File Title
1 Scientists Map the Architecture of Nuclear Pore Complex in Yeast Cells
2 DarkSide-20k Will Push the Search for WIMP Dark Matter to New Levels
3 New Evidence of Early Human Innovation Pushes Back Evolutionary Timeline
4 Juno Captures Close-Up View of a Storm on Jupiter
5 Whitehead Institute Biologists Uncover a Blueprint for Regeneration
6 Scientists Mimic Neural Tissue in Next-Generation Soft Materials
7 Scientists Demonstrate How Auxin Reaches Its Destination
8 Giant Impact Explains Unusual Amount of Noble Metals on Mars
9 NASA Releases 12 New Hubble Images from the Messier Catalog
10 Radio Echoes of a Black Hole Feeding on a Star Detected
11 New Quantum Electronic Material Discovered by Physicists
12 Arctic Sea Ice a Spring Hazard for North Atlantic Ships
13 Experiment Running to Turn Light into Matter
14 NASA to Launch Mars Parachute Test
15 Depth-Sensing Imaging System Can See Through Fog
16 World's First Continuous Room-Temperature Solid-State Maser
17 Weird Superconductor Leads Double Life
18 Artificial Intelligence Dramatically Improves Medical Imaging Quality
19 One in 10 People Have Traces of Heroin or Cocaine on Their Fingerprints
20 Perfect Shot of Espresso Every Time with Chemistry
21 A Star Disturbed Solar System Comets and Asteroids 70,000 Years Ago
22 Hubble Image of the Week--Lenticular Galaxy NGC 1277
23 Scientists Debunk Common Vitamin D Myths
24 Neurologists Track and Precisely Image Myelin Throughout a Lifetime
25 Mosaic Cassini Image of the Icy Particles of Saturn's Rings
26 New MIT Device Can Harvest Water from Desert Air
27 Astronomers Dedicate the Birth of a New Black Hole to Stephen Hawking
28 Scientists Identify the Key Region of 'Immortality and Aging' Enzyme
29 TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanets Reveal Clues About Habitable Worlds
30 FDA-Approved Compound Prevents Breast Cancer Cells from Spreading
31 Astronomers Discover Ionized Molecules in Galaxy Markarian 231
32 Mars Curiosity Rover Celebrates Its Two-Thousandth Martian Day
33 Hubble Measures Chemical Abundances in the Leading Arm of the Magellanic Stream
34 New Findings on Marijuana Use Among Young Men
35 Paleontologists Identify a New Species of Prehistoric Reptile, Colobops Noviportensis
36 New Study Shows Absence of ANGPTL4 Protein Reduces Cholesterol and Inflammation
37 New Method Boosts Blood Vessel and Muscle Growth
38 Scientists Identify Source of Galaxy-Sized Stream of Gas
39 Game Changing Antibiotic is Capable of Killing Superbugs
40 Finding Life in Outer Space--Travel Across Time and Space Exploring Why Life Exists
41 New Dating Techniques Show Germany Was Covered by Glaciers 450,000 Years Ago
42 Hubble Captures Amazing View of Spiral Galaxy NGC 5714
43 Using Solar Power and Nanoparticles to Make Saltwater Drinkable
44 New Approach to Better Electrolytes for Next-Generation Lithium Batteries
45 Elon Musk Updates the Big Falcon Rocket & His Vision to Colonize Mars
46 Scientists Make an Unexpected Discovery on a Volcanic Archipelago
47 Underground Neutrino Experiment Searches for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
48 Kepler Provides a New Technique for Supernova-Hunting
49 Implications of the First Observed Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua
50 Researchers Reveal Human Threats to the Amphibian Tree of Life
51 Kirigami Inspires Better Bandages for Deformable Regions of the Body
52 New Linguistic Analyses Dates Dravidian Language Family
53 Nanotweezers Open the Door to New Innovations in Medicine, Mobile Tech
54 Archaeologists Reveal Evidence of Hidden Populations in the Amazon
55 Scientists Discover Earth-Sized Planet with Dayside Temperature of Over 2000íC
56 Mars Curiosity Rover Prepares for Its Next Adventure
57 NASA's Webb Observatory Requires More Time, New Launch Target of May 2020
58 Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates Higher in Counties with Fracking
59 Physicists Report First Results from CUORE Neutrino Experiment
60 Paleontologists Provide New Perspective on Triassic Period, Emergence of Dinosaurs
61 Ten Must-See Images from the European Southern Observatory
62 Astronomers Discover 'Runaway' Yellow Supergiant Star Moving at 300,000 MPH
63 NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Ready to Search the Sky for New Worlds
64 'Marsquakes' Could Reveal New Details on Martian Crust, Mantle and Core
65 Hubble Telescope Discovers A Galaxy With No Dark Matter
66 A Potential Personalized Approach to Treating Lupus
67 Kepler Space Telescope Captures One of the Fastest FELTs to Date
68 These Hubble Images Will Have You Wanting to See More
69 New Fossil Discovery Highlights Canada-Russia Connection 53 Million Years Ago
70 NASA Creates First Ever 3D Model of Melting Snowflake
71 Potential RNA Markers of abnormal heart rhythms identified in circulating blood
72 Democratizing science: Making neuroscience experiments easier to share, reproduce
73 Graphene oxide nanosheets could help bring lithium-metal batteries to market
74 Artificial sweetener Splenda could intensify symptoms in those with Crohn's disease
75 Reducing collateral damage
76 Core elements identified for successful transitions in care for older adults with dementia
77 Compact fiber optic sensor offers sensitive analysis in narrow spaces
78 Virtual coaches, fitness trackers help patients stay fit after cardiac rehab
79 Neuroscientists identify brain circuit that integrates head motion with visual signals
80 A new algorithm designed to make cardiopulmonary resuscitation more effective
81 Cell therapy could improve brain function for Alzheimer's disease
82 Diamonds from the deep: Study suggests water may exist in Earth's lower mantle
83 Scientists discover evidence of early human innovation, pushing back evolutionary timeline
84 Scientists map the portal to the cell's nucleus
85 UH scientists investigating mysterious dark matter
86 The view from inside supersonic combustion
87 The complex journey of red bloods cells through microvascular networks
88 Five major new biodiversity assessments to be launched as 750 world experts and policymakers meet
89 Childhood aggression linked to deficits in executive function
90 Spectrum Health study finds delay in initial dementia diagnosis
91 New doctors' intense and changing schedules take a toll on sleep, activity and mood
92 People are willing to pay to curate their online social image
93 New heart attack test better informs of underlying condition
94 How cells protect themselves against mechanical stress
95 False beliefs about MMR vaccine found to influence acceptance of Zika vaccine
96 Researchers discover evidence of the technology and behaviors linked to the emergence of human species
97 Measuring electrical conductance across a single molecule
98 Study shows shorter hepatitis C regimen effective in black patients
99 Cryptococcal meningitis: Validation of new therapeutic regimens
100 New research on the strength of children's bones could help in the design of safer car seats
101 Supercomputer simulation opens prospects for obtaining ultra-dense electron-positron plasmas
102 The truth behind St. Patrick's Day: Celebrations did not originate in Boston
103 Attacks on 4G LTE networks could send fake emergency alerts
104 Improved capture of cancer cells could aid in disease tracking
105 New automatic methods for generating and classifying music
106 Scientific misconduct harms prior collaborators
107 Biologists unravel another mystery of what makes DNA go 'loopy'
108 Little creek, big impact
109 Study shows omega-3 levels better predictors of death risk than serum cholesterol
110 Study suggests that cancer survivors are more easily fatigued