File Title
1 ALMA Reveals Rings and Gaps in Developing Planetary System Elias 24
2 Biologists Develop Breakthrough RNA-Based Therapy to Target West Nile Virus
3 Machine-Learning System Uses Physics to Identify Habitable Planets
4 New Discovery Suggests All Life May Share this Common Design Principle
5 Can a Mediterranean Diet Pattern Slow Aging?
6 NASA Explores Visionary Ideas that Could Transform the Future
7 The Clouds of Venus Could Have Conditions Conducive to Microbial Life
8 Egyptologist Discovers Mysterious Head of a Pharaoh
9 New Nanotech Device Provides Cat-Like 'Hearing'
10 Hubble Telescope Image of the Week--Cosmic cloning
11 Hubble Telescope Reveals Most Distant Star Ever Observed
12 MIT Engineers Develop a Polymer Thermal Conductor
13 New Research Details the Net Retreat of Antarctic Glacier Grounding Lines
14 Higher Protein Intake Does Not Increase Lean Body Mass in Older Men
15 Scientists Find New Trigger for Onset of Colon Cancer
16 Scientists Predict the Structure and Morphology of the Primordial Magnetic Field
17 NASA News Conference to Announce New Supersonic Test Aircraft
18 Four-Eyed Lizard Provides a New Wrinkle in Eyesight Evolution
19 Scientists Describe a New Configuration of Artificial Spin Ice
20 Biochemists Discover a New Target for Patients with Diabetes
21 Astronomers View Black Hole Jets Deep Inside Perseus A
22 Hot Springs Help Japan's Snow Monkeys Cope with the Cold
23 Astronomers Surprised by Gigantic 'Cold Front' in Perseus Galaxy Cluster
24 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Views Strange Formations
25 Physicists Use Laser Light to Gain Access to Long-Lived Sound Waves
26 New Harvard Exhibit Shows the Beauty of the Microscopic Universe Around Us
27 New Immunotherapy Agents Stimulate the Immune System to Attack Tumor Cells
28 New Nanofiber Dressings Dramatically Accelerate Healing and Tissue Regeneration
29 Chemical Models Help Astronomers Study the Atmospheres of Hot Exoplanets
30 Hubble Makes Precise Distance Measurement to One of the Oldest Objects in the Universe
31 Spectacular HiRISE View of Martian Sand Dunes in Matara Crater
32 How 'Giant' Planets Impact the Habitability of Nearby Worlds
33 Bipolar Disorder Associated with Increased Levels of Vitamin D
34 Astronomers Discover a Dead Star Hidden in the Small Magellanic Cloud
35 Self-Healing Aluminum Oxide Protects Against Corrosion
36 Astrophysicists Discover a Dozen Black Holes Orbiting Sgr A*
37 Scientists Discover Bits of the Solar System in an Antarctic Glacier
38 Astrophysicists Create New Method to Measure Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies
39 Whale Genome Reveals Extraordinary Evolutionary History
40 Scientists Discover New Class of Antibiotics to Combat Drug Resistance
41 Engineers Discover Greener and Cheaper Technique for Biofuel
42 Witness the Spectacular and Mysterious Depths of the Cosmos Through Hubble's Eye
43 Spectacular Image of the Intricate Clouds of Jupiter
44 New Research Shows Dark Matter Might Not Be Interactive After All
45 Chandra Discovers White Dwarf Stars and Other Exotic Binaries in 47 Tucanae
46 New Cell Dysfunction Discovery Sheds Light on HIV
47 Hubble Space Telescope Reveals an Einstein Ring
48 Hubble Image of the Week--Colossal Cluster PLCK_G308.3-20.2
49 Scientists Identify Key Ingredients When First Organisms Appeared on Earth
50 New Technique Enables Sharper Biological Imaging
51 Lunar Rocks Reveal a Different Story About Earth's Early Days
52 Why Expressive Eyebrows Mattered in Human Evolution
53 Physicists Propose a New State of Matter "Superfluid Quasicrystal"
54 Take a Tour of the Moon in All-New 4K Resolution
55 Amazing Cassini Image Shows Dione on the Edge
56 Scientists Believe Tiny Sea Creatures Hold Secrets to Earth's Climate
57 Watch NASA's First Interplanetary Launch from California
58 Topical Antibiotic Triggers Resistance to Viral Infections
59 Dense Stellar Clusters Are Home to Black Hole 'Megamergers'
60 Optoelectronic Chips Reduce Energy Usage, Increase Speed
61 Astronomers Use Radio Telescope to Listen in on Interstellar Visitor
62 Relativity Space reveals its ambitions with big NASA deal
63 AT&T suffers another blow in court over throttling of "unlimited" data
64 BMW's offices raided by Munich police in search of diesel cheating
65 US officials: Kaspersky "Slingshot" report burned anti-terror operation
66 Missing hot mantle plume detected beneath Yellowstone
67 Unreal Engine + $60,000 GPU = Amazing, real-time raytraced Star Wars [Updated]
68 Report: Google is buying innovative camera startup Lytro for $40 million
69 How blind players succeed at sports video games they've never seen
70 Woman dies from bee-sting therapy that Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow promote
71 Ajit Pai says net neutrality was the top threat to broadband deployment
72 Shareholders approve Elon Musk's huge performance-based pay package
73 Zuckerberg: Cambridge Analytica leak a "breach of trust" with users
74 Congress OKs sex-trafficking bill that critics say will "censor the Internet"
75 Video: Uber driver looks down for seconds before fatal crash
76 Best bad idea ever? Why Putin's nuclear-powered missile is possible...and awful
77 Non-Lethal Weapon: DOD seeks to use lasers to create shouting will-o-the-wisp
78 Oculus Go world premiere: Acceptable compromises, amazing quality for $199
79 YouTube expands firearms restrictions, more gun videos to be banned
80 SpaceX launch last year punched huge, temporary hole in the ionosphere
81 Formula 1 starts this weekend, so where's that new streaming service?
82 Best Buy walks away from Huawei, leaving it with zero US retail partners
83 Game developers push for unionization amid insecure positions, excessive OT
84 Bollinger's electric truck is nothing like a Tesla, and that's OK
85 Thousands of servers found leaking 750MB worth of passwords and keys
86 New lithium-air battery survives hundreds of cycles
87 Atlanta city government systems down due to ransomware attack [Updated]
88 Five new ancient genomes tell us about Neanderthal tribes
89 Video suggests huge problems with Uber's driverless car program
90 Cambridge Analytica breach results in lawsuits filed by angry Facebook users
91 Anton Yelchin's family settles lawsuit with Fiat Chrysler after his death
92 Craigslist personals, some subreddits disappear after FOSTA passage
93 Police chief said Uber victim "came from the shadows"--don't believe it
94 Earwig's wing inspires compact designs that fold themselves
95 DNC "lone hacker" Guccifer 2.0 pegged as Russian spy after opsec fail
96 Congress votes for spending bill without Trump energy cuts; Trump signs bill [update]
97 Blind cavefish seem to ignore insulin without health consequences
98 Chrome 66 will try to block unwanted noisy autoplaying video
99 Tesla and SpaceX just scrubbed their Facebook pages
100 In court, oil companies accept climate science but rewrite its history
101 A critical analysis of the latest cellphone safety scare
102 Tumblr finally names the 84 accounts it says were Russian trolls
103 Cambridge Analytica's London offices raided by British investigators
104 Nine Iranians indicted by US for hacking to steal research data
105 Spirit Island review: Finally, an anti-colonialist board game
106 Leaked data suggests Uber self-driving car program may be way behind Waymo [Updated]
107 The Mac gaming console that time forgot
108 No show does wigs as well as the Americans--no show gets '80s tech as well, either
109 Sticking to your diet? This tooth-mounted food sensor could transmit the truth
110 Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones [Updated]