File Title
1 Two behaviors linked to high school dropout rates
2 Elephant declines imperil Africa's forests
3 Arrested development: Hubble finds relic galaxy close to home
4 How to build a better railway--in (almost) every cell in your body
5 The changing voices of North Atlantic right whales
6 A milestone in petahertz electronics
7 SLU researchers discover structure of protein associated with inflammation, Parkinson's
8 Gerontologists tackle social isolation, increasingly a public health concern
9 CRISPR helps find new genetic suspects behind ALS/FTD
10 Stroke research: 32 hits
11 Researchers identify key step in viral replication
12 Worldwide study triples number of known genetic risk factors for stroke
13 Large-scale genetic study provides new insight into the causes of stroke
14 Moderate Facebook use promotes happiness in adults with autism spectrum disorder
15 A game changer: Metagenomic clustering powered by supercomputers
16 Children's Colorado experts find surgery promising option for severely obese adolescents
17 Mexico well ahead of US in LGBT rights
18 Humans behind majority of raptor deaths in Ontario, study finds
19 Computers discover compounds that could reduce Listeria's virulence
20 Patients living longer with Duchenne muscular dystrophy pose new challenge for caregivers
21 Researchers find bone density scans can also help identify cardiovascular disease
22 The Alps are home to more than 3,000 lichens
23 A revolutionary technique allows to image all the cells in a region of the brain
24 Four kinds of algal toxins found in San Francisco Bay shellfish
25 Trial bolsters evidence in favor of closing hole in heart after stroke
26 Critical limb ischemia treatment shows no improvement at three months
27 Mexico's 2017 earthquake emerged from a growing risk zone
28 Heart attack risk increases with six-month dual antiplatelet therapy
29 What if we could predict when an athlete was going to be injured?
30 Would you pay for an Ebola vaccine? Most say yes
31 The occurrence of magnetism in the universe
32 Drug stops dangerous bleeding in patients taking factor Xa inhibitors
33 Painting a clear picture of how nitrogen oxides are formed
34 Study tackles neuroscience claims to have disproved 'free will'
35 Holography approach improves heads up displays for planes and cars
36 Study finds flatfoot reconstruction effective for older patients
37 Kansas State University researchers make breakthrough in glyphosate resistance in pigweeds
38 Marine exploration sensing with light and sound
39 Gun laws stopped mass shootings in Australia: New research
40 Study yields more than a million new cyclic compounds, some with pharmaceutical potential
41 Blood thinner significantly reduces the risk of death after non-cardiac surgery
42 Precision oncology in advanced cancer patients improves overall survival
43 Preclinical characterization of therapeutic antibodies
44 Cfaed researchers of TU Dresden uncover doping in organic semiconductors
45 Trial for gout drug meets primary endpoint, raises safety
46 Using artificial intelligence to investigate illegal wildlife trade on social media
47 Low-dose 'triple pill' lowers blood pressure more than usual care
48 Managing blood pressure in barbershops yields substantial improvements
49 Near infrared chemical imaging can help maintain the safety of pharmaceutical tablets
50 Why is it so hot at night in some cities?
51 Canakinumab doesn't prevent prediabetes from progressing to diabetes
52 More deaths, strokes seen with perioperative beta blocker one year after surgery
53 Brown adipose tissue made transparent
54 Why some older people are rejecting digital technologies
55 Research could improve management of conflict between wildlife and farmers across the globe
56 Scientists find treasure trove of 110 genes linked to breast cancer
57 Can pursuing happiness make you unhappy?
58 Study identifies shortcomings young patients with type 2 diabetes transition to adult care
59 Keeping GPUs young
60 Modern humans flourished through ancient supervolcano eruption 74,000 years ago
61 Smoking heightens risk of psychoses
62 A robust method to study cancer heterogeneity in liquid biopsy
63 Plants overcome hunger with the aid of autophagy
64 Heat shock system helps bug come back to life after drying up
65 Digging up the Precambrian
66 New research shows why babies need to move in the womb
67 Dengue fever linked to increased risk of stroke
68 Patients in primary care networks had fewer visits to ED, shorter stays
69 Early warning system for deadly amphibian pathogen
70 The Great Recession took a toll on public health, study finds
71 Ratings rise over time because they feel easier to make
72 Sit, stay, heal: Study finds therapy dogs help stressed university students
73 In the eye of the medulloblastoma
74 University education makes students more agreeable, conscientiousness
75 Turning off autophagy helps chemotherapy stress cancer cells to death
76 New CMU and Pitt research finds the brain is less flexible than we thought when learning
77 Study: Autism's social deficits are reversed by an anti-cancer drug
78 Canakinumab reduces risk of cardiovascular events in populations with unmet clinical need
79 15 new planets confirmed around cool dwarf stars
80 Life in the fast flow: Tadpoles of new species rely on 'suction cups' to keep up
81 Riding the (quantum magnetic) wave
82 ASTRO issues clinical guideline for whole breast radiation therapy
83 Barbershop-based healthcare study successfully lowers high blood pressure in African-American men
84 Method to grow large single-crystal graphene could advance scalable 2-D materials
85 Some breast cancer patients are missing out on genetic counseling
86 A combination of personality traits might make you more addicted to social networks
87 Are adolescents with mental health conditions more likely to receive opioids?
88 Association of excessive daytime sleepiness in older adults and biomarker of Alzheimer's disease
89 Scientists use nanotechnology to detect molecular biomarker for osteoarthritis
90 Study finds early signatures of the social brain
91 Humans thrived in South Africa through the Toba super-volcanic eruption ~74,000 years ago
92 New iPad app could improve colon cancer screening rates
93 Study finds shared decision making still lacking in prostate cancer screening
94 A new solution for chronic pain
95 Genetic prehistory of Iberia differs from central and northern Europe
96 Stress of open-heart surgery significantly reduces vitamin D levels, but supplementation helps
97 Sound localization: Where did that noise come from?
98 'Haa haa haa': Raven food calls disclose their age and sex
99 New treatment for aggressive breast cancer
100 Childhood trauma link offers treatment hope for people with schizophrenia
101 Forty years of data quantifies benefits of Bt corn adoption across multiple crops for the first time
102 Socioeconomic status may affect survival of patients with anal cancer
103 Genetic heart diseases cause fewer SIDS deaths than previously thought, study finds
104 Study links type of blood pressure medication to increased variability and higher risk of death
105 Caloric restriction in combination with low-fat diet helps protect aging mouse brains
106 New link between obesity and body temperature
107 Will run for meth
108 Investigators identify neural circuit, genetic 'switch' that maintain memory precision
109 iPad app that allows patients to order tests doubles colon cancer screening rates in study [plus other topics]
110 Calcium testing in coronary arteries better way to predict heart attacks than stress testing alone
111 Parenting stress associated with epigenetic differences in African-American mothers