 BlackBerry weaponizes instant messaging patents, sues Facebook
7 World War II carrier "Lady Lex" found 2 miles under sea by Allen expedition
8 Tiny EVs, four-door coupes, and a new Supra star at the Geneva Motor Show
9 400k servers may be at risk of serious code-execution attacks. Patch now
10 Hypercars from Aston Martin and Rimac stand out at the Geneva Motor Show
11 Best Buy defends practice of informing FBI about child porn it finds
12 The world's largest airplane may launch a new space shuttle into orbit
13 After nearly 10 years, Apple will stop taking new iTunes LP submissions
14 Dig Once rule requiring fiber deployment is finally set to become US law
15 Uber's self-driving trucks have started hauling freight
16 Giant atom hides its neighbors under a single-electron skirt
17 Bitcoin falls 10 percent after SEC warns about unregulated exchanges
18 FBI again calls for magical solution to break into encrypted phones
19 Next big Windows update will bring hardware-accelerated machine learning
20 There are people who hear color--and they may have hyper-connected brains
21 A rift in VR: Critical error shuts down Oculus headsets worldwide [Updated]
22 Microwaves across Europe are 6 minutes slow due to a Serbia-Kosovo grid dispute
23 Scientists find odd and amazing cyclones at Jupiter's poles
24 Unprompted, creepy laughter from Alexa is freaking out Echo users [Updated]
25 It just got much easier to wage record-breaking DDoSes
26 GOP tries to block state net neutrality laws and allow paid prioritization
27 Robot smashes Rubik's Cube record with 0.38-second solve
28 Wanna limit global warming to 1.5íC? Get cracking
29 Science in a bottle: 132-year-old experiment washed ashore in Australia
30 Lame Google Play apps that attack users with Windows malware is still a thing
31 Review: Step aside, minivan haters--the Chrysler Pacifica is awesome
32 Yelling at "scumbags"--inside the White House's last gaming violence summit
33 What to expect from Trump's game industry summit today
34 How a string of giant atoms might bring quantum computers to physics labs
35 My neighborhood wants to bring self-driving cars to the nation's capital
36 Vector founder: "100 percent" confident in first orbital launch this year
37 The Army's costly quest for the perfect radio continues
38 Switching from Windows 10 S to regular Windows will be free for everyone
39 Trump on Falcon Heavy: "I'm so used to hearing different numbers with NASA"
40 California's first proposed per-ride city tax to raise Uber, Lyft prices
41 In an audit of supply chain partners, Apple found increased labor violations in 2017
42 After industry meeting, Trump highlights alleged game violence effects
43 Switzerland first to test integrating drones into its air traffic control
44 Deadly superbug just got scarier--it can mysteriously thwart last-resort drug
45 Netflix may sign the Obamas in exclusive content deal
46 Waymo self-driving trucks are hauling gear for Google data centers
47 Valve's making games again: Hands-on with Artifact's digital trading cards
48 Hands-on with Android P--Is this the beginning of a new design language?
49 When slow downloads hit an app developer, only Comcast customers suffered
50 Two powerful firms just put Elon Musk's huge Tesla pay package at risk
51 It's 7 years in prison for Martin Shkreli, convicted of fraud
52 Comcast gets FCC's help in $3.5 million battle against small cable company
53 Reader pics show Tesla Semi on I-680, en route from Gigafactory to Fremont
54 Drone crashes in Arizona National Forest, starts a wildfire
55 Four AI composition tools easy enough to soundtrack your film masterpiece
56 An inside look at how Sweden is building the world's second-longest tunnel
57 Video: We all find something special about our generational cadre
58 Potent malware that hid for six years spread through routers
59 Google claims it's going to build its proprietary AMP using Web standards
60 Elon Musk says the Boring Company's Loop will prioritize pedestrians, cyclists
61 Elon Musk debuted a trailer "for the next part of the human story" at SXSW
62 Survey: Most people don't understand science, want their kids to do it
63 Gear Sport review: The only fitness watch for Samsung die-hards
64 Valve lets us loose in its new offices, unlocks the doors to a rare merch room
65 Effortless French: Mt. Gox and Bitcoin's roller coaster ride
66 Matthew Keys, now freed from prison, is ready to get back to journalism
67 Guidemaster: The best dash cams worthy of a permanent place in your car
68 Eyes-on with the HTC Vive Pro: Not a revolution, but also more than resolution
69 FCC must defend net neutrality repeal in court against dozens of litigants
70 In Salt Lake City, suburban sprawl is bad news for climate change
71 New York commits $1.4 billion to renewable energy projects
72 There's a currency miner in the Mac App Store, and Apple seems OK with it
73 The Thrustmaster T-GT is a great--if expensive--wheel for the PS4
74 Building Windows: 4 million commits, 10 million work items
75 Verizon agrees to fix failing broadband networks to settle investigation
76 Apple is acquiring the Netflix of magazines
77 TSA accused of searching domestic travelers' devices with no warrant
78 The $199 Fitbit Versa is the company's new "mass-appeal" smartwatch
79 Volkswagen bets big on electric with $25 billion battery bonanza
80 Doctors shocked by 3.5-inch air bubble where part of man's brain should be
81 Electric, self-flying, vertical takeoff taxis are coming to New Zealand
82 Women at Microsoft are sexualized by their male managers, lawsuit alleges
83 AT&T/Time Warner merger will raise TV bills $436 million a year, US says
84 Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference begins June 4
85 Harsh winter weather in eastern US could be due to warmer Arctic
86 Pre-Columbian people spread fruit species across Latin America
87 Patch Tuesday drops the mandatory antivirus requirement after all
88 Let's Encrypt takes free "wildcard" certificates live
89 A raft of flaws in AMD chips makes bad hacks much, much worse
90 Stephen Hawking, legendary theoretical physicist, dies at 76
91 Cannabis website to California: Section 230 protects us from your demands
92 Apple is a services company, too, and Eddy Cue's vision is very different from Google's
93 The loan program that buoyed Tesla, stalled out, and landed on Trump's cut list
94 Trump really wants to kill ARPA-E; federal agency says that's folly
95 Cryptocurrencies fall as Google announces ad ban
96 In latest Amazon jab, Walmart to expand grocery delivery to more than 100 cities
97 Linguistic time capsule in South America sheds light on human migration
98 Calif. weighs toughest net neutrality law in US--with ban on paid zero-rating
99 Steam will now auto-scale VR resolution to max out your GPU
100 Declaring the internal combustion engine dead? You're speaking too soon
101 The traffic signals in Washington, DC, can now talk to your car--if it's an Audi
102 New report highlights limitations of Cruise self-driving cars
103 Senior ex-Equifax executive charged with insider trading
104 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ has faster CPU, Wi-Fi, and easier compliance testing
105 SEC charges Theranos with "massive fraud," CEO Holmes stripped of control
106 Samsung is offering same-day repairs for busted Galaxy phones across the US
107 Research hints at tipping point in the Atlantic's currents
108 US buys Afghanistan "Eliminator" attack planes--Cessnas with Hellfires
109 Malware attack on 400k PCs caused by backdoored BitTorrent app
110 Ford recalls 1.3 million cars for steering wheels that might fall off
111 Planting GMOs kills so many bugs that it helps non-GMO crops
112 NATO leaders unite in blaming Russia for nerve agent attack on ex-spy