File Title
1 Die-off of fur seal pups attributed to mites, pneumonia and changing sea temperatures
2 What do spacecraft, newborns and endangered shellfish have in common?
3 Thyroid gene variation may increase risk for Alzheimer's disease in African-Americans
4 Individual education programs not being used as intended in special education
5 New guidelines on preventing and treating 'equine strep throat'
6 Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion or hypersensitivity
7 Team discovers that wind moves microinvertebrates across desert
8 Feeding wildlife can influence migration, spread of disease
9 Machines see the future for patients diagnosed with brain tumors
10 A starfish cold case reopens, climate change remains suspect
11 Exploring the role of cognitive factors in a new instrument for elders' financial capacity
12 Molecule that gives energy-burning brown fat its identity could lead to drugs for obesity
13 Using whole genome analysis to home in on racing pigeon performance
14 Emotional suppression reduces memory of negative events
15 Multifunctional metalens unlocks with light
16 Infected 'zombie ants' face no discrimination from nest mates
17 Men and women have opposite genetic alterations in depression
18 UH optometrist investigates changes in eye structure in astronauts
19 Bone marrow edema in lower spine is common in young athletes
20 Hunger guides mountain lions' actions to enter residential areas
21 Compassion helped Neanderthals to survive, new study reveals
22 Mowing the lawn less often improves bee habitat
23 Pioneering research on mechanistic basis of disease in new journal Systems Medicine
24 Study shows bias in use of alcohol screening after traumatic brain injury
25 Field-data study finds no evidence of racial bias in predictive policing
26 Screening mammography for women 40-49 detects more cancers compared with older age groups
27 Study debunks fears of increased teen suicide risk from popular flu drug
28 Warm summers could weaken ocean circulation
29 Researchers develop spectroscopic thermometer for nanomaterials
30 Concerns rise over transgender violence since the 2016 US presidential election
31 NIH scientists describe potential antibody treatment for multidrug-resistant K. pneumoniae
32 Biophysicists discover how small populations of bacteria survive treatment
33 How much snow accumulates in North America each year? More than scientists thought
34 Shaken, and stirred: Scaling up bioreactors' fluid dynamics
35 Russian physicists make toy asteroids and blast them with a laser
36 Study IDs 'white graphene' architecture with unprecedented hydrogen storage capacity
37 Prevent antibiotic resistances from spreading: Rapid test helps administering the 'correct' drug
38 Team training can reduce patient mortality by 13 percent
39 Where language pionieer Paul Broca and alien music meet
40 Rice U. lab surprised to find its drug-delivery system can help even without drugs
41 Ash from dinosaur-era volcanoes linked with shale oil, gas
42 It's not only size, but scales that matter in some male moth antennae
43 Why economic growth does not necessarily contribute to human happiness
44 New insights into the origin of elongated heads in early medieval Germany
45 A new twist to an old story of cellular signaling in the eye of a fly
46 Climate change risk for half of plant and animal species in biodiversity hotspots
47 Flood, drought and disease tolerant--one gene to rule them all
48 Mesenchymal stem cell therapy: Holding promise for feline inflammatory diseases
49 Background radiation in UAE's agricultural topsoil found to be lower than global average
50 Double or nothing: Astronomers rethink quasar environment
51 Long-term proton pump inhibitor use does not increase hip fracture risk among Alzheimer's patients
52 Astronomers discover galaxies spin like clockwork
53 Predicting an insect community structure based on genomic variation in a tree species
54 HKUST-PKU physicists quantum simulate topological materials with ultracold atoms
55 Helpful B cells lend a hand to developing neurons
56 Google's AI program: Building better algorithms for detecting eye disease
57 Researchers bring the bling to improve implants
58 World's largest cities depend on evaporated water from surrounding lands
59 Sleep apnea study finds male-female differences in cerebral cortex thickness, symptoms
60 High prices are just one reason Americans spend more on healthcare than Europeans
61 Engineers create most efficient red light-activated optogenetic switch for mammalian cells
62 Off-the-shelf smart devices found easy to hack
63 Algorithm could streamline harvesting of hand-picked crops
64 IUPUI field-data study finds no evidence of racial bias in predictive policing
65 Surprising discovery provides insights into aggressive endometrial cancers
66 Moffitt researchers use single-cell imaging & math models to find effect drug properties
67 Areas where homes, forests mix increased rapidly over two decades
68 Warm Arctic means colder, snowier winters in northeastern US, study says
69 'Digistain' technology offers revolution in detailed cancer diagnosis
70 Researchers computationally find the needle in a haystack to treat rare diseases
71 Technique developed to improve appendicitis care for pediatric patients
72 'Heat not burn' smokeless tobacco product may not be as harm free as claimed
73 Larger families linked to heightened tooth loss risk for moms
74 Breeding trouble: Meta-analysis identifies fishy issues with captive stocks
75 The early bird got to fly: Archaeopteryx was an active flyer
76 Toilet-to-tap: Gross to think about, but how does it taste?
77 Key drivers of high US healthcare spending identified
78 California mental health tax providing services to needy in L.A. County, study finds
79 Mending broken hearts with cardiomyocyte molds
80 Wide variation found among US counties for death from alcohol and drug use, suicide and interpersonal violence
81 US continues to spend much more on health care than other countries, driven by prices of physician and hospital services, pharmaceuticals
82 Pterosaurs went out with a bang, not a whimper
83 Ultra-white coating modelled on beetle scales
84 Mitochondria may metabolize ADP differently in aging muscle, despite exercise resistance
85 Patients do as well on generic antiplatelet drugs as more expensive brand-name product
86 Smartphone-assisted neuroendoscopy
87 Placenta defects a factor in prenatal deaths
88 Preeclampsia screening method found superior to current tests
89 Big game hunters in Africa urged to drop the lead to help save vultures
90 New research solves the 60-year-old paleontological mystery of a 'phantom' dicynodont
91 Obesity may promote resistance to antiangiogenic therapy for breast cancer
92 Researchers say use of artificial intelligence in medicine raises ethical questions
93 Researchers uncover way to restore movement sensation in upper limb amputation patients
94 Parasitic worms need their intestinal microflora too
95 Nanospears deliver genetic material to cells with pinpoint accuracy
96 Removing heavy metals from water with MOFs
97 Elevated lead in private wells could pose health risks
98 Exploration of a new chemical synthesis process--synergy of two catalysts in one flask
99 For nanomedicine, cell sex matters
100 Hand grip strength may be associated with cardiac function and structure
101 Tradeoffs between weaponry and fecundity in snapping shrimp queens vary with eusociality
102 High numbers of elderly Japanese women will soon live in poverty, predicts new model
103 Scientists remind their peers: Female birds sing, too
104 E-cigarettes may be more harmful than beneficial according to evidence-based research