File Title
1 New innovations in cell-free biotechnology
2 Intracellular transport in 3-D
3 Consuming a large meal temporarily costs dominant animals their leadership position
4 Microscopy trifecta examines how cells engulf nutrients, viruses
5 Study tracks protein's role in stem cell function
6 Expanding rings vital for viable embryos
7 Potential insecticide discovered in Earth's longest animal
8 First-ever observations of a living anglerfish, a female with her tiny mate, coupled for life
9 Genome of American cockroach sequenced for the first time
10 Humanity imperiled by abuse of life-giving Nature: reports (Update)
11 Deep impact: Deep-sea wildlife more vulnerable to extinction than first thought
12 Physical disability boosts parenting effort, beetles study shows
13 Unique communication strategy discovered in stem cell pathway controlling plant growth
14 Long thought to only cause a rare disease, this mutation may ward off malaria
15 Keys found to bee-friendly neonics
16 Toward precision medicine: First comprehensive look at human retinal cell diversity
17 Researchers prove complex connection between plants and what soil microbes eat
18 Using optogenetics to program yeast to produce more isobutanol
19 Predators learn to identify prey from other species
20 Blind cavefish evolved insulin resistance to keep from starving
21 Researchers study the vital role of marine predators in supplying nutrients to coral reef ecology
22 Insects could help us find new yeasts for big business
23 Promiscuity may have accelerated animal domestication
24 Extreme weather brings kelp rafts from the sub-Antarctic to New Zealand
25 City-dwelling blackbirds have poorer measures of health
26 Australian volunteers save 5 of over 150 stranded whales
27 Indonesian 'house pet' orangutans rescued by activists
28 After warnings of species plight: solutions in sight
29 The sorry state of Earth's species, in numbers
30 British bases in Cyprus slash songbird poaching numbers
31 Gene boosts rice growth and yield in salty soil
32 Genetic switch activates transformation of stem cells into heart muscle cells
33 Freezing frog cells for conservation
34 Molecule discovered in dirt could help against multi-resistant bacteria
35 How to fight Insectageddon with a garden of native plants
36 UN reports see a lonelier planet with fewer plants, animals
37 Research suggests low density of snow leopards in Nepal's Conservation Area
38 Antimicrobial used in toiletries could become option against malaria
39 More than 130 pilot whales die in mass Australia beaching
40 Olive ridley turtles hatch in Mumbai after two decades
41 Tyson the stray hippo captured in Mexico
42 Researchers test new solutions to carcass disposal during food-animal disease outbreaks
43 Jaguars and well-managed logging concessions can coexist, say conservationists
44 Chemists develop new method to identify proteins
45 Bacteria eats greenhouse gas with a side of protein
46 Researchers use 3-D printing to create metallic glass alloys in bulk
47 Synthetic carbohydrate wards off pneumococcal infections
48 Design approach developed for new catalysts for energy conversion and storage
49 In field tests, device harvests water from desert air
50 One in ten people have traces of cocaine or heroin on their fingerprints
51 Mat baits, hooks and destroys pollutants in water
52 Potassium gives perovskite-based solar cells an efficiency boost
53 'Wiggling and jiggling': Study explains how organisms evolve to live at different temperatures
54 The perfect shot of espresso every time with chemistry
55 Banana plant extract could be key to creamier, longer lasting ice cream
56 What plants can teach us about oil spill clean-up and microfluidics
57 Hydrogel may help heal diabetic ulcers
58 Study reveals new insights into how hybrid perovskite solar cells work
59 Researchers show role for cyanide in origins of life
60 Researchers create new low-cost, sustainable material for reducing air and water pollution
61 'Candy cane' polymer weave could power future functional fabrics and devices
62 Making fragrances last longer
63 Smoked foods are tastier, less harmful with a tip from the auto industry
64 Vegetable compound could have a key role in 'beeting' Alzheimer's disease
65 Tiny gels sop up intestinal toxins
66 Programming DNA to deliver cancer drugs
67 Modified biomaterials self-assemble on temperature cues
68 Study suggests helium plays a 'nanny' role in forming stable chemical compounds under high pressure
69 Scientists explore the structure of a key region of longevity protein telomerase
70 When are many-body effects significant?
71 Microarray rapid test speeds up detection during a Legionella pneumophila outbreak
72 Generation of a stable biradical
73 Researchers make breakthrough in light trapping technology for industrial multicrystalline silicon solar cells
74 Blue holes bring forgotten chemical element back on stage
75 The universal language of hormones
76 Custom sequences for polymers using visible light
77 A versatile, integrated workflow for interaction proteomics
78 Imaging technologies turn up the focus on crime scenes
79 Researchers observe the switching of Ras protein in detail
80 Scientists discern new bacterial resistance mechanism against peptide antibiotics
81 Novel adhesive and thermally stable epoxy resins
82 Protein nutrition for cells and organisms: Can we use it to treat diseases?
83 Potential for a cleaner blend of fuel
84 Investigation of metal deposition in organs after joint replacement
85 Continuously killing bacteria on coated stainless steel--add bleach to recharge
86 The LSEV: 3-D printing for automobiles on a bolder scale
87 Flexible ultrasound patch could make it easier to inspect damage in odd-shaped structures
88 GPS guidance can be fooled, so researchers are scrambling to find backup technologies
89 A 15-year-old said he discovered vulnerability in hardware wallet
90 Earwigs and the art of origami
91 A wearable system to monitor the stomach's activity throughout the day
92 Scientists develop tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what you eat
93 Army's brain-like computers moving closer to cracking codes
94 Facebook's Zuckerberg admits mistakes--but no apology (Update)
95 'SoFi': Soft robotic fish swims alongside real ones in coral reefs
96 IBM talks about world's smallest computer smaller than grain of salt
97 New artificial intelligence technique dramatically improves the quality of medical imaging
98 New design produces true lithium-air battery
99 IBM has launched Watson Assistant
100 Depth-sensing imaging system can peer through fog
101 Using AI to make push-notification apps smarter
102 New 4-D printer could reshape the world we live in
103 Make way for the mini flying machines
104 Shelly fashioned to be nicely patted not punched
105 AMD says patches on the way for flawed chips
106 New valve technology promises cheaper, greener engines
107 Self-driving vehicle strikes and kills pedestrian in Arizona (Update)
108 Implantable sensor relays real-time personal health data to a cell phone
109 New study presents method to stop cyber attacks on GPS-enabled devices
110 Uber patent application discusses intention signaling system